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  1. Ok. Good. Please call me tomorrow Pat 972-896-4937
  2. Price reduced to $12,500.
  3. Still available. Correct, $400 total.
  4. Rodney. Still have it for sale. Barrel length is 17" (Standard rifle length). Plenty of parts available (google "fnc parts"). Here is one example.
  5. Rodney Thanks for your post. Here are answers to your questions: a) it’s actually built as a 5.56mm rifle. See the picture with that marking. b) Rifle is in great cosmetic shape, and has relatively low usage on it. I don’t know how to give you a percent value but it’s very high. c) I am firm on the price. If you’re in Dallas area I’m happy to show it to you. Pat
  6. .223 machine gun semi auto, 3-shot burst, full auto Includes four 30 round plastic mags. Gun and mags in excellent condition Buyer responsible for shipping, insurance, tax stamps Transferable on Form 4