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  1. One new LMT Defender 2000 Std 5.56 1-7 twist comes a with one p mag missing rear sight $1000 shipped One new LMT MRP has a YHM flip up front sight. MaTech rear sight comes with tools to change the barrel and rail covers has SOPMOD stock. Comes with Pmag $2000 Kevin Douglas Firearms FFl/SOT
  2. Lakeside Machine Razorback upper set up for full auto I had it on a M16 several years ago has been sitting in the safe for years. Probably has less than 500rds through it. I'll included the cheap red dot sight. Comes with one used 50rd belt, one new 500 rd belt approx 500 metallic plastic links at least I think there are 500 there are 4 unopened bags of them then approx 100 that I used. Belt loading tool is included. Also included is the low tension springs and other parts for your lower. $3,000 shipped Any questions feel free to ask Kevin Douglas Firearms FFL/SOT