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  1. FREE HK

    I actually worked there on contract back in '85 for the Royal Hong Kong Police Department. RHKPD was very professional. The contract was through IBM World Trade.
  2. Look here ->
  3. I'm addicted to .22lr MGs and conversions. As was pointed out, the UZI converts the easiest, but my funnest .22lr conversion is for my '28 Thompson. It was fit to my '28 by PK back in 2010. According to Paul, it was one of the very first BDM kits manufactured. The ROF is very slow, around 600 RPM. It runs clean and I can run 1000-1200 rounds before a cleaning is needed. You can't beat that. Paul fit an original AO .22lr magazine adapter and I use original AO 30 round steel magazines. They work perfectly. Paul's marking. Here is how the kit was delivered to me.
  4. What where you doing today in 1986?

    I was working for the Honolulu Police Department and only concerned about doing my job. Interestingly, it was at HPD that I saw my first 9mm AR-15.
  5. WTB: 8mm front cartridge spacer for 1919

    You should post your WTB over on I'm sure someone over there can help you.
  6. AR180 Magazine

    What is your target price for an AR180 20 rounder?
  7. HK .22 conversion kit

    Good luck. Expect to pay ~$3K for one.
  8. Post sample guns

    PM sent.
  9. Post sample guns

    I have an original German made HK 21 available. Here are some pics:
  10. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    WARNING HK21 WARNING HK21 WARNING HK21 WARNING As Mike Todd pointed out above, the recoil of an HK21 is extreme. About ten years ago while shooting a short burst from my HK21, the retina on my right eye detached. I needed emergency retina surgery to not permanently lose sight in my right eye. And then six months later I needed cataract surgery in that eye. The surgeons and eye doctors I encountered during this saga all stated that heavy recoil shoulder fired weapons shake you head violently and should be avoided at all cost. This is especially true if the shooter is near sighted. Be warned!
  11. 8mm machine gun ammo FedArm?

    Hmm. I've run thousands or rounds of Romy 8mm ammo though my Vickers and it ran perfectly. Now this was the Romanian stuff that became available 10+ years ago. I cannot speak of the current stuff. A friend was so impressed with this older Romy stuff, he bought 2.5 million rounds of it. As an aside, there was an older Polish gentleman who was the range master at a now closed Austin rifle range I frequented. He fought in the Polish resistance during WWII. He always advised those of us running MG34s to wax our steel cased ammo using carnauba past wax . That's what I did using SC-Johnson Paste Floor Wax.
  12. WTB: HK 94/MP5 or HK93/53/33 retractable stock

    Let me look around. I'm sure I have a couple MP5 retractable stocks and maybe a HK33 one too somewhere around here.
  13. Make me an offer I can't refuse.
  14. I found mine on eGhey from a seller in Paris. You never know what those Frenchies dig up.
  15. 2 or 3 MG’s for one, step inside

    I have two Post Sample belt guns that are just sitting here collecting dust. The first is a DOT 44 MG34. Here is one of Mongo's videos of it running. Look 1:41 to watch it. The second Postie is a real 1968 HK21. I got it to cut up for a parts kit, but just couldn't do it.