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  1. What If?

    bring scared of takin a loss hasn't ever made a man money... buy it if they make them illegal so what they can’t even prove more then like 10%-20% of the guns are even on the registry’s so they have no idea where most these guns are any ways. Sounds like you’d just hand in your guns ... witch makes me think maybe owning firearms isn’t for you... on the account that the 2nd amendment isn’t about hunting and target shooting... maybe you should buy a few old cars(intill they ban those too) maybe some land (intill they take it from you for less than market value to build a highway) maybe some gold or silver(intill they make it illegal to have that so they can buy it up and sell it back to boost the economy like they did once before) Or just leave the money in a savings account ( intill they take every ones money and spread it around to make the world even) every thing has risk associated with it. don't be a slave because of fear live your life.
  2. Congrats on the new place ole boy I was wondering why you haven't posted anything about illegals or the political climate in the last couple days hahaha
  3. Approved at Last!

    Congrats kristopher I hope my form 4s come in sooner then that I was told they are avg 7 months but from what your saying it's almost 12 months... let me know how you like that mk760 I think I'll pick one up some day I just need to continue getting educated on them.
  4. You are right R.L. completely it would be asinine for me not to vote... it’s just so frustrating they want to just take away one of are rights arguably the most important right... i just remember as a kid learning about this stuff in school learning how important politics, voting, and the constitution are and how proud we should be because we are Americans but now it seems like most people just would rather trow away the constitution and be slaves.
  5. Honestly renegade I never thought about it like this... truthfully your right it’s all about vote for the lesser evil...
  6. I will not compromise that’s what you older folks did that brought us to this point.... no compromise they can remove sbrs from the nfa and reopen the mg registry because the current laws are unconstitutional but I will not ask for compromise... that’s what gun owners have been doing since 1934 us younger folk had enuff of your all’s compromising.
  7. R.L. I personally think I’m going to protest this election by not voting. Because no mater who we vote for it doesn’t matter they are all gun grabbers might as well just sit back and watch this thing collapse

    Mike, mini uzi parts as you know are hard to find but when I was looking at building my own I came across a form that said the micro bolt will work in a mini idk how true that is but it seemed like multiple people agreed with that.... Ik there’s a couple micro uzi parts kits on gunbroker right now.
  9. What was your first major Machine Gun Shoot?

    Never been to one hoping to change that soon. What shoots do you all recommend?
  10. First Machine Gun advice, opinions please.

    So true man so true hahaha
  11. Advice for first time Buyer please!

    Nice to meet you Alex! I just turned 23 in May it’s good to see other young people getting in to mgs! I have 4 a ac556 a m10/9 and a m10 in 45 and a reising m50 and I can tell you you can’t go wrong with them! But I would say the m10 would probably be your best bet to buy since it’s your first mg lots of parts and after market support for them throw a lage upper on it and you’ll have a completely different gun! I love my ac556 tho... but parts are kinda hard to find so it’s one of those things... the m10 in 9 or 45 you can’t go wrong with plus there still pretty cheap! Can find them for around 7k easy! Good luck and welcome to the form man the guys here are all wonderful and have helped me in the last few months with my purchase a lot of knowledge here between all of them!
  12. Hey fellas I was wondering do you really think there is only ~179,000 transferable mgs out there or do you think there’s more? I kinda feel like there’s got to be more out there then that the atf just for some reason have them accounted for properly but yea I figured I’d ask some of your folks wiser on this subject what your beliefs/opinions where.
  13. If I had a rocket launcher.......

    Man you are so lucky!!! I unforcantly live in Missouri and DD is the only thing I can’t have I’d love to have one of these! If you don’t mind how much did you pay for one ? In Missouri I can own anything I want just not DDs which suck I want a 20mm lahti gun a 75mm m20 recoilless rifle and a rpg honesty looking at getting my ffl just so I can own them. Man that rpg is badass I want one hahaha congrats man!!!!
  14. Would you buy a rewelded receiver

    Haha mike some times it seems like that lol I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately I remember the prices I saw on them in middle school and high school and the prices they are now and Ik deep down I need to hurry up and buy them because if I don’t in 5-10 years I’ll be kicking my self saying you could of saved thousands buying them early lol. And thank you Mike for your time and knowledge you sir are a box treasure it seems like with all the info/experience you are able to give me every time I ask something I’m truly grateful for all the help/advice you’ve given me in the last few months....
  15. Same my friend in till I’m lifeless and my bolt is locked back on a empty mag.... my firearms are my property I rightfully own. No man whom walks this earth will take them away from me...