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  1. WTT C&R MP40 100% Matching (AZ Only)

    Are you willing to sell it outright ?
  2. WTB Valmet Magazine

    Looking for 223 valmet magazine or conversion magazines.
  3. WTB. FA Mini Uzi Bolt

    Are you interested in a closed bolt setup ?
  4. WTB Transferable AK 47

    Still looking, Any AK !
  5. Urban Armory

    Has anyone every purchased from urban armory ? What has your experience been ?
  6. Owning M2HB

    Have been involved in the NFA world for over 4 years now. Own several MG's and have always wanted an M2. Besides its weight and ammo costs, what else should I consider ? Are they worth the hassle ?
  7. WTB PTR 32 or 32k

    Looking for 7.62x39 sear host. can be ptr or another custom build. juan
  8. WTB Transferable AK 47

    Looking for a transferable AK, preferably fixed stock.
  9. Mini Uzi Slow Fire Bolt

    Looking for slow fire bolt from Barrel Xchange. Thanks, Juan
  10. Need someone to weld AK reciever Tel. 786-478-6565 FFL 07/02 that specializes in AK's. His work is incredible. Ask for Carlos.
  11. Advice On AK/ Krinks Please!

    I am in a similar boat as you. I know several AK smiths who can handle these projects but In Range Inc. I think does the best work. . The conversions won't be cheap but 5.45 is more forgiving to shoot recoil wise. Also try to avoid an underfolder if possible, that requires a decent amount of work to make either a folder or fixed stock.
  12. AK 47 Underfolder Conversion

    I am interested in a transferable ak 47. I would prefer a fixed stock variant but if the price is right, i'd consider an underfolder. Is an underfolder to fixed stock conversion ill-advisable ? Would it hurt the value of my gun? I know i can buy an adapter to turn the underfolder to an AR style buffer tube but prefer the AK wood stock look.
  13. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    I am interested in getting a beltfed host to run with a sear. I want an "'E'" gun so i can swap between 5.56 and 7.62. Michaels Machine's reviews seem to be split. Some people rave about the guns while others have said the guns come with problems and don't run properly. Carlos at beltfed precison products also makes the rifles but I have found limited reviews on his build. What are peoples experiences with these companies? TSC will only build it on a proper parts kit and hk91, way more than i want to spend on a clone/host gun.
  14. WTS:2-1919A4 & MG40

    Message Sent.