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  1. UZI checklist items?

    I had an M11 with some of the Lage add-ons for a few years and sold it all - looking to get back into the FA world and I'm focusing on an Uzi, based on some of the FA issues that are important to me. In a perfect world after I've won the lottery, I'd buy a FA AK-47 or M-16, but I haven't won the lotto and those guns are too expensive for me. I know that there are a lot of FA Uzi variations (registered bolt, registered receiver, registered sear, etc.), and variations in Uzi models (micro, mini, carbine, etc.), and variations in Uzi manufacturers and conversions (Vector, Group, IMI, etc.) so I'm looking for guidance as far as specifically what to look for. I absolutely don't wanna spend more time being a machine gun gunsmith or gun mechanic more than just shooting the gun, and I don't wanna have to be shipping my gun back and forth to experts all the time to tune it, fix it, or tweak it. I've listed some of what's important to me - thanks in advance for any specific model suggestions or additions to my list. reliability replacement parts availability magazine cost \ availability 22LR upper availability and reliability add-on availability (mounts, foregrips, etc.)