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  1. WTS-Colt M16A2 Carbine, Excellent, Extras $33,900 sold

    Hi Gordon. it measures 14.5" if you don't count the flash hider.
  2. Colt M16A2 Carbine Transferable in excellent condition marked Safe/Semi/Auto $33,900. The weapon is in excellent condition as you can see. On an Eform 3 in Reno, your gun ships safe and fast in a new Pelican 1700 case. It comes with a 14.5" barrel, sling, Colt 20-rd mag and an HK hi-reliability 30-rd mag. Please call any time with questions. I must collect sales tax if Nevada buyer. Offers welcome. NFA dealer 18 years. Thanks for looking. Scott Mills (775) 851-1081
  3. Transferable Registered Receiver Uzi $10,990 Registered in 9mm, .45, and 22lr with Companion Shooting suppressor. I'm the original owner as I bought both together from Vector in 2001 with the IMI vertical foregrip and spare 9mm barrel. Your weapon comes with the manual, sight adjustment tool, vertical grip and original forend, 25-rd mag and 3 32-rd IMI mags. In excellent condition as you can see. There's some minor wear on the top cover. This gun and suppressor are on Eform 3s in Reno so they will ship fast and safe in a new Pelican 1525 case to an NFA dealer in your state. Free insured shipping. Must collect sales tax if Nevada buyer. NFA dealer 18 years. Thanks for looking. Scott Mills (775) 851-1081
  4. For Sale: FN Minimi (M249 SAW) Pre 86 Dealer Sample, Excellent Condition. Sold pending funds I got this brand new in November 2003 as a Keeper. As you can see, it's in excellent condition and it comes with lots of stuff. All accessories are current USGI issue except the Pelican.. Elcan M145C Scope - This is the correct scope and reticle for this weapon. Original Marine Corps/Army Operators Manual - new 2 100-rd Soft Pack, Nutsack Digital ACU - New. 10 200-rd Hard Pack, SAW Box black - New 2 200-rd Soft Pack, Nutsack Woodland Camo- New (one was inserted into gun for pictures, scratches). 20 M27 Starter Tab-Feed Strap - New. 10,000 M27 SAW Links - New. 1 Pelican 1750 Hard Case - New. Free shipping on a Eform 3 from Reno to lower 48. If you're close, I'll deliver. NFA 18 years. Please call me any time with questions or offers. This package can only sell to class 3 dealers. Thanks for looking. Cool huh? Scott Mills (775) 851-1081