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  1. Cool so a C&R sten. Nice buddy is looking for one and have shown him this thread.
  2. Is there really only 179,000 or so transferable’s

    Local Sheriff deputy who is also a MG owner told me that 2 MGs are in the bottom of Lake Hartwell. Guys wife got pissed at her husband grabbed 2 MK760 or similar and threw them in the lake at night. Happened years ago, she was punished from what I remember him saying. Either way there are 2 right there no longer in circulation.
  3. Cz factory threaded barrels

    Got my barrel in the mail today looks good. Packaging is worn as described but barrels looks brand new. Very happy. Now I need to fit it to my slide and will be ready to rock and roll!
  4. Cz factory threaded barrels

    I will take CZ75 for 100$ shipped
  5. Free Suppressors for Transfer

    I’m in Carnesville and maybe interested in the 2- pilots but would like to talk. Will send a PM with cell phone number.
  6. 1945 M5 60mm Mortar DD

    Do these have a optical sight or just some sort of iron sight? Would love to own this but not in the cards currently.
  7. Rules on creating a Stenling

    I am such a dummy... Not you Buddy H. lol Friend is getting ready to buy his first MG and was looking closely at a sten. I have a M11 and been trying to get him to buy a MG for the past year and a half. He has been saving his pennys and I have been helping him look for stens. Well we ran across a sten tube that was posted on here about a year ago at a gun shop close to us in GA. The sten tube has long been sold but it has gotten both myself and him talking about a stenling builds. Seems like picking up a registered tube for $4.5k spending another $500-1000 on a nice sterling kit the have someone build it out (for some amount guessing $1500-2000) and poof you have a 15K gun is a no brainier. But there has to be more to it than that. If that was the case I figured there would be alot more of these conversions taking place and all of the raw registered tubes would have all been built out by now. What am I missing? Open to reading past threads if this has been discussed before. Just post me the links. I am just here seeking knowledge. I am new to the game only one MG in & over 2 years of reading and looking and just trying to learn as much as I can.
  8. Rules on creating a Stenling

    Buddy and I have been talking about Stenlings and wondered what the rules are on them as far as having one built? And who is doing the conversions? He is hoping to buy a registered tube and have someone build it out. But we both have a few questions. - Does the tube have to be a certain spec? - Any particular Parts kits to buy? - And whats the ATFs rules on building one out? If its marked as STEN on the F4 can it only be built out as a STEN? - Pretty sure I know the answer to this but can a sten that is complete be transformed into a stenling? - Whats the going rate for a professional conversion with refinishing? Any information shed on the topic would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Just joined the site and wanted to get email updates when new NFA items are posted for sale. Everytime I click on the NFA section it kicks me out and I have to resign in. Am I missing something or do something wrong? Thanks for any possible help.