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  1. While this is great the senate passed gun control so really we got shafted. Red flag laws here we come.
  2. WTB a transferable sten, hard budget 8,200

    My advice to you brother is be willing to strech your budget a little... i know its hard when your younger but playing the waiting game in nfa world doesnt pay off from what ive seen... i started buying when i turned 21 im 26 now an have not seen a gun i passed on sell for the same price or less only more an im kicking my self on everysingle one i passed on..... when i first started m10s where 6000-6500 i grabbed mine at 6800 thinking ill grab another a few years later... now they are in the 8-10k range... my c&r sten i got for 8700 bucks... now they are 11,000+... i can go threw every mg in my collection an do this... just buy one for what you can get your foot in the door... youll be happy. good luck
  3. ive emailed them 2 times about 2 diffrent guns never heard back either time... just my experince with them.
  4. Wts 12,000 rnds of 7.62x39

    Lower price bump. $4,200
  5. I would not rate this gun as excellent condition personally… you’ve show some pretty major flaws… but I can say 100% sure the welds for the part that holds your trigger assembly is completely normal an crude I’ve never seen one not look like that.
  6. I do have one I’ve never used it. It’s not necessarily for sale. The last 2 I’ve seen sell, sold on GB for around $2000 like 8-10 months back.. pm sent.
  7. What are you trying to pay for one?
  8. Will take black one an if he backs out I’ll take both.
  9. Please help question about CF W A Bolt

    Honestly man have you shot a m10 with a lage upper? They slow it down a ton! I have both those uppers an can pull singles doubles triples with ease. The lage upper makes the gun 100 times different.
  10. Johnson 1941

    I was offered one that was in a little rougher condition then this one last year for 2300. So I’d say 2500-2800 probably would be a good range for this gun. In my opinion.
  11. Wts 12,000 rnds of 7.62x39

    Lower price bump asking $4,300
  12. May 18th 1986

    What where you doing today 36 years ago? Where you adding the last newly manufactured transferable mgs to the registry before the 19th cutoff?
  13. Wts 12,000 rnds of 7.62x39

    I have 12,000 rnds of Tula 7.62x39 I’d like to sell for $4,500 obo. Local pick up preferred.
  14. Wtb SUOMI 72 round 9mm Drum Mags

    Found please close!
  15. Like the title says folks let me know what you have! Thanks!