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  1. Thanks to user Kimber1911 for alerting me of a scam Armslist post mirroring this same exact offering! I flagged it and I think others did as well because it came down within 24 hours. I appreciate everyone looking out, it really reinforces the sense of community we have Thanks again guys and enjoy the last days of summer
  2. Wowie it's August already! Hope everyone is staying cool! Bump for eyes - thanks folks
  3. Price reduction & bump to top. Hope everyone's barbecuing and cherishing the summer! Have a fun safe weekend peeps.
  4. Bump - $26,995.00 Please feel free to call/text with any questions. Thanks!
  5. Mother's Day special price reduction! $27,495.00 Hope you fellas had a wonderful weekend
  6. What's up Sturmgewehr peeps! Just decided to browse for a while and WOW, there's some pretty sweet items on here! Can be dangerous for the wallet.
  7. Happy Sunday! Bump for eyes, cheers and please reach out with any questions.
  8. Bump with price reduction to $11,495.