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  1. New to board, first FA, questions on 22 units

    As long as the suppressor is aligns up correctly I can't see how a 9mm vs 45 can would make a difference when dealing with baffle strikes. 22 can should work fine too. Only thing I can say is that be sure what ever can you use, it would be best to be able to disassemble the suppressor for cleaning. 22LR are dirty and can fill up a can, causing performance degradation.
  2. New to board, first FA, questions on 22 units

    I think some company did make a brass catcher for the 180.. I've never seen this type of configuration for the 180 so I find it quite interesting.
  3. New to board, first FA, questions on 22 units

    Mike, you certainly get a thumbs up here. Now you got me thinking of making a deflector shield for the 180.. though I never shoot nearly the amount you have shot.
  4. Well I can now say I'm not happy with FedEx. They had signature required but they left a machine gun at the door without knocking or asking for a signature! Fortunately I was paying attention to the security camera and noticed that someone had activated it.
  5. Price range for MG 34

    Auction houses typically cost about 20-30% more due to fees and shipping.
  6. New to board, first FA, questions on 22 units

    If I were you (and if you have the money) I would get the iconic H&K MP5. I absolutely love that SMG.. Though I own a limited # of MGs, I always bring out the MP5. I've shot a few other MGs at Shot Show ans Triggercon.. Some good, some okay.. and some not as fun, but there's something about the MP5. The 3 lug system makes it so easy to attach a suppressor to it. Another one is the American 180. That is a fun one once you get it dialed in on what ammo it likes. It does remind you of a swarm of bees when fired. Bitch to load, but once done, it is fun. It would be cool if there was a auto loader for that darn thing. I don't think it is easy to suppress the regular barrels.. I've read you have to use supersonic ammo for it it to be reliable.. but I don't know how true that is. I have a integral barrel for mine (3 barrel set when I bought it) and it runs fine. I think E&L Manufacturing has some 9" barrels you can possibly attach a suppressor to them. I love shooting suppressed.. but the cost is added cleaning time. My MP5 is now having the cocking lever stick a bit more than usual.
  7. Welcome. Hide you wallet.. this place makes you want to spend more money.
  8. b_san brought up a good point.. Keep a electronic copy on your phone in case you accidentally forget the paperwork. On the phone because not all places you'll have cell reception to pull it from a online folder, etc. Note of course this is assuming you have a smart phone to view your paperwork.
  9. Just wanted to post I had positive transaction with NMT. Ivan is a good guy. @Northern Maine Tactical
  10. I would love to fire one of those. Love how it chugs along. Those are one of the hard personal choices. Would you later regret selling it? Sounds like you really enjoy it. I would just keep it and shoot it if I enjoy it that much, but I definitely will be more diligent with the maintenance of it to keep it going. Sometimes enjoyment is worth more..
  11. Sneaky.. that could work..
  12. Need New Engraver Suggestions?

    What type of engraving? I assume laser engraving? Tagged.. I'd like to find one as well.
  13. I would think it would depend on the LEO attitude and the state law. If they thought you have a illegal NFA item, they can confiscate it and you have to take some time to get it back. (I don't know the process of this). So far I've never been asked to show my Form 4 or Form 3s. One time when I had a LEO on the same range, (Note I'm in a state where MG are not legal to own), he didn't even come over to check to check out my paperwork. Some ranges you sign a contract to show the ATF Form 4 if you use a NFA item on the premises or you will be escorted off the premises. However it is by law you present your form to a ATF agent or investigator. A LEO coming over is not considered a investigator, hence he doesn't have the right to look at the paperwork. Likely the ATF agent would show up at the door rather than at the range.. so technically your giving your customer wrong information if you say it is by law you need to carry it. I just tell them it is recommended to carry it. I always carry mine.. it just reduces chances of misunderstandings.
  14. If your looking at it that way.. personally I would look research each high priced MG to determine what are the common failures, and if there are parts available for it. If parts are rare, and the MG is valuable.. I would still shoot it at least one time.. but I might treat it more like a safe queen. For example a transferable MP5, I would still take it out everyday since I know parts are available for it. If the firearm had some historic value (and still safe to shoot), I'd take it out one time at least and store it. Only exception to my thinking of this if the MG is so fun to shoot I'd still take it out, but inspect before and after each shoot.
  15. Even disassembled, I believe USPS doesn't allow it. https://pe.usps.com/text/pub52/pub52c4_008.htm#:~:text=431.2 Handguns&text=Handgun (including pistols and revolvers,a handgun can be assembled. However this might be a way around needing to ship it overnight via FedEx or UPS.. I haven't studied their regulations on "Other".
  16. WTB MP40

    Post this on the WTB area..
  17. (Moderators delete if this post violates WTB guidelines) I'm looking for a M11/9 or M11A1. Having a Lage upper would be a extremely good bonus for me. Buy or trade. Prefer ones on Form 3s for faster transfers. I can receive premays since I have my SOT. I was hoping to trade my KAC Beretta Hush Puppy (Beretta 92F and XM-9 suppressor) for one. It is on a Form 3. Note looks like the XM-9 hasn't been shot and the wipes are new. The Beretta is a 1970's model 92F. Contact me for photos for trade.
  18. I have an incoming Reising.. but I have only 1 magazine.. I was hoping to get more of them. I would love to get the 30rd ones or the drum magazine if possible. Thanks.
  19. Depends... Handguns: Are you a FFL? If so USPS is the cheapest method. Non-FFL are not allowed to send it through USPS. Otherwise you have to use UPS or FedEx.. next day air which is very expensive. Rifles: I ship though UPS or FedEx. As for who to stay away from.. that is hard to say. Depends on your local mailing office and the place you mail it to. I know one FFL who hates USPS because they 80% of the time screw up at his local office, for me, never had an issue with USPS for over 10 years (okay maybe one but I think it was the customer cheating me).
  20. WTB 1919A4

    Actually you didn't need a subscription to post WTB.. There is a specific spot for it. You happen to post in the WTS location.
  21. I have to agree with that expense of shooting it wouldn't hold me back shooting any of my MGs. We spend thousands of dollars to not shoot it? I happen to mention a NFA item I haven't shot was the KAC Hush Puppy. I was planning to, but decided I'm going probably sell or trade it so no shooting it due to putting a hole in a new wipe would drop the value. Since I decided not shoot it, I'm going to get rid of it. Maybe a MAC 11/9 if I'm lucky!
  22. Great post.. stuff I know about since I ship a lot, but I learned something new a month ago.. I joined (trying out) a company called Pirateship which is a competitor to Stamps.com. Apparently there is one more shipping method I learned about which is USPS Cubic Pricing. Typically reserved for high quantity shippers, but apparently Stamps.com and Pirateship can pass this on to their customer. I am using Pirateship because they don't charge fees vs Stamps.com does. Note I have NO affiliation with Pirateship. I only used them like 3 times for the last 1 month, and of those 3 times I think they offered cubic shipping on one item. The other 2 I shipped USPS Padded envelope. I accidentally stumbled upon cubic shipping because I was pricing out a package in non flat rate mode and it gave me cubic shipping for a very heavy item. If you do try Pirateship, then first do their regular package choice.. and then switch to flat rate choice to see if flat rate (such as padded envelope or Regional Box A) is cheaper.
  23. Opps. I meant to say it wouldn't lose much value if you shoot it. Typing too slow to my brain's speed. MG are great.. I wish I bought more many years ago.. they appreciate in value so great. I always wonder if there's a ceiling it would hit.. but it always seems to climb. Though there are some MGs I always wondered why they haven't appreciate as good as I think they should have.
  24. Didn't the Germans have really detail records? Possibly find a museum that specializes with this type of stuff and call them. They might be able to give you more direction on figuring out the records.. It would be lot easier to give it or lend it to a museum. Or.. you can send it to me for disposal. Luger is definitely one of the items on my bucket list to get. I hope your family friend feels less haunted now that he doesn't have it in his collection..