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  1. WTB: Long .308 mags for Valmet Hunter M88

    You may be correct, but unfortunately, I've never owned a 30-06 Valmet Hunter. The magazine is 1" wide and 3.55" long. Definitely longer than a Valmet .243 or M76/M78 .308 mag. Longer than a .308 Galil mag, too. Thanks.
  2. Seeking 5-round or 9-round magazines as pictured (for late-style Valmet Hunter M88). These are not the same as the short-pattern .308 magazines that are similar to HK or Galil. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hi, I need to find an early broomhandle C-96 bolt (the kind with a long style extractor). Machined replica or original. If you know of any leads for this part, please let me know. Thank you!