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  1. WTB Reising M60 Bolt

    I have a reising parts kit I’d be willing to sell if your interested.
  2. R.L are you a FFL ? Or what just curious how’d they got your number?
  3. Wtb mosin barrel

    hey fellas I’m looking for a Tula mosin barrel for a project of mine. Barrel has to fit a Hex receiver don’t know if that matters Or not. Its going to be cut to 16 inch so the muzzle end doesn't matter to much but it needs to have a good bore. Let me know what ya got!
  4. What where you doing today in 1986?

    Indeed kristopher hopefully in are life time we can restore those freedoms so our children Can enjoy them!
  5. Just wondering how many of you where pumping mgs out down to the very last minute... I know if I was alive then I would of tryed to register everything I could get my hands on... sad the amount of freedom I wasn’t alive for...
  6. Wtb m10/9 mags

    Looking for double stack m10 mags in 9mm looking for originals lmk what you have thanks!
  7. You know I was thinking about this quite a bit I almost think you could file a law suit against the atf for negligence. I’m not a lawyer but I think that a pretty good argument could be made showing negligence on there end costed you money witch they are liable for. If it wasn’t for the atf allowing the approval you wouldn’t of been defrauded out of your money..... idk just food for thought.
  8. I’d say for your first gun the m10 sten or reising are all great choices. They are all sub 10k an can be found pretty easy. Reising parts are a little hard to find but if you look you’ll find them last month I bought 3 parts kits so they are definitely out there. The reising is a very fun subgun in my opinion semi auto it feels just like a gun you’d take to chase down squirrels an rabbits as a kid flip it to full auto an you get a big ole grin every time. Sten I own one have not shot it because the atf likes to take there sweet time processing forms... my m10 I enjoy a lot the thing shoots at 12-1300 rnds a min. Also with the m10s/m11s there’s a ton of uppers on the market currently an a ton of really cool ones coming out soon I spoke with a man who’s making triggers for them with the semi fullauto and a burst setting burst will be 2,3,4, or 5 rnds depending witch one you want. He’s also making new uppers that take ar and ak mags it will be a game changer. If I was you I’d buy the m10s/m11 first shoot it for a little while as you save more money then when you go to sell it you’ll have what you paid for it plus a little extra and the cash you have saved up to go towards your next. The m10 w a lage upper are what most guys are running at subgun matches even many of the guys running them run them over uzis so that says something. An just know buying machineguns is like a drug... you buy one an before you get your approval you’ll already have your eye on the next!!!!
  9. University gun and pawn in fl has I believe what your looking for. I have not done business with them but there a top seller on GB. Think there asking for little bit more then what your wanting to pay but give them a call they may be able to work a deal 813.977.6010 is the shop phone number
  10. This is why I do most of my business on Sturm...

    Yup mike is top notch an amazing guy. I don’t even have words to explain how much he’s helped me since I got on this forum Truthfully an amazing guy I probably sent him enough pms and emails to drive him crazy he always gives me a ton of info a storys and advice on what ever I asked him about. I hope to run in to him in person some day just to thank him and shake his hand for all the help he’s givin me.
  11. WTS -Factory Ruger AC-556F - Price Reduced

    Is the ac556 parts kit for sale by it self?
  12. refunds for transfers not approved

    Last year when my friend found out Efile form 1s where only taking 20-40 days sometimes even less he form 1’ed a bunch of cans and he had some get kicked back for random reasons and they mail him checks back automatically for the ones that went approved. I hope I don’t run in to any problem like you did. on one gun I bought I called the atf right after I sent the form to make sure they got it (7 months ago) and they said they didn’t have the serial number in the system I haven’t called back since dealer said just wait it out.
  13. I had a friend in FL recently get I think 5 or 6 approvals ranging from last may to the most recent March we just had all approved same day. still waiting on 3 stamps currently at 5-7 months as of now haven’t called to check on them but figured since they were not approved fast it will be 8-10 months or beyond I’ve also talked to 2 dealers in my state about this new form of transfer your talking about and they have no idea what I’m talking about witch sucks... I’d like faster approvals I know people my age who are getting married and having kids born starting complete family’s faster then I can get my tax stamps back on some guns lol.
  14. Federal Gun Control Measures

    This bill makes me so angry I’m just going to hold my tongue an not say what I think should happen to those who wrote it. Tyrannical bullshit