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  1. WTS: PPSH-43 Complete Bolt

    Do you know or have a ppsh 41 stock uncracked or damaged? I’m trying to find one nice
  2. New Rare breed trigger FRT-15 never fired going a different way . Asking $525 discreet Friends and family PayPal, shipped priority mail with tracking. No trades
  3. I haven’t even seen a rules post? Leaving price in the post is pretty common and good help realizing current selling prices. Would probably be a great rule or make the listing non editable after you post might do it. See a bunch of people removing what it sold for which is pretty sneaky if I do say so.
  4. Looking for a extra stock have a project wanting to do. Needs to be uncracked and in complete condition no chips or areas missing. Only need the wood. Thanks lmk whatcha got.
  5. WTB ppsh-41 transferable class 3 machine gun

    Thanks I’m really wanting one for my son Russian good condition and running order. Thanks again. Guess my post wasn’t large enough.
  6. WTB ppsh-41 transferable class 3 machine gun

    Thanks but it’s a Korean weapon looking for a ww2 weapon Russian
  7. WTB ppsh-41 transferable class 3 machine gun

    Do you have any pictures of it running or ? What origin is it Korean era or is it a ww2 item? I’m a motivated buyer of it just need the particulars I have a FFL/ 02 Sot on standby that will send you everything that needs to be taken care of by his end. Thanks looking forward to hearing from you.
  8. WTB ppsh-41 transferable class 3 machine gun

    Depends if it’s running great/ burns a drum or doesn’t and matching numbers all that stuff that adds to the price. Lol lmk what you have. Thanks
  9. WTB ppsh-41 transferable class 3 machine gun

    Still looking for a 1945 ww2 ppsh 41 transferable