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  1. Fraud Alert!!!!

    I just received another email from Sarah Morris. I can not get a phone number to talk to her, photos or questioned answed, I do not know if she is a scam or not. Be Safe,
  2. WTS/WTT Pre-86 Dealer Sample IMI UZI "Keeper"

    Hi You stated that you have a video, I would like to see it. Also what is the thread pitch on the second barrel? Any other mags for sale? Thank you, Doug D & D Guns I am SOT / FFL
  3. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Fraud Alert:I spoke to the Real owner of 1219 firearms, and he is aware. This was the email I received. Be Safe,
  4. Update: Spoke to Chase would not even check the account # since I was not a chase customer. I spoke to Dave from the real Ram Lake LLC, as stated he has been getting a lot of calls. Also apparently ATF is not going to be involved since he did not sell or have any firearms. I will speak to FBI later today. I will update as info presents. Be Safe,
  5. A day late and many dollars short: I had checked name, FFL, SOT all appeared legit. I sent them money on Fri, saw this post today. I thought it was odd that they would not take cashier check, did the wire transfer. Photos, talked to them and now I see the number is different. I sent to chase account, so how could they get it if account is bogus?? I will call Chase at 0900 and try to figure this out. Prob just learned an expensive lesson. I do not know how to track or Verify an IP address. Be Safe,