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  1. UZI MODEL B MACHINE GUN WITH SWD SUPPRESSOR AND ACCESSORIES (FULLY TRANSFERABLE) Very nice registered receiver conversion by Gun Trader of an IMI UZI Model B as imported by Action Arms. Included with this lot is the original Action Arms hard plastic case complete with sight adjustment wrench, 3 ½” dummy barrel, magazine loader, two 32 round and one 25 round magazines, green web sling. A SWD suppressor with soft pad covering has been fitted to this UZI. Marked “UZI semi auto / MODEL B / 9mm PARA / IMI – ISRAEL” on left side of receiver, with professionally added “A” at “F” and “S” selector. Right side of receiver has had the “Action Arms LTD" and other markings except for serial number covered with black enamel paint. These items will incur two separate transfer taxes if transferred on ATF Form 4’s. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is extremely fine to near excellent original smooth black finish with black composite furnishings. Mechanics are crisp. Bore is near excellent shiny and bright. Bolt face near excellent. This is a select fire machine gun. Suppressor is nice but could use a good cleaning. Wipes have deteriorated. Overall a nice supressor Price is $15,500 + Shipping Any questions dont hesitiate to contact us
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