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  1. Pre Ban HK 91 Collector Grade

    The box and contents would be a good start to be collector grade. Claw marks on the top aren’t part of collector grade and being fired at all or not knowing is definitely not part of the collector grade. If your gonna represent as collector grade well accurately describe it.
  2. Every since I bought some badass chains for my suburban it hasn’t done squat and I’ve bought two different sets of tires and keep having to get same size tires because my chains that I’ll never use won’t work anymore! :)) :))) ain’t life fun
  3. Dang you guys get your snow in feet! Lol here in Tulsa I always want a big snow maybe 15 inches or something that’s like record material here. But after seeing what it does to a city when you guys get snow I don’t want none of that.
  4. Target sports been dropping 9mm like crazy today decent price to.
  5. Pre Ban HK 91 Collector Grade

    Do you have the original box and contents? Has it ever been fired? Round count? It was collector grade before the claw mount right?