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  1. WTS: Used Silencerco & Surefire suppressors

    Pm sent on maxim
  2. M249 MK46 railed handguard

    Feels and looks really to me o looked at the airsoft ones as they seem similar but this has no cuts on the angles like all those have. The front and rear openings have tapers like there is a piece or pieces that go on the lower sheet metal amd this either clips in or is bolted in.
  3. M249 MK46 railed handguard

    Picked this up from apex recently. It seems to slide right onto the receiver channel but appears there's parts or brackets missing anyone know anything about this rail it's absent of markings. Google turned up nothing similar. Pictures stolen from apex at the moment. Hoping there's some insight on the missing parts before I take the time to fab something.
  4. WTS: No Law Letter Post May Dealer Samples

    Interested in one of the M1 carbine if still available. Pm sent
  5. WTS: No letter postie's

    I got mine it took a bit. Was a paper F3 so that didn't help.
  6. Have purchased from him in the past good seller shipped everything quickly and insured
  7. WTS: Used Benelli 14in barrel $249

    Btt still for sale
  8. WTS: LNIB Factory SBR UZI .45acp $1350

  9. WTS: Used Benelli 14in barrel $249

    Sorry that would be helpful wouldn't it. This is for an M1 and has rifle sights.
  10. For sale is a LNIB Factory SBR Vector UZI in .45acp built on Group Industries HR4332s receiver. Was registered as 9/45/22 but eform 3 lists as .45acp. $1350 shipped USPS. Comes with 1 magazine. Will try to answer any additional questions as best I can. This is an SBR not a MG.
  11. This is a used in good shape. Can answer any questions you have. Payment by paypal gift, mo, cash, check, venmo. $249 + actual shipping.