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  1. Reising m50 plug

    Hey fellas with my reising the plug keeps on wanting to back out when shooting every 3-4 rnds we have to tighten it. Would a new recoil spring keep this from happening ? Or is there another issue?
  2. Thompson Vs AK for next buy thoughts on each?

    Yup I second that decently go with a 1928
  3. Next Machine gun, buyers advice please!

    Wow man haha this post reminds me of my self only a few months back haha congrats on your purchase! I also started out w the ac556 I personally love mine! And I also am waiting on a stamp for an Uzi! Nice to see some one else who’s around my age this motivated into the nfa world! Have you looked in to the reising m50? Those can be had for pretty “cheap” still now adays! I love mine! Only bad part so far is the mags they are out there little pricy 90-150 bucks each but it’s a super fun gun! i also have the m10 in 9mm an well like Mike said mags are the biggest and issues I’ve seen with them but FTF industry’s has them for 65 bucks I think made on original machines as the original mags... but once there batch is sold they will be hard to come by again. i would highly recommend the m50 I passed on it at first but Id day its one of my favorite guns I’ve ever shot so far
  4. Yea I saw that. I also won a c&r sten in one of franks auctions a few weeks back for a very good price... Idk I guess we should just keep watching and reporting on it because I see the auctions mike is talking about and did some research am came up w a 15% or so increase just like he did.... but then at the same time I have seen a few person to person sales go for less and a few auctions like the ones on frank witch went for much less then they normally do?
  5. Any one have a original m10 surpressor?

    yup that’s the one
  6. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    Idk why it won’t let me type some times. Alex for that price I’d save a little bit more money for a RR from what all the older guys told me it seemed like they all said to stay away from the bolts. Idk why but I normally try to listen to them. As far as price if you decide you are going with a bolt I think you could save your self a little bit Ik there’s at least one bolt for under 10k listed right now on this form before you buy any thing make sure it runs if you can... ask for a video or to test fire it/inspect it before you commit to buying it if possible. Btw also one of the younger guys on here I’m only 23 it’s nice to see some one else around my age looking to join the mg world. Let us know what you end up going with!
  7. I remember when I was in high school I used to get 5.45 by the create shipped to my house for under 250 that was 2160 rnds I miss those days so much.... wish I could find some sort of cheap surplus ammo again.
  8. Man mike ! 1000 37mm for 1.5 each!? That’s cheaper then what I make my own for!!!! An I’ll have to look some of these ammo auctions you speak of I can allways use oddball stuff as well
  9. I understand mike you are fine. Lol I don’t take offense to anything the entire thread was going off topic any how. I spoke on something I do not have enuff knowledge about and it needed to be corrected. i looked at some archives of sales/auctions and came up with a very similar % increase as you did witch proved my statement was wrong as you said. an speaking of 2020 if it must go that way w that warthog haha don’t worrie Mike I think that would be best case scenario to go out be pretty instant way to leave this earth might even be mildly more peaceful compared to what some of us may see hahahahaha hahaha I mean we’ve all ready had swallwell talk about drone strikes and nuking us hahahahaha
  10. I was wondering if one of y’all could give me the measurements of a original m10 surpressor looking at filing a form 1 to build one my self. Thanks in advance fellas
  11. some usefull FFL info for EVERYONE!

    So mike if I got my C&R license an wanted to go over to say Kansas witch is a neboring state to shoot at a friends place I could w a c&r with just as long as the mg was a c&r eligible gun cross the state line with out filing any other forms? Or no?
  12. Mike you are correct there are many guns selling at record hights currently an you are right what I said is nothing but my opinion witch should most definitely be takin w a grain of salt on the account I’ve only been in the mg world for about a year and a half - 2 years. I made my opinion based on the entry level mgs witch is currently in my price range and a handful of Bridgeport thompsons that have been on the market witch seems the only entry level mg I’ve seen increase is the m11 the m10 has from what I’ve seen has stayed stagnant or decreased by 500-1000 dollers m2 carbine the Plainfield one I asked y’all about months ago... is still for sale at about 500 less then what it was originally listed for mk760 from what I’ve seen has dipped a little bit as well sorry to disappoint ya mike but I think we both have made different conclusions on the market possible because we are on different levels ? I’m on the buy cheap entry level mgs while you are on the collector higher end mgs? Or maybe I think the markets down because I know now what guns are going for instead of when I was brand new and uneducated assuming every one got closer to asking price? Witch this may very well be what has happened witch would make me think there’s been a decrease when I’ve just learned what the going rate of certain guns really are? As far as the stock market brettbaker I Hope you are right. I pray I’m wrong
  13. Yea I’ve been seeing that across the board with transferables it seems I think what we currently are seeing all the older folks w the money to buy are in the selling part of there lives and you all have inflated the price on mgs out of reach for most of people in there early 20s,30s I think we are about to see not only the transferable mg market take a hit but I think we are also going to see the stock market drop because there’s now enuff young folks with cash to make up for the amount of boomers pulling money out of the market. I may be completely wrong but this is just my theory.