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  1. hey guys I am looking for a wW2 German marked MG42 demilled receiver (Complete) preferably a 3 cut but as long as it has the matching back metal that works
  2. Selling a complete original Colt 1928 Water Cooled Complete Top Cover $350 shipped
  3. Looking for a Hungarian PKM Parts kit please pM
  4. WTB V100 Commando Ammo Box

    Sure attached
  5. WTB V100 Commando Ammo Box

    looking for a V100 Commando Ammo box
  6. I am selling a set of Semi Auto Rails for a M60. they are straight as an arrow. Not sure on builder, they came with an original JRW semi parts set. $500 shipped
  7. Aaron add me to the list I would also like one .
  8. Bump still looking......
  9. WTB V-100/XM706 400 round ammo box Please PM
  10. WTB Metric FAL 10rnd Mags

    Looking to buy two Metric 10rnd Magazines
  11. WTB 5ft of 7.62 Feed chute

    Looking for 5ft of 7.62 Feed chute.
  12. Looking for 1 (one) foot of 7.62 feet chute please PM