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  1. Steyr AUG 9mm conversion kit question

    My understanding is that 9mm semi auto bolt carrier assemblies do not have anti-bounce rods and springs installed. Only full auto bolt carrier assemblies have them installed. I've only run a factory full auto 9mm bolt carrier assembly in a factory 9mm full auto stock with a factory full auto 3RB hammer assembly. This setup worked just fine. I have not tried to install a 9mm semi auto bolt carrier assembly in a factory 9mm full auto stock.
  2. Dolf Goldsmith called yesterday to let me know that Don Bell had passed away. It appears he had a fatal stroke. This is truly sad day for all of us who have known, and done business with, Don over the years. He will be missed.
  3. Optics mount for Sig Amt

    The black/white tabs are the same between an AMT/510 and STGW57/PE57 so you should be able to find one. The purpose of the tab is to restrict or allow full auto fire. When the white side is visible on the outside, the interior black side will not allow the selector to be set to the full auto position. When the black side is visible on the outside, the interior white side will allow the full auto selector setting. So for the OP's weapon the tab should show black and not white. Here is a STGW 57 grip showing black tab: Here is a comparison of a grip tabs: Notice the size difference between the white side and the black side. The longer black side when on the interior will restrict the selector movement to the full auto position.
  4. Is the FAL bipod painted black or phosphated?
  5. Good luck with that. I got one of mine years ago at IEA in Germany. You may want to contact them to see if they can assist you.
  6. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    Here are some pictures of a 550/551 sight adjustment tool:
  7. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    A factory installed gas block is correctly timed to the barrel. Top dead center of the sight base is top dead center on the barrel. As for LE markings or not, condition means everything. I am assuming your rifle is marked for .223. Your barrel's exterior at the chamber should be .223 marked and there should be a groove machined around the barrel's exterior at the chamber area.
  8. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    So many questions/comments and so little time. Before you attempt any barrel changes, you need to choose the gunsmith who does the swap carefully. If you wish to do it yourself you will need a pair of SIG Swiss 550 receiver vice blocks and a detailed copy of barrel swap instructions. Read and re-read those instructions carefully. I would contact Estes Adams to do the work as he has had years of SIG rifle experience. As for "Meili". That's the name of the Swiss company who manufactures the 550/551 cases. There are the three versions of Meili SIG 550/551 cases. The largest is for a 550 Sniper with its long barrel and scope attached. The mid-sized Universal case will hold a 550/551 with a scope attached. There is a compartment to the right of the rifle meant to hold the butt stock cheek riser. The third and smallest case is the Safety case. It holds a 550/551 without a scope attached. Unlike the other two cases, you must remove the rifle's bolt carrier assembly and bolt handle to fit a rifle into a Safety case. As for changing a SWAT barrel for an LB barrel; the rifle's value would be increased because it would not need to be registered as an SBR. When you get an LB barrel, choose one with the gas block already installed. If I can figure out how to post pictures, I'll post pics of a sight adjustment tool, brass deflector, and Safety case bolt carrier box. There is also a brass catcher which works pretty well. I am curious as to how you can own a SIG 551 living in New York?
  9. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    There are so many more accessories you will want. You'll need a SIG sight adjustment tool after you swap out the barrel. I'm not referring to the pocket knife tool, but the original version. You will need a clip on brass deflector, just because. A Swiss Meili case, whatever version, will set you back at least $1k. If you find a Safety Case, you will need to find a Bolt Carrier Box as it does not come with the case. An original Swiss butt stock cheek riser will set you back $400. It is not needed if you are wanting to attach a small scope to the scope rail already attached to your rifle.

    How about posting a couple pictures.
  11. WTB: HK MP5 OD green sling old style

    I'm pretty sure I have one around here. I'll see if I can locate it.
  12. NFA Rules on LE Trades

    Get a love letter from another LE agency and a few can be transferred to you on a Form 5.
  13. NFA Rules on LE Trades

    As I indicated previously, have the PD contact BATF and request copies of their registration documentation. BATF will be happy to assist them. Don't do a damned thing without that paperwork. Always cover your a$$ when dealing with law enforcement agencies and/or the feds. Document everything.
  14. NFA Rules on LE Trades

    Tell us more about these "unregistered machine guns". Were they confiscations? Were they duty weapons? Were they acquired from another department? Were they acquired from Uncle Sugar? Before you destroy any "unregistered machine guns", make doubly sure they are truly unregistered. Any PD can call BATF and get the status of their weapons. Get that status in writing.