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  1. Problem with member Eileen Tobin

    Unfortunately I didn’t have the email address to search on. first time in 30 years of collecting so will write it off as a bad experience.
  2. Apologies if this is out of order but does anyone know how to contact Eileen Tobin, was on here as ‘pointblanc32’ I Paid $450 to her for some Lahti spares and over a month later they have still not arrived and she is now ignoring my emails and is not receiving messages via this forum. I have requested she chase up the carrier and find out where the items are but no response has been forthcoming! I am extremely disappointed that a member of this forum is behaving this way. I am now suspicious that she may have taken my money and not shipped the parts at all. any help or suggestions would be appreciated
  3. Do you still have any of these parts kits available