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  1. APEX Fiream Parts

    Charlie, APEX is still in business and Richard the owner is a really good guy to work with. Not sure why they are not getting back to you but wonder if recent weather issues have caused some issues?
  2. WTK - Indentify Two Mags

    I also agree, Grease Gun Mags. not sure why the one has two holes drilled, never seen that before.
  3. If you wait a few more months, your next NFA item will be the semi-auto AR15 sitting in your safe!! God save us all.
  4. Form4 transfer times

    My check was cashed on Nov 18th and also called today and they still have not placed onto their system. I called about 3 weeks ago and was told to call in January, now they said call in Feb and it might actually be on the system by then. My most recent Form 4 was approved less than 5 months. Don't think I will be getting my MP44 for a while! Must have been a rush on suppressors and SBR & SBS I guess. Biden is a good gun salesman.
  5. NFA Phone (304) 616-4500 - says "not a working number"????

    (304) 616-4500 just worked for me. Try it again tomorrow.
  6. Carrier as a MG?

    Okay, thanks for explaining that Thumpy. I agree with your explanation as I own a registered trip lever and use it on a host M1 carbine which does not require modification to the receiver expect for the drop in parts to make it select fire.
  7. Carrier as a MG?

    I am curious why ATF allowed M2 carbines to have registered only parts such as hammer, trigger housing, trip lever, selector switch, etc, but on M16's, no parts could be registered, just the receiver.
  8. Wow, thanks for the excellent info.
  9. Is the 175k figure from ATF a dynamic number that is updated yearly based on reports of destroyed weapons, or is that the static number based on everything that was registered at the time of the Hughes Act?
  10. I need to find an m16 gunsmith

    I recommend you contact John Andrewski. The guy is amazing! I sent him my M16A1 GM Hydra-Matic re-weld that was so poorly put together a standard upper would not fit. The fonts were also poorly done and the welds were horrific. Cut to the chase; came out beautiful and looks like it came directly from the factory. Yes you would need to X-ray to verify it is a re-weld. If he can do that to my rifle, assume he would have no issues fixing yours.
  11. Exploring more subguns, which to go for?

    MP44; it is unique, cool and if you don't plan to shoot it much should not need a bunch of parts and mags which are VERY expensive. Could be a great investment for you.
  12. WTB - C&R MP40 Bnz code

    Believe David Spiwak has one listed for sale on his website.
  13. Another option if you want a sub gun is to save a bit longer and purchase a MP40 tube gun. Great shooter, very smooth but parts and mags are expensive as a downside. I am currently waiting (transfer) on a British C&R Sten, and have never fired one, but parts are easy to come by and mags are super cheap. A real Sten has some collector value, plus parts and ammo are cheap. If you want a rifle, then save for a M16, which I can't add any more to the discussion then what folks have already pointed out to you. Most folks don't stop at one but this is an expensive hobby.