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  1. If I had a rocket launcher.......

    Man you are so lucky!!! I unforcantly live in Missouri and DD is the only thing I can’t have I’d love to have one of these! If you don’t mind how much did you pay for one ? In Missouri I can own anything I want just not DDs which suck I want a 20mm lahti gun a 75mm m20 recoilless rifle and a rpg honesty looking at getting my ffl just so I can own them. Man that rpg is badass I want one hahaha congrats man!!!!
  2. Would you buy a rewelded receiver

    Haha mike some times it seems like that lol I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately I remember the prices I saw on them in middle school and high school and the prices they are now and Ik deep down I need to hurry up and buy them because if I don’t in 5-10 years I’ll be kicking my self saying you could of saved thousands buying them early lol. And thank you Mike for your time and knowledge you sir are a box treasure it seems like with all the info/experience you are able to give me every time I ask something I’m truly grateful for all the help/advice you’ve given me in the last few months....
  3. Same my friend in till I’m lifeless and my bolt is locked back on a empty mag.... my firearms are my property I rightfully own. No man whom walks this earth will take them away from me...
  4. Would you buy a rewelded receiver

    It’s a Thompson and it’s the nose part of the receiver
  5. As one of the younger people on here I can promise you I’ll never turn in one of my firearms voluntarily or while I’m breathing.... the fact a government thinks they can just ban and take away a tool for self defense witch is a natural right and theft of a person property is beyond tyrannical. I wish schools would stop brain washing kids... Ik they tryed to push the whole antigun thing on us even tryed to kick me out of school for whereing a tshirt w are local gun shops name one it and they would of intill I said that is was bs you can’t kick me out they sponser are school trap shooting team it’s sad the amount of young people who are okay handing in there rights
  6. Hey fellas I was wondering would you/have you bought any mgs that had there receivers rewelded ? I’m looking at one currently and my heart says no big deal it’s steel it can be fixed and then my brain says just save your money and buy one that didn’t/doesn’t need repairs... I’m new to mgs so my knowledge on this kinda stuff isn’t where it should be. Thanks for all the advice and help in advanced
  7. Hey fellas I was wondering if any of you knew much about this company and there m2 carbines? Are they good quality? What’s a fair price for one? Have you had/seen/herd of any problems with them? Thank you all again in advanced for the help!
  8. What do I need to know about mk760

    Let me know how you like it my friend I’ve been eye balling one for a while and since I’ve already bought a reising and a m10a1 I’m thinking it would be wise to grab one while they are still good deals to be found for them
  9. Reparation packages...

    Ik R.L this is getting completely retarded... my family is of Irish descent and little known fact there where just as many Irish brought over here as slaves as there where blacks... believe the number was around 250,000 and the only difference is when the Irish became free men what did they do? The Irish knew no one was going to help them so they looked out for one another they built there own community’s they became business owners, cops, judges and so on they became self reliant unlike the black community witch has done nothing besides look for a hand out this entire time and play this victim card. Not saying all people of color are this way. Another thing is blacks allways wana pretend that other blacks had no hand in the slave trade witch is completely bs there’s documents of black slave owners trew out the us that owned hundreds of slaves honestly if all these colored people hate America so much why don’t they just go back to Africa ? I can promise you those people in Africa won’t want them there either honestly this reparation payments is total bullshit you don’t see us Irish demanding for a hand out because over 150 years ago something happened total bs Ik I kind of ranted but this really does piss me off. If they get reparation payments so should the Irish and I don’t think we deserve or need them... and shoot don’t they all get welfare can’t we just count that as payment ? Because I count that as there payment bunch of lazy bums.
  10. What do I need to know about mk760

    Thanks mike and haenelistklasse I took your all’s advice and bought the reising monday. Thank you both for the guidance
  11. Reising m50

    Hey fellas I was wondering if any of you guys knew how to date these guns I’ve looked around the Internet for probably idk 45 min or so today trying to figure out when this gun was made the serial number is in the 2300 range haven’t really found out what that means or how to gage it’s age? Thank you all in advanced for your time knowledge.
  12. MG's as an investment

    Lol mike as far as I’m concerned those lazy dems can starve to death and wollow in there own filth in the ghettos. Bunch of lazy good for nothing complaining cry babies honestly makes the rest of us look bad. At 15 my father walked out of my life leaving me to look after my mother and my handicapped sister I didn’t sit there for a hand out or think for one min some ones guna come pull the slack up and take care of us... what did I do? I went an busted my butt intill I could afforded a house bought it my mother and sister live there now. I made sure we never had to be on section 8 foodstamps or any of that bs gov programs unlike most people these days just a bunch of entitled punks expecting ever thing for free... I hate my generation bunch of pussys. mike man if you don’t mind me asking what did you do for a living? Because from the sounds of it lol I’m in the wrong business... your house payment was 5700 a month!!! What ever you where doing must of been paying good my friend. As far as banks go I hate them as well they allways seem to ask me to many questions for my likening I feel like it’s nun of there dam business what I’m spending my money on personally.. an as far as the irs I dislike them equally as much I currently pay about 28% in tax’s on what I let those thief’s get there grubby little hands on....witch for me personally I think that is way to dam much for nothing I get in return.... not saying I don’t think I need to pay taxes... I’m just sayin they don’t need 28% of my money... as far as 20mm cans that’s a great idea lol they hold out water pretty good? And when this thing does implodes I hope for the best but just Incase I got ammo and Kevlar vests lol will most deff have a lot of land after it hahahaha
  13. What do I need to know about mk760

    Hahaha 10-4 man haha allready have the Mac checked off my list guna probably grab the reising. Thank you for taking the time to save me from a mistake lol man from the sounds of it the mk760 is a pile of dog sh!t honestly from your all’s experiences
  14. What do I need to know about mk760

    thanks mike for your advice I’m going to be looking at his reising instead I bought a rpb mac10 afew weeks ago figure want to buy another one so in a year I can play with two diffrent mgs vs buying one and then waiting a whole another year befor I get my 3rd one I hate the wait times man honestly thank you again for your time and story about your experiences w them probably saved me some time and a lot of headaches.
  15. MG's as an investment

    As far as I’m concerned that 200 doller tax stamp I paid for is all the money the tax man should see from me for buying a firearm that should be protected by the constitution and I should not even have to ask permission or pay a tax to own in the first place.... that’s how I feel about it..