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  1. WTS: COLT AR-15 9 mm SBR $4900

    Interesting.. No 3rd hole, but looks like a F/A hammer in IT. Was this stop for a DIAS?
  2. WTS: HK 33K SBR $6500

    For the price it would be likely a SBR semiauto
  3. Value/Rarity of old Barrett M82A1

    Photo would help the people who would possibly be in the know.
  4. Single Saw Cut - Link

    I just read on weaponsguild.com that someone had a single cut receiver.. And they were contacted to give up the cut receiver part, of course they did. Originally the AFT person told them to give up the whole parts kit but he challenged it and the supervisor said they only need the cut receiver.
  5. Probably a photo of the marking would be good. Jog some memories of people who may have seen it before.
  6. Single Saw Cut - Link

    Wouldn't it depend on when the kit was cut? If it was demilled 2 decades ago then it should be legal. Not sure if it would be illegal to sell a one cut kit that was demilled at a time it was legal to cut that method. Of course hard part is to determine when it was cut unless they can get a paper trail via receipts.
  7. shrike upper insert

    Hmm.. for you guys that MCR's I have a question.. Do you load with the bolt open? I always do. I noticed that with the insert it would dent the casing a small amount due to the bolt riding on the casing due to tight tolerance. I already made a reduced version that reduces the denting to a scratch.. but it gives up a little on the aggressive feeding. I don't think the manual says anything about needing to load with the bolt open.. but photos in the manual shows it. My question is how important is it to you guys to avoid denting the casing near the neck area. I would this it is.. and if it is, what's acceptable level of rubbing. Note this only occurs on the first round. 2nd round would never have a dent due to the way it is springing into the feed tray. I think if I model the front of the insert a bit more aggressively, but keep the back the same way, it could get the similar results.. but testing required. I wonder if Mark G went through this many iterations to get his angles. I'm curious if his dented the neck of the first round if loading on a close bolt.
  8. Don't count your chickens until they hatch..
  9. Photos would be good. I would treat it as corrosive just in case. Chono them just to determine if they are hot. You can ask here.. There are some real ammo experts there. https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/
  10. Kuthbert Enterprises LLc

    That is a fine example of what you should do to determine if it is a scam or not. Did they do anything like make you feel like you need to buy quickly or someone else would buy it? That too is a sign of a scam. Also send payment only to what is on the FFL.. But that is no guarantee the FFL themselves are a fraud..
  11. shrike upper insert

    When I have them ready I'll sign up for being able to sell on this site (been meaning to do that). I just printed 2 to designs and hope one of them will work better than the other. I expect it to work on both designs but I'm trying to get the one that pops the nosehead of the round more center to the chamber and minimize contact to the feedramp. Also I need to work on documentation to make sure you customize it to your MCR/Shrike since there could be differences in tolerance. With my 20+ sample prints, I am getting a good handle on what part does what to the round as it enters the feed slot of the feeding tray.
  12. shrike upper insert

    I am getting close.. just been spinning my wheels on my last print. previous 4 builds worked great, last 2 prints (with new print material) and it became less reliable. This just means I need to order some of the good print material to keep the reliability of the part. Interesting enough empty shell casing allowed me to see the issue due to its expanded neck size. So so far I've been testing using PPU 5.56 (bullet), American Eagle M163 (bullet), Lapua reload (bullet), Wolf 223 (brass only), Lake City 5.56 (brass only), Frontier 223 (brass only) for test feeding. Of course this doesn't replace live fire as we all know that's where issues pop up.
  13. shrike upper insert

    So here's my little update.. This will help retain the part when opening the cover.. allow easier removal as well. There shouldn't be any issues when in use due to the top cover would be crushing the insert into place. I am however still working on some angles to ensure reliability.
  14. Be sure to look at this mod when you get your Reising. http://www.machinegunboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8854
  15. Upload a ID with Donald Duck..
  16. Sten MK3

    You can't buy it if it is not a registered. If they don't have paperwork, they can ask the ATF to look for it but back then, the ATF was screwy on the stuff they logged the MG as. Ie manufacture is Germany or they used the wrong# for the serial#..
  17. May 18th 1986

    I remember people were freaking out about M16. Too young and naive back then
  18. Ever look at this posting? http://www.sturmgewehr.com/forums/index.php?/topic/25666-machine-guns-for-sale-05122022/
  19. Form 4 transfer questions

    FYI: On item 2: The FFL doesn't need to provide photos since it is going into his business. Also he doesn't need to provide police information,etc. It is a page 1 fill out, and page 3 for payment. Wait is faster than a standard Form 4 but the wait time I dealt with was 6-8 months.. but that was a couple of year ago. I haven't checked, but could you just do a eForm 4?
  20. Wow that is crazy for that Reising. Did it come from that collection they were selling? It seemed like items from that collection caused people to spend more.. The guy could have picked up 2 of them for the amount he paid.
  21. I bought one of his coffin magazine sets for the Suomi. Excellent. Sadly he has no more.. I would have bought more! Also he has 2 great books on the MG34/MG42.
  22. https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/85/458/berettaknights-armament-slide-lock-model-92f-silenced-pistol Give it a couple days and they will update the buyers paid price.
  23. WTS: C&R MG34 $43000 and spare parts

    So no more Lafette or a spare feed tray? Just making sure. Thanks.
  24. Watching it live right now.. Beretta/KAC Hush Puppy sold for $12k.. I'd sell mine at that price even with buyer's fee..
  25. Suomi M31 Coffin magazines

    Folke is out of those.. so glad I was able to get a set before he ran out. Good luck finding a set.