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  1. I read something about him wanting to do something within the first 100 days in office. Hopefully he is too busy and has too much pressure to do anything.. Highly doubtful.
  2. Vz61 lower receiver

    Ammo for it would be crazy to find.
  3. Reising Model 50 Drum

    Thanks.. Hmm.. I have a lot of 12rd Reising mags lying around... If that's true I wonder how he got the last bit of ammo out of the drum and up the magazine. Must be something like linked dummy rounds?
  4. Reising Model 50 Drum

    Would love to get one too.. Do you know what drum he converted or did he built from scratch? Would think it is a conversion.
  5. WTB: KAC XM9

    I have a complete set. Beretta and the suppressor. The suppressor is on a Form 3.
  6. A Huge Win for Montana

    Wow that's great. Wish it was this way over here.
  7. Here's the requirement I found online from the ATF. It is a bit dated but probably still applies. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/docs/nfa-law-letter-requirement/download ---------------------------------------- NFA “Law Letter” Requirement The NFA Branch has recently received questions about the “law letter” requirement for the transfer of “post-1986” machineguns. Apparently, information has spread through the firearms industry that the “law letter” is not required. That information is not correct. Machineguns manufactured or imported on or after May 19, 1986, are subject to the provisions of Title 18, United States Code, § 922(o) and are commonly referred to as “post-1986” machineguns throughout the industry. The transfer of a “post-1986” machinegun requires certain documentation, usually referred to as a “law letter.” Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations, § 479.105 requires that applications to transfer and register “post-1986” machineguns will be approved if it is established by specific information the expected governmental customers who would require a demonstration of the firearm, information as to the availability of the machinegun to fill subsequent orders, and letters from governmental entities expressing a need for a particular model or interest in seeing a demonstration of a particular machinegun. The regulation further requires that applications to transfer more than one machinegun must also establish the dealer’s need for the quantity of samples sought to be transferred. Thus, an application to transfer a “post-1986” machinegun to a Federal firearms licensee and special (occupational) taxpayer must be submitted with a “law letter” evidencing a government agency’s interest in a particular machinegun. The NFA Branch will look for the following information in the letter: · written on agency letterhead and signed by the agency head or by someone with delegated authority to sign for the agency head · dated within one year of the date of the receipt of the application · identification of the particular machinegun being transferred (for example, M16A2) · identification of the agency’s interest in the machinegun (for example, purchase, or demonstration) · documentation of the need for more than one machinegun of a particular model Revised: February 23, 2006
  8. First of all I'm jealous of you.. I wish I had good relations with a Chief of Police to get a letter. Possibly the letter is too open ended for their liking and they needed a more specific model of MP5?
  9. I can see how that could be fun.. I have a deep affection for Hueys after riding one as a kid so I find your job double interesting.
  10. So.. you have 10k of rounds lying around somewhere. Take videos! Beautiful collection. How in the world you find these things?
  11. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    Old Joe will bend over and say can I have another from Iran, etc.
  12. WTS: AT4 Tube

    Strange.. Mine isn't broken.. Though mine was missing the charging handle. Got a handle but was missing the post so I lathed one..
  13. Yeah.. there are people doing this for PS5 and other stuff. I bet there are bots making fast purchases. I was on RSR website and ammo was surprising available.. I just caught it when they updated their inventory. The time it took to put the ammo in my in my cart and checkout.. it was down to 1 box.. even that was gone. I just want to buy some ammo for personal use..
  14. Maybe he is just saying delete of what he posted..