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  1. WTS AC556F reduced!!

    Greg, do you still have my information? - Steve
  2. Interested - sent you a PM, @Luv2Hunt
  3. WTS: Ruger AC556F GA F4 $12.9K

    Sent you a PM, @Ed T thanks for the use of the boards!!!
  4. Janda John scammer?

    This guy reached to to me as well. Send nothing, total scam - I will post his emails and photos of his “identification” that he provided me.
  5. WTB: Kimber K6S

    Hi all - like the title states I’m looking to immediately purchase a Kimber K6S, preferably the DC or CDP variant with the concealed hammer in black. Please lmk what you may have - many thanks! Steve 603.502.9567
  6. WTB: S&W M&P 340 No Lock

    Bump - still looking, immediate buyer
  7. WTB: S&W M&P 340 No Lock

  8. WTB: S&W M&P 340 No Lock

    Looking for a Smith M&P340 without the lock - new or good condition used works. Thank you! Steve 603.502.9567
  9. Seeking Tavor X95 thin butt plate

    this is what I’m looking for: Thin Butt Plate - Tavor X95
  10. Looking for the thin plastic butt plate from IWI for my Tavor X95 - please lmk if you have one to sell. Thank you! Steve 603.502.9567
  11. WTB: CZ Scorpion factory Folding Stock

    Happy spring, thanks for the use of these boards! Still looking...
  12. WTS Benelli M4 LE Model 11715

    Sending a PM now...
  13. PMd you