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  1. Post you WTB over on 1919A4 dot com. That's where the Browning belt fed guys hang out.
  2. Sig AMT optic mount rarity?

    They come up very, very, rarely on GB. Maybe one ever three or four years. Estes Adams made them and as you know he has passed away. Here is mine along with my AMT: Here is a SIG factory AMT scope mount with a Dr Wöhler Kassel 4x7° scope. This setup is rare and extremely costly:
  3. Richard "Dick" Wray named his class II manufacturing business "VSM" in honor and recognition of Vickers Sons & Maxim.
  4. Germany's WWI 08 Maxim Machinegun

    Forgive my ignorance, but who is Craig Carroll?
  5. MG08 or M-1910 no longer needed

    Post your target price.
  6. Original Thompson Box SOLD

    I was finally able to find my AM180 box. Here it is:
  7. Original Thompson Box SOLD

    That looks like an American 180 box. I have one here, somewhere. I'll dig it out and compare it to your box.
  8. Grantville? Adjacent to Penn National Raceway and Hollywood Casino?
  9. In answer your PM; "No, I do not know where one is." Without knowing a target price, it's not worth my time to search for one.
  10. WTB Colt Factory SP1 Carbine Stock

    I believe the first SP1 carbines were released in 1977.
  11. WTB: 22lr trainer bolt for 1919A4

    Ask over at 1919a4 dot com.
  12. HOLY CRAP !!!!!!

    Where are the belt feds?
  13. Post this WTB over on 1919A4 dot com.
  14. Funny you should ask. This was how a belt fed, water cooled, full auto, 1928 Colt machine gun was sent to me. This piece of cardboard was taped to a wooden chest that contained the weapon. I'll kept this piece of cardboard for posterity. How could I not.