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  1. WTB: SW76 Grip

    Appreciate the offer. My current grip has a crack on it which is why I am looking to replace it. I found a MK760 grip, just need a sw76 grip now.
  2. WTB: SW76 Grip

    I am looking for a SW76 grip. Thanks for looking.
  3. WTS: KRISS Vector SMG .45 Parts Kit

    I will take it. Messaged
  4. WTS: NIB Sig 516 SBR $1,475.00

    I will take the other if available.
  5. Exploring more subguns, which to go for?

    If you decide on a micro uzi, I have one for sale in NFA section. Extremely fast rate of fire like rhouston8 says and I would be very cautious with who shoots it.
  6. I agree. His work welding on the folding stock was excellent. I have had no issues at all with the micro and hope it goes to a good home.
  7. I have put around 500-700 rounds through it with zero malfunctions suppressed and unsuppressed.
  8. Transferable IMI/Action Arms Micro Uzi machine gun. Registered receiver in closed bolt configuration. Was originally converted by Hard Times Armory to full auto as a pistol. I purchased a micro uzi parts kit and had John Andrewski convert it. He welded on the folding stock, bayonet lug, angular trigger guard, and remarked it as Micro Uzi. Front and rear sights are micro uzi as well as the cocking handle and front sling swivel. Comes with AWC micro uzi suppressor which replaces the barrel nut for direct fitment. The machine gun cycles extremely fast and with the suppressor it is fairly quiet. 6 32rd, 4 25rd, and 1 20rd magazines. Comes with vertical foregrip which imo is essential for safety. Uzi pistol and micro uzi manuals with uzi pistol box chopped to allow the machinegun to be put in it. Micro Uzi and AWC suppressor will go to SOT/Class 3 dealer efile on form 3 for quick transfer. My gunbroker user name is ehunt1079. Plenty of feedback on there. $24000 obo. I am not desperate to sell so please do not low ball. If you wish to pay with credit card, add 3% for processing fee. Will ship fully insured via FedEx. Bank check, money order, etc. no added fee. Link to photo album of pictures.
  9. WTS: B&T APC9SD Factory SBR

    Pm sent
  10. I would like to buy the ported barrel.
  11. What form is this On?
  12. I also would like the additional pictures