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    How about posting a couple pictures.
  2. WTB: HK MP5 OD green sling old style

    I'm pretty sure I have one around here. I'll see if I can locate it.
  3. NFA Rules on LE Trades

    Get a love letter from another LE agency and a few can be transferred to you on a Form 5.
  4. NFA Rules on LE Trades

    As I indicated previously, have the PD contact BATF and request copies of their registration documentation. BATF will be happy to assist them. Don't do a damned thing without that paperwork. Always cover your a$$ when dealing with law enforcement agencies and/or the feds. Document everything.
  5. NFA Rules on LE Trades

    Tell us more about these "unregistered machine guns". Were they confiscations? Were they duty weapons? Were they acquired from another department? Were they acquired from Uncle Sugar? Before you destroy any "unregistered machine guns", make doubly sure they are truly unregistered. Any PD can call BATF and get the status of their weapons. Get that status in writing.
  6. UZI checklist items?

    May I slot full auto bolts in calibers other than what the receiver is specified with? How many additional slotted spare bolts may I possess? May I hire someone else to slot these full auto bolts or must I do that work myself?
  7. UZI checklist items?

    It is my understanding that BATFE considers a slotted Uzi full auto bolt to be a machine gun all by itself.
  8. Recommended dealer request

    Sid; Check your messages.
  9. WTB Registered Ruger 10/22 Receiver

    That's very interesting. I've seen plenty of Norrell kits as my buddy at one time owned six.
  10. WTB Registered Ruger 10/22 Receiver

    I've never heard of a "Pre 86 fully transferable, Ruger 10/22 receiver". Do they even exist?
  11. WTB: Vickers 11mm lock

    Mike and M1919a6; This thread got me digging into my Vickers pieces 'n parts stash. I cannot find my demilled 11mm extractor no matter how I hard I try. I may have given it to Dolf, but I cannot remember. Anyway, what I have found was my US 11mm lock assembly with a Turkish 8mm extractor installed. It looks like I used British VSM lift arms and not the US 11mm lift arms. I use this setup with a US 30.06 feed block and barrel to shoot 30.06 ammo. It works well using Turkish aluminum Maxim belts. Anyway, on this lock the clearance between the edges of the 8mm extractor and the VSM feed arms is nice and tight, but not touching. I then dug back into the rest of my locks and found the US 11mm lift arms installed on a British VSM lock. This was the lock that I swapped lift arms with on the US 11mm lock. Now the clearance between the edges of the 303 extractor and the 11mm lift arms is wide and sloppy. There is one hell of a gap present. This indicates the 11mm extractor is wider than either a 303 extractor or 8mm extractor. One should be able to install an 11mm extractor without original 11mm lift arms on a any Vickers lock by machining 303 lift arms to clear this wider extractor. Below is the US 11mm lock with an 8mm extractor and 303 VSM feed arms. The fit is nice and tight. The lock is upside down. Below is the VSM .303 lock with a 303 extractor and 11mm feed arms. The fit is sloppy as $hit. Again the lock is upside down. Mike; As for a 45/70 Vickers, you need to contact Dave Rosenfield. He had a 45/70 setup that was made by Fred Kasse years ago. Dave sold the setup to Dolf a couple years back because he, Dave, could not find any belts to feed 45/70 ammo. Dolf has a couple custom made cloth belts that were used by 20th Century Fox studios or MGM that work nicely.
  12. WTB: Sig 556 or Swiss 550 Cocking Handle

    Did you call Benjamin Ulbricht at Gatewood Supply?
  13. WTB MG08/15 LOCK, fire control group and Fuse Cover

    Please post some pictures of you 08/15.
  14. WTB: Vickers 11mm lock

    All you need is the extractor. You can use a British .303 lock with it.