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  1. Looking for RLL or RDIAS

    Sent you a PM.
  2. Looking for RLL or RDIAS

    Thanks. I actually picked up one of each from Midwest tactical. Guest I need to figure out how close this thread...
  3. WTS M79 and M203 40mm Launchers, on Form1's

    Yeah, I'm out at this point. You can't throw something up for sale that expensive and then disappear. Imagine the coms after money changes hands...
  4. WTS M79 and M203 40mm Launchers, on Form1's

    DM sent for pics of the m79 and please explain this being on a form one?
  5. Off The Market / Please Remove

    Damn it would suck to have something worth so much and at the same time, possibly worth 10 years. I'm thinking if I owned this thing, I'd keep my head down...
  6. HK SD UMP .45 Auto Suppressor

    PM sent Seconds in the one with out the gouge. If it's gone I'll take the other.
  7. Looking for RLL or RDIAS

    Looking for a RLL or RDIAS on form 3 preferably in SC, NC, GA, or TN since I'm in SC and want to pay cash in person. I posted this yesterday and I called out the little girl that backed out on a deal we made for a RLL last week and I guess he cried to the mods and had it removed so I'll try it again. Sorry if I hurt your feelings SCDIGGER
  8. WTK value of HK M69A1 40mm

    When you figure it out, let me know. I might be interested
  9. RLL Registered Lightning Link 14.9K

    I'll take it PM sent.
  10. 40mm ammo

    Thanks, I ordered some of their stuff a few days ago!
  11. 40mm ammo

    Any luck? I'm looking also...
  12. WTB 40MM less lethal ammo/components

    I'm interested also. Just sent of form 1. Need to get my hands on something to shoot out of it when I can put the barrel on...
  13. WTS: Transferable HK23E SPF

    Keep me in mind if you change your mind. Thanks
  14. WTS: Transferable HK23E SPF

    Would you consider selling the 7.62 conversion separately?