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  1. WTB Knights M203 GL Leaf Sight

    Still looking for new KAC M203 Leaf sight. Thanks
  2. Found Knights Armament Ambi Safety sets

    Thank you Rooster that’s where I went! GTG
  3. WTB Knights Ambi safety sets for Colt M4 6920 SOCOM lowers. Please PM with offers. Ready to buy payment however you need it. Thanks
  4. WTB Knights Armament M203 grenade launcher leaf sight. I am looking for a new unit but a excellent used would work I would have to see pics. Please contact me through PM do not post any personal info openly in this thread I will discuss your offer and make payment arrangements through private messages. PM sent up will work just fine to alert me that you have something. Payment will be however you need it. Thanks
  5. Found colt M203 GL 37MM Non NFA

    Thank you for contacting me. The above member is good to go he went out of his way to provide me with what I was looking for from start to finish. Thanks Ike!
  6. Looking to buy one of the Colt M203 G launchers that were 37 MM smooth bore runs non NFA from a couple years ago. Please PM with any offers privately. Please do not respond with any personal info openly in this WTB thread I will contact you directly as soon as I am available and discuss offer. Ready to buy payment however you need it. Thanks
  7. Looking to buy a Colt M4 US property marked rifle. Prefer a NOS condition but will entertain used offers. Payment ready however you need it. PM all offers. Thanks
  8. WTB HK G36C Factory Barrel

    Looking for a factory HK G36C barrel numbered and with proof. Not looking for SL8 cutdown barrel or a US version. Please PM with any offers. Payment however you need it. Thanks
  9. SPF Russian Milled 1960 AK47 Type 3

    Going to do a one time price drop for this rifle. 5000$ Shipped to your FFL. Thanks
  10. WTS Milled AK 47 1960 M Russian all parts matching rifle semi auto. Re welded by Bloss Ind. BR7.62 A Polish milled AK47 middle section was used. Correct selector markings Safe and FA. The rear sight leaf has a matching hen scratched number as most of these rifles did. Original barrel in good shape and passes bullet test. It has all the stamps from the armory including the Y. Rifle was built from a demilitarized parts set. The receiver was matched to the kits original patina as close as possible. This will include 3 Russian side stamp mags, a cleaning kit, oil bottle, matching year stamped sling and mag pouch. Re welds take years to have completed. There are only a few that do this service because it’s time consuming for them and very expensive. This is a good chance to get a completed rifle quickly. The rifle can be blued back to factory look if that’s what you prefer. 5575$ Shipped Please PM for more pics and payment options. Shipped from my FFL to your FFL First I’ll take it followed by a PM rules. Rifle is cross posted so the time stamp will apply. Thanks
  11. WTB A good new or used HK G36 1.5x single optic carry handle.with optic complete. Please PM with any offers. Payment in whatever form it needs to be in. Thanks
  12. WTB Knights G36K Forearm and Iron sight set

    Found iron sights set still looking for Knights rail for G36K or C.
  13. WTB Knights G36K Forearm and Iron sight set

    Thanks but looking only for Knights accessories flip up sight set and K length HG/Rail.