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  1. Hi, I just completed the transfer on my registered LL and I'd love to find some extra paddles. If anyone knows where to find them or has some extras please let me know. Thank you.
  2. Potential Scam Accounts

    He sent me a couple of PMs also for a Stemple 76/45. I had inquired on a Stemple a couple of months ago that was for sale on the board, but I went back and looked at who posted it for sale and it wasn't "Lefty Ammos". Also, he says the Stemple is in Texas but his profile location indicates he's in Massachusetts. He offered the Stemple to me at a reduced price of $3,600. Scammer who seems to be trying to follow up on people who may have inquired about firearms that are for sale on the board.
  3. Stemple 76 45

    I'm local to him and sent IM. I didn't get a response yet.
  4. Stemple 76 45

    Interested, and I'm in-state. Message sent.
  5. I will take the M11 sabre upper. Email sent.