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  1. Looking for nib unfired complete. And not ridiculously proud. If you want gunjoker prices save your time and don’t bother.
  2. Ishevsk SVD Dragunov with Optics $22500

    So who authenticated it? Cause it looks like it’s a gold painted gun with a Jerry rigged stock to me? Just saying I hope it’s been run through an authentication service.
  3. Item Name: WTS Microtech Ultratec D/E Purple Black/serrated OTF Discontinued nib rare find. Location: Tulsa Zip Code: 74114 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 300 Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: This is a discontinued super hard to find ultratech automatic OTF serrated gem! It’s beautiful and never carried or sharpened and never even thought about cutting anything! You can’t buy them anymore and here’s your chance! Asking $300 shipped located in Tulsa Oklahoma and payment by money order or certified bank check only. No trades! Pictures:
  4. Awesome thanks for the information I’ve been just going on what he had said which I’m sure he had slept a few days obviously lol. Thanks Tony
  5. Have 2 S&W Performance center magnums $1850+35 shipping for the pair NIB Location: Tulsa Zip Code: 74114 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 1850 Caliber: 357/44mag Barrel: 2.62” Willing to Ship: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No I bought on a whim and wanting something else more now. Both are Nib unfired except factory performance center testing. Have a htf 629PC in 44mag $965+25 shipping and a 686PC in 357 magnum $980+25 shipping sold separately. These are top shelf precision tuned revolvers not just a regular run of the mill weapon. Asking $1850+35 Shipping for the pair postal money order or certified bank check only. Or a FTF deal will void shipping All forum rules apply and they will ship to your individual friendly FFL from Tulsa Oklahoma 74114 .
  6. Not positive but I’m thinking he told me he bought it in 1983 and it was made in 82’ . But don’t hold me to that. He was telling me the life history of it lol. He was 85 years old. And liked to be very detailed.
  7. First three of the serial? Are 907
  8. 2 Steyr Augs One Preban A1 one Anniversary. Both are unfired Location: Tulsa Zip Code: 74114 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: $7375 I have outstanding positive feedback on several gun forums/ Okshooters/FNforum/Outdoors traders/AKfiles to name a few. Caliber: 5.56 Willing to Ship: Yes Payment by Postal money order or Certified Bank check and must clear before shipping! Description: I’ve had this Preban Steyr A1 Aug vacuum sealed since I got it from the original owner and was out long enough for pictures. Only 1500 of the Black Preban 16” barrel Augs were imported! NDO is March 1990’ Anything that isn’t the weapon is lint or microfiber from being in the case when stored in safe before I bought it and has been cleaned and removed The Original owner never fired it. It’s shown with original target that has the factory test shots on it, and all the preban magazines that come with it. And it’s in the Factory original numbered preban box it was shipped from factory in ! This is as nice as your gonna get . And it has all matching numbers obviously. Asking $5000 firm. Next is a NIB unfired STG77 Anniversary model the first 400 were a special run and serial numbered to 400. This is STG77181 and is a spitting image of the preban brother the A1. And #181 of 400 Even has the sought after Donut of Death 1.5x scope. Asking $2450+ $40 shipping in factory box for the STG77 separately or $7375 shipped for Both insurance to be added in the shipping on your dime . Price is FIRM no haggling whatsoever. No trades. I’m located in Tulsa Ok 74114 If you want insurance which I recommend it’s up to you to add extra funds to the Total . Payment by certified bank check or postal money orders. Or Cash if FTF Thanks for looking.
  9. Item Name: HK USP MATCH 45acp stainless VHTF Excellent condition Location: Tulsa Zip Code: 74114 Item is for: FS/FT Sale Price: $4800 absolutely firm Caliber: 45 acp Willing to Ship: Yes Item Description: Wts This is a VHTF HK USP 45 match SS with all accessories, the case alone is priceless . this pistol came from Orbendorf Germany Exporter who has direct ties to HK USA and took over 10 months to get exported to state side , there was a lot of red tape importing and going through the exporter. Has two factory mags factory rare case these European cases were VHTF /Almost impossible to get state side. has factory test target along with the German manual that it came from the factory with and key for the case . Importer marks were place under the compensator only to be seen if requested by whomever. I'm asking $4800 FTF No Trades. add $75 shipped plus whatever amount of insurance you want to put on it add that in to the shipping total. .Price is absolutely firm No Haggling! I’ve had it for sale for awhile and am in no hurry to sell it. When shipped must ship to FFL, Location is Tulsa Ok 74114. all funds will be postal money order Or certified Bank check that must clear before shipping. I do have feedback on other forums and references. This is cross posted. AKfiles//OKshooters/ Outdoors traders/ EBay 309 pos/0 Negative Pictures: