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  1. WTB Maxim 08 feed block

    They're around, but expect to spend ~$500 for one.
  2. WTK: The "Merle" Thompson 22lr conversion kit.

    No can here for my WH '28, but I can get between 1200 and 1500 rounds through my kit before it needs cleaning. I runs nice and sloooooow using old time Wally Works bulk Federal stuff. I got it years ago and was fit to my WH '28 by PK. He even fit a Numrich magazine adapter and I run only 30 round metal Squire Bingham banana mags. This is a great kit and very reliable.
  3. WTB: Vickers LH side plate

    What is your target price?
  4. WTB: Sig 551 OEM Sling and manual

    Estes Adams is the go to guy for all things SIG.. He's on GB all the time and has the user id 'fg42man'.
  5. PTP German "green" ammo 9mm

    Please post a price.
  6. test upload...2

    Another test of a picture upload from PhotoBucket follows: It seems to be working!
  7. Sam Pikula's AR-10 book available on Kindle

    I picked up a copy of your AR-10 book around 20 years ago when I stumbled upon a 'Heinz 57' AR-10 built on a Hahn re-welded AI receiver. Your book is a wealth of information. Thank you.
  8. Sam Pikula's AR-10 book available on Kindle

    I just did an Amazon search for 'sam pikula' and I see the Kindle edition is being offered for $19.95.
  9. Hensoldt SG542 Question

    It's a regular Hensoldt scope that was OEM sold by SIG in Europe as an option with their SG 542 rifle. It may be worth a couple bucks more than a standard Hensoldt model to a die hard SIG collector. Yes, it is .308 cammed. Do a search for completed auctions on GB and eB to find the current market value. FN marked Hensoldt's are also encountered now and then.
  10. Based on it's s/n, 687, the tripod appears to be an original Colt not an Argentine built one. It's hard to tell from the above pictures, but there appears to be a Tiffany Arms small crown stamp on the RSP directly above the rear cross pin. Tiffany Arms was Craig Jordan's company name. Is Charlie Erb's name and s/n engraved on the lower edge of the RSP?
  11. Original Argentine left side plate? Whose right side plate? Who did the build?
  12. Pictures? Model? Serial Number? The devil is in the details.
  13. HK 33/93 stocks do not have the recoil spring assemblies attached to the back plates. They are similar in construction to those on an MP5. The short recoil springed stock assembly above looks to be made for an HK 51.
  14. I know this is an old thread, but something unusual just happened. I received an unsolicited email from an "Amanda Mefford" looking to sell some Post Samples. I have no earthly idea who this sender is so I ran the name through Google. That search landed me here. This is very confusing and I'm trying to make some sense of it. The only thing I can think of was that I emailed a GB seller last week asking about a Postie MP5-SD he had for sale. Maybe "Amanda" is somehow skimming email communications from GB. The email's return address is
  15. WTB: HK33SG1 Stock or stock body

    What is your target price for a complete stock?