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  1. WTB: Pre Sample HK MP5, Steyr AUG, Sig 551 SBR

    It’s a fully transferable, but John Norrell just posted an AUG here: http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17022-wts-steyr-aug-fully-transferable/
  2. HK MP5-N Brand New FS

    I had to say something after I said I’d take it then had to back out . And it is a great price.
  3. HK MP5-N Brand New FS

    I have worked with John before, and I would love to work with him again, but was outvoted at home. This is an amazing price. For those of you not familiar, Mike converts brand new SP5s to be in proper MP5-N spec, including remarking them. He also installs a *proper* semi-auto shelf for HK sear use (HK actually ships a lot of SP5s with shelves that are in a grey area as far as being legally OK to use with a sear goes) and removes the carrier block. The last time Mike had these in stock was I think in January. Now he's running a long backlog for them and charges $4k a piece.
  4. M-76 Smith & Wesson

    Where in TX?
  5. Am I missing something? This looks like it should be in the semi-auto section here and not the NFA section.
  6. WTS: German DAG 308 7.62 NATO Blanks 5000 Rounds $149.99

    Thanks for catching that! I should have looked at the photos more clearly.
  7. WTS: German DAG 308 7.62 NATO Blanks 5000 Rounds $149.99

    Would love to know how much a single box weighs to minimize the shipping "surprise" since no estimates are provided. Thanks!
  8. BCG configuration for lightning link

    So I both have a 416 and an RLL. I wouldn’t personally use the RLL in the 416 because of the violent recoil impulse. I would be afraid it would break it. If you haven’t bought an RLL yet and really, really want to run it with a 416, I would look at an RDIAS myself. Cutting to SP1 spec should be easy. Like I said, I would think any gunsmith with a mill could do it. Timing is also very easy. Just get a couple of paddles and let the bolt slam on them a la quarterbore’s website’s description on how to test timing. Really it’s not hard at all. Finally, I don’t think you need to add weight back to the bolt carrier unless you wany the exact same rate of fire. The difference for me was like 16 grams if I remember right? Vs. like a 250 gram bolt carrier? Would have to measure again. Happy to answer more, but on phone so typing takes a while, so the short descriptions.
  9. BCG configuration for lightning link

    My apologies. Apparently that SP1 carrier I linked to was not the right one for an RLL. See the below link: https://youngmanufacturing.net/product/ym-lightning-link-bolt-carrier-complete-phosphate-or-chrome/
  10. BCG configuration for lightning link

    I’m a little late here, but any gunsmith with a mill (I would assume most good ones) should be able to the work. The rear bottom area of the carrier needs to be cut so it’s square and so it’s ~0.380” to ~0.390” long. I told my smith 0.385” for a few carriers I had converted, expecting him not to be dead on, and was correct in that assumption. However, despite the variances, they all work fine. Young Machine also sells carriers that are good to go out of the box. The below link is for a complete carrier (a little expensive to me), but they also sell stripped carriers for ~$70: https://youngmanufacturing.net/product/ym-sp-1-m16-bolt-carrier-complete-phosphate-or-chrome/ Good luck. And feel free to PM if you have any other questions I don’t check the discussion section of this board very often.
  11. Selling Quality Machine guns on E form 3

    Did you purchase the 10/22 from this fellow for resale? http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14395-wts-norrell-1022-16000/ I emailed him as I had interest in the item, but never heard back. I had interest in the item, but ended up getting something else that can do .22lr. I was always wondering if it was a legit post... TIA! And good luck with the sale.
  12. +1 to this. It would be nice to have some reputation / user review feature here. Plus it would help out people who are doing business honestly. I didn't know who John Norrell was when I bought something from him earlier this year (whoops).
  13. Just wanted to chime in that I’ve dealt with John, and he’s good to go. I would more than happily buy from him again.
  14. WTS NORRELL 10/22 16,000

    I emailed this seller about a week back asking for photos of the actual pack plus some references. I have heard nothing back yet...