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  1. Ill take the MP5K grip, shoot me an email
  2. WTS HK MP5SD Pre May Dealer Sample

    Interested please contact me
  3. I have a excellent condition Pre 1986 dealer sample MP5SD here for sale. This is one of the best condition ones i have came across. Has the "S" Serial number and is in like new condition. Its priced at $19,995 No Law letter required and a Keeper for individual FFL & SOT Holders Please note: This is a restricted Pre-May Sales Sample only available to FFL & SOT Dealers.
  4. Interested, Do you have better pictures you can send me direct?
  5. Machine Guns are in, Prices listed

    Dealer sample i think but i may look at tranny too
  6. Machine Guns are in, Prices listed

    Interested in the AUG, can you send me pictures?
  7. FN G1 FAL West German Pre-86 dealer sample Like new

    I'm sorry man i guess i thought I typed it and I didn't. 11k
  8. VERY VERY Good condition west German FN FAL G1, all matching including bolt. Comes with 4 factory mags in perfect shape. THIS ITEM REQUIRES A VALID FFL/SOT TO SHIP. IF YOU DO NOT POSSESS A FFL/SOT YOU CANNOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM. Since this is a pre-1986 ban sample, we do not require a law letter. $11,000