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  1. Looking for WW2 German marked Trunion and also a flash hider for an MG42 please PM
  2. Is this complete? All small parts?
  3. hey guys I am looking for a wW2 German marked MG42 demilled receiver (Complete) preferably a 3 cut but as long as it has the matching back metal that works
  4. Selling a complete original Colt 1928 Water Cooled Complete Top Cover $350 shipped
  5. Looking for a Hungarian PKM Parts kit please pM
  6. WTB V100 Commando Ammo Box

    Sure attached
  7. WTB V100 Commando Ammo Box

    looking for a V100 Commando Ammo box
  8. I am selling a set of Semi Auto Rails for a M60. they are straight as an arrow. Not sure on builder, they came with an original JRW semi parts set. $500 shipped
  9. Aaron add me to the list I would also like one .
  10. Bump still looking......
  11. WTB V-100/XM706 400 round ammo box Please PM
  12. WTB Metric FAL 10rnd Mags

    Looking to buy two Metric 10rnd Magazines