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  1. WTS M16,MP5,MAC10,M1A1,BM59

    Sent a pm on the Mac10...
  2. Just sent you a PM on this - ty
  3. DLO Trigger Box for HK--PRICE DROP

    Sent you a PM
  4. SPF! SWD M11/9 w/LAGE MKI

    PM inbound
  5. WTS 1928 West Hurley Thompson

    Sending you a pm on your Thompson. I’m also in NH (Seacoast).
  6. WTS: S&H HK Sear in Navy Trigger Pack

    Sent you a PM about your sear - thanks. Steve
  7. Congratulations - enjoy your first of many MGs!!!
  8. WTS: HK 416 Upper

    I know this post is ancient but is this upper still available? Thx - Steve
  9. HK MP5-N Brand New FS

    John - deposit and final payment was sent. Thanks, pleasure doing business with you!
  10. HK MP5-N Brand New FS

    Sent you a text on the MP5.
  11. “Silver Bullet” Mini Uzi

    If I were in the market for a mini Uzi, THIS would be the one to buy. Additionally, I have had very positive dealings with the seller (Beau)...items are as-described or better, he sends tons of photos and ships quickly. All around you’re GTG with him.
  12. WTS: HK USC/UMP SBR, MP5 clone SBR

    Hey Mit, interested in the PCS MP5 - would you consider sending a note to ATF to remove it from the registry and sell it to me as a pistol? I would use it strictly as a host. Feel free to call or text me, pm’ing you with my deets. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for another easy transaction!
  14. PM’d you on the Mini barrel...I wish I had seen this earlier to combine shipping on the other items thanks, Steve