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  1. Thanks for another easy transaction!
  2. PM’d you on the Mini barrel...I wish I had seen this earlier to combine shipping on the other items thanks, Steve
  3. FLEMING HK SEAR, like new only $33k

    Just sent you a PM, Gordon
  4. Found, please delete: POF MP5 mags

    Sent Dsheid a pm re: mp5 mags
  5. WTB: Genuine German HK MP5 Mags

    Sent you a PM about your MP5 mags, sdd5317.
  6. WTS: Flemming H&K auto sear

    Sent a PM
  7. Joe - saw your email. Will touch base today about getting you a check. Thank you.
  8. I’ll take it. Will reply to your email...thank you.
  9. Sending you a PM on this. Assuming it’s on a F3?
  10. I would love to have a breakdown of the number of transferable MGs are out there sorted by type/category/config, etc. Does this info exist anywhere? example: Colt SP1: x,xxx Colt M16A1: xx,xxx Polytech/SWD AK (7.62): xxx Vector/Group Uzi: x,xxx etc, etc.