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  1. Ron, did you see my PM from last week?
  2. MP40….. bolt…..???

    Thanks guys! Here I was thinking I was stuck with the parts my Wilson came with. At minimum, I'm definitely going to pick up that Wolff spring set for spares.
  3. MP40….. bolt…..???

    So an FBP bolt drops in? I’m guessing you need to add the FBP recoil assembly as well as you wouldn’t want the MP40 recoil assembly with the firing pin it has on the end? Thanks! I would love to preserve/not use my original bolt if possible.
  4. Mitt Romney is corporate scum who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s only a “Republican” because that’s what you need to be to get elected in Utah. Now he has serious TDS and might as well be a Democrat as far as standing up for the republic goes. He needs to go, and I hope the mormons see through his charade.
  5. WTB: Freedom Ordnance FM-9 Upper

    For what it’s worth, their website says they’re doing one more run here “shortly”. How long that statement’s been up though, who knows. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to sign up for that list and/or reach out to them about it. If you don’t find anything here.
  6. WTS Colt M16

    Buy from Keith with confidence. I bought an HK sear from him... a year and a half ago? And the entire process was as smooth as you could hope for. He made dealing with him extremely easy.
  7. Left Wing Gun Owners - Friends or Foes?

    Nah, you have to extend the right to defend oneself to everyone. To not do so is a really slippery slope. In my opinion, while I don't agree with much of what the left thinks, we should get as many of them into firearms as we can. I feel like it's a hook of sorts. They see their rights in regards to ownership of them threatened over and over again over time, and as age and experience take their toll (maybe also seeing what the curbing of free speech does, as well seeing "high taxes" as being a thing they actually have to pay vs. just a tax on the "greedy rich"), they may flip. Just my thoughts.
  8. Left Wing Gun Owners - Friends or Foes?

    My problem with the reddit folks is the mods in some subs (the NFA subreddit, of all places?) will straight up silence you or ban you for even expressing a more libertarian view than what they have. In July, I simply posted Biden's proposed gun laws to the NFA subreddit. Just a screenshot of his website, and nothing else. Although the there were no rules against political posts at the time, the post was removed and I was banned. Subsequently they made the rule that there could be no political posts. And now there are no political posts. Well, no political posts that don't along with their agenda. Posts that go along with their agenda are A-OK. Rules for thee, not for me, after all. I do think there are lots of people there who are more right wing/libertarian. They just remain silent about their opinions (most days), as they don't want to be silenced / banned. (And they call us right-wingers fascists...) But yeah, if you can't discuss potential NFA laws on the NFA subreddit, I don't have much hope for non-suppressed speech anywhere on reddit. It's a lost cause.
  9. Not that it really needs to be said for anyone who’s ever been in the Uzi community, but amphibian is a stand up guy. He and I have communicated multiple times about the nuances of how different full auto firearms work and how to tune them. He is also one of the better posters on arfcom. Buy with confidence.
  10. WTB: Pre Sample HK MP5, Steyr AUG, Sig 551 SBR

    It’s a fully transferable, but John Norrell just posted an AUG here: http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17022-wts-steyr-aug-fully-transferable/
  11. HK MP5-N Brand New FS

    I had to say something after I said I’d take it then had to back out . And it is a great price.
  12. HK MP5-N Brand New FS

    I have worked with John before, and I would love to work with him again, but was outvoted at home. This is an amazing price. For those of you not familiar, Mike converts brand new SP5s to be in proper MP5-N spec, including remarking them. He also installs a *proper* semi-auto shelf for HK sear use (HK actually ships a lot of SP5s with shelves that are in a grey area as far as being legally OK to use with a sear goes) and removes the carrier block. The last time Mike had these in stock was I think in January. Now he's running a long backlog for them and charges $4k a piece.
  13. M-76 Smith & Wesson

    Where in TX?
  14. Am I missing something? This looks like it should be in the semi-auto section here and not the NFA section.