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  1. WTS: Lewis Gun Feed Arm

    I’ll take it pm me where to send payment
  2. Loooking for a Vickers 303 British left side plate please PM
  3. Looking for a Polish , Russian, or Yugo PKM 7.62x54r belt loader please PM
  4. Selling an M142 Cradle Mount. $500 shipped
  5. WTB STG44/43 Kit

    Looking for a STG 44 or STG43 parts kit please PM
  6. Looking for a Romanian RPK Barrel , Preferably chrome lined. Can be NEW or Original. Please PM
  7. Still looking if anyone can help me out
  8. Looking for an STG44 receiver section or a receiver flat. please PM
  9. Hi I am trying to renew but my invoice expired. Can it be re activated so I can renew?
  10. Looking for an STG44 / MP44 Receiver Flat or Repair Section please PM.
  11. WTB STG44 Parts Kit

    Looking for a STG44 parts kit. Please PM
  12. FN 249S Barrel Question

  13. WTB WW2 Mg42 Trunnion

    PM Sent...