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  1. What to know about mp40s

    I’m most definitely a shooter lol thank you for the reply and advice sir
  2. What to know about mp40s

    Thank you for the response sir I love history but I buy my mgs to get shot if it’s in my collection it’s a shooter anything else is worthless to me. Lol and the statement “most guys end up w 2 mp40s” worries me hahaha and nope as I’ve said before none of my mgs are investments I buy them because I like to shoot.. I’d be happy if they repealed the nfa and all my mgs took a loss personally because then I could have tons more lol ill just pm
  3. Thompson advice for new owner please!!

    I don’t own a Thompson but I’ve herd of some one modifying drums some how to work in such a thompson but I’ve not seen it in person... hope some one else chimes in but no matter what I would NOT tinker w the receiver.
  4. In my opinion that tyrannical pos of a governor y’all got needs to meet the tree of liberty... think that tree is looking mighty thirsty... with a good pice of rope... for a treason swing.... and he should be peaceful removed from office... because I wouldn’t ever hope for harm against any of pos traitors to the constitution...
  5. Hey fellas I’ve been kinda looking at mp40s and have a few questions... what should I be looking for in them are certain factories make them better? certain markings make them more valuable? Or more sought after? What problems have you had with them? Reasons to stay away from them reasons to buy something else. Pretty much just educate me on them if you could thank you all in advanced for your advice and time.
  6. WTS: Ruger AC556 Folding Stock

    Pm sent
  7. Hey fellas I would like to acquire a original 1968 amnesty poster from what I was told they where hung up in post offices before the amnesty and was wondering if any of y’all have one you’d let go of.
  8. Merry Christmas fellas I hope every one has a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.
  9. Congratulations to you R.L. And your family.
  10. Thank you fellas for giving me an idea on what to offer and your advice.
  11. The nra does nothing but sell are rights away join GOA gun owners of America they are trying to get sbrs off the registry and actively fight for are 2nd amendment rights unlike the nra.
  12. 76 counties are 2a sanctuary’s that’s 80% of the state....the 20th there going to be a march on to I believe the capital of va Ik every one of my friends are going rifles and kit on to talk to there reps so it may be interesting to say the least
  13. So recently one of my grandfathers friend passed away he has about a 30-40 gun collection all the guns are in great condition he hardly ever shot stuff it’s mostly nice old colt handguns old expensive rolling block style rifles and what not. Not stuff that I can just take and sling at the gun show. If they were just the normal cheap stuff and hammy down stuff I’d allready know what to offer for the collection.... and this collection can’t be passed down like I recommend because well there entire family is old school Italians all his kids and other relatives are felons unfortunately and can not possess any firearms... so I’m having trouble figuring out what to offer on a collection like this would 60% of the value be an acceptable offer? I don’t want to cheat any one but Ik it will take time to sell the collection and trade it off. it also will tie up a good amount of my money and well I’m not moving a collection for free. So pretty much how much do you guys offer when buying out some ones collection ??? I’m used to buying people out with like 10-20 guns mostly made up of model 94 lever guns pump shot guns over and unders couple ars handful of glocks... but not a collection Of colt pythons and so on kind of thing. Thanks for all your advice and knowledge in advance
  14. Now that Virginia is Dark Blue...

    As of last night 77 counties, and city’s are 2a sanctuary’s tonight there’s more meetings if you are in va there’s a protest as well today