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  1. Reising Model 50 Drum

    From what I’ve read he took a 12rnd reising mag and welded it on to a Thompson drum. I also would love to get a few... our reising wants a larger mag!!! Haha
  2. Mpl mags will not work in the m10 with out modifications. At least the mpl mags I bought won’t work with out modifications.
  3. Not saying it was justified because it most definitely was not but they where trying to piss him off then threatened the guy with physical violence an the guy decided to raised there threat of a fist fight to a gun fight. Words have consequences. They chose what happened to themselves on that day.
  4. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    They can try.... Idk about you but I’ll die before a single gun of mine is taken from me.
  5. Got my 4 pice flash hider today was wonderful doing business with you. Buy with confidence fellas.
  6. I’ve bought 5 guns from them. 4 transferables 1 AOW Super good experiences with them and stress free. I’ve mainly worked with mike when buying guns from them. Super nice bunch of people they have working there. I enjoy every purchase they where very honest about conditions very fast response quick to jump on the phone an answer questions. In my experiences they are good to go I recommend them to my friends looking at getting mgs.
  7. R.L. Looks like you where right about the antifags being at that protest. I was wrong good call sir.
  8. I haven’t been able to find that pic R.L. Will keep looking. But that guy in the horns is a guy from That group Q or what ever he’s been to a lot of protests from what I’ve seen.
  9. I highly doubt that to be true.. the entire thing was way to peacefully for those types. Truthfully seemed pretty chill besides the cops wasting some unarmed girl I think it was a pretty productive protest all and all.
  10. Cops shot a unarmed women.... i have a picture of the women an there’s a video of the shooting but you can’t see it. I have friends there an no one is armed.
  11. WTB: Sten MKII front sight

    There’s one on gb right now. Not my auction just saw it.
  12. Left Wing Gun Owners - Friends or Foes?

    They are not our friends. They preach of tolerance but do not tolerate our beliefs.... only good thing about leftist owning guns is when this country finally hits the breaking point we will be able to use there arms an ammo as extras hahaha.
  13. WTB, MP-38, erb or wilson, SMG

    I think frank has a Wilson mp38 for sale. Might want to check with him
  14. Carrier as a MG?

    I believe it was because the m2 parts are all “bolt on” parts requiring no modifications to the reciver to work? Same way a sear for a mp5 or a dias for a m16 work no modifications to hosts. Or even with reg bolts for uzis you can use them for the most part with no modifications to the reciver of the firearm. I could be wrong that’s just how it was explained to me when I asked.