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  1. WTB - Steyr AUG Parts

    Looking to buy a Steyr AUG 20" Barrel and for the AUG A3 M1, the short(3.5") Picatinny rail with screws, that mounts on the right side of the receiver. Might have interest in other AUG parts & Accessories(.223 & 9mm) you may want to part with. Message me and I'll respond as soon as I can. Thanks, GMac
  2. Surplus 30.06 M2 BALL Ammo

    SOLD Surplus 30.06 M2 Ball for sale. (1) 400rd Can (20-20 round boxes) of Korean Surplus and (1) 484rd can(22-22rd boxes in a WW2 Side Opening Can) of Yugoslavian Surplus. $350 + shipping on the Korean & $400+ Shipping on the Yugoslavian. Only shipped where legal and No hassles in the lower 48. Actual UPS from zip 70433
  3. SOLD: Up for sale : FN FNC Semi Auto with folding stock. Appears unfired to my eyes, has some light surface handling marks but does have paint scratches on the rear sling attachment eye. Comes with 1 Original Magazine and a sling(the one that scratched the attachment). The rifle will ship in the original box and styrofoam insert. But the box and insert are in rough shape. It looks like the rifle lived in the safe and the box lived in the attic. In any case, the price is $4800 firm which is a fair price in the current environment, and these guns do not depreciate. I will post additional pictures Tomorrow. If you have serious interest, message me with your e mail and I will send you some detailed pictures. SOLD
  4. SOLD I have a complete New in Box, Never been Assembled(thus Unfired), Lakeside Machine LM7 22LR Belt Fed Upper Receiver kit. It does come with the brass catcher/feed box mount which was never available separately, only with the kit. Extras include Belt Loading Kit, spare feedboxes, 1000 additional Disintegrating links(200 in kit), a spare barrel (M4 Profile) and a Razorback Bolt which was recently acquired. The kit is for semi-automatic use and would require machining of the bolt for use in full auto. I'll try to get some pictures up soon, but if you have interest let me know and I can email pictures directly to you. $2600 + Actual Shipping SOLD
  5. M2 Ball 30-06 surplus

    Message sent with offer
  6. Looking to sell an H&K manufactured MG3 Tripod in VG condition, 1976 Manufacture, complete with Battery Box and Optic. If interested please request additional pictures . $1250 Open to offers and trades(Maybe a CETME L or a CZ Scorpion or ??)
  7. WTB Lakeside Razorback upper

    I have a complete new in box, never been assembled, LM7 kit with many does not have the razorback bolt. It does come with the brass catcher/box mount which were never available separately only with the kit If you are interested I can send pictures of all that I have. Thanks, Gary M
  8. E-mail sent requesting additional info. Thanks, GMac
  9. I'll take all 3 per our PM's! Thank You!
  10. PM Sent. I'll take the cocking handle. Question on the rail mounts.
  11. I'll Take it-Will call in the AM. Thanks, GMac
  12. HK 94 Rifle Package

    Trump Bump Last Call before Crossposting
  13. HK 94 Rifle Package