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  1. WTB - C&R MP40 Bnz code

    Believe David Spiwak has one listed for sale on his website.
  2. Another option if you want a sub gun is to save a bit longer and purchase a MP40 tube gun. Great shooter, very smooth but parts and mags are expensive as a downside. I am currently waiting (transfer) on a British C&R Sten, and have never fired one, but parts are easy to come by and mags are super cheap. A real Sten has some collector value, plus parts and ammo are cheap. If you want a rifle, then save for a M16, which I can't add any more to the discussion then what folks have already pointed out to you. Most folks don't stop at one but this is an expensive hobby.
  3. Hello, would like to purchase a M3A1 Grease Gun Oiler Cap with stem (non brass). I currently have the bottle and nut but willing to purchase a complete oiler (non brass) which would include the bottle, nut and oiler cap. Thank you.