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  1. Price and info below
  2. Transferable Cobray M11 NIB 9mm

    For sale is a transferable Cobray M11 9mm NIB $9000 + shipping
  3. In stock ready to ship! Full setup with handguard kit and sight. Comes with the following. NEW NEVER SHOT $2500.00 + shipping LMT BARREL-MOUNTED 12" M203 GRENADE LAUNCHER, DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE This is the traditional M203 Grenade Launcher with the classic 12" barrel, which has been the United States Military's standard grenade launcher. It can be mounted to M16 and M4 rifles with the mounting brackets, or also in conjunction with a Knights Armament rail system and QD mount. This version is newly manufactured by Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT). RIFLE-LENGTH M203 MOUNTING KIT This is a complete mounting kit for a traditional barrel-mounted M203 on weapons with a rifle-length gas system, with leaf-sights. M203 QUADRANT CARRY-HANDLE MOUNTED SIGHT This is an M203 40mm grenade-launcher, quadrant sight that mounts to an A1/A2 carry handle. ***This is an NFA item, and must transfer in accordance with all NFA laws and regulations. After purchase we will set up the transfer with your FFL. All other states must transfer it through an SOT in your state. Though this normally requires a Type 09/10/11 FFL, ATF authorizes up to 2 Destructive Device transfers per year, for any SOT.***
  4. FN M249S NIB Unfired includes SAVIT Stock

    email sent
  5. For sale is a pristine FACTORY matching serial receiver and suppressor MP5SDA3 Pre may dealer sample This gun in this condition is hard to obtain with the matching numbers and factory A3 configuration Price is $25,000 plus shipping ONLY AVAILBLE TO FFL/SOT HOLDERS
  6. For sale is a brand new never fired Desert Ordnance ( US Ordnance ) M2HB QCB 50cal. $25,000 Comes with Gun and barrel Tripod, pintle and T&E manual and heat glove Local pickup in GA preferred More pictures available upon request -MK93 Mount in picture not included but available
  7. Collector grade H&K P7 M13 Original box matching serial. Pristine condition $3500.00 Plus shipping VIDEO HERE Pictures just dont do it justice - Original Box with matching serial numbers - New old stock collector grade condtion - KH Date code 1997
  8. 50 BMG BlackTip Belted Ammo in Ammo Cans

    Emailing you now
  9. Transferable UZI B&G Bolt gun

    Still available
  10. FN M249S Para with extras

    For sale is a rare FN M249S PARA with original box and papers , along with additional adjustable stock and links. More pics can be sent if needed $11,000 + Shipping
  11. Transferable UZI B&G Bolt gun

    Price error fixed lol ! whoops
  12. Transferable UZI B&G Bolt gun

    Form 4 approved and in my inventory ready for form3 transfer to dealer
  13. WTB New M240B Parts kit

    Looking for a new M240B Parts kit
  14. Transferable UZI B&G Bolt gun