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  1. WTS: Used Benelli 14in barrel $249

    Sorry that would be helpful wouldn't it. This is for an M1 and has rifle sights.
  2. For sale is a LNIB Factory SBR Vector UZI in .45acp built on Group Industries HR4332s receiver. Was registered as 9/45/22 but eform 3 lists as .45acp. $1350 shipped USPS. Comes with 1 magazine. Will try to answer any additional questions as best I can. This is an SBR not a MG.
  3. This is a used in good shape. Can answer any questions you have. Payment by paypal gift, mo, cash, check, venmo. $249 + actual shipping.
  4. WTS: No letter postie's

    I'll take the uzi
  5. RPD Jig

    pretty sure cajun gunworks has them in stock