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  1. WTB crates of surplus rifles

    Just saw there’s a few crates of sks’s on gun broker right now.
  2. Thanks mike for your response! Witch trigger do you have? I have both I think the echo trigger works much better then the franklin i only have about 500ish rounds trew the triggers. The echo is starting to smooth out and break in it seems. But Ik exactly what your saying about longevity of the triggers they seem cheaply made in all honesty.
  3. I have talked to fostech personally a couple of times they are not banned page 83 on the bumpstocks ban says it email fostech they can send you the link that to the atf paper that says they are still good Togo.
  4. How do pre may dealer samples work?

    Even if it’s a pre may ?
  5. I was curious what you all thought about the binary and or echo triggers. They are the ones that are safe/semi/binary or echo depending on witch one it is. Semi is semi then the binary/echo is fire on the pull and fire on the release. yea what’s your thoughts on them? An if you own one or both of them how much trigger time do you have with it?
  6. How do pre may dealer samples work?

    Thank you for showing us this but with pre may dealer samples you can keep after you give up your ffl/sot I was wonder that if you owned one got ride of your ffl/sot and then died years later would the guns be able to be transferred to say your kids even if they did not have a ffl/sot
  7. Tec-9

    Are you talking about a semi auto lower mike??
  8. Tec-9

    Ak545 I am wondering the same thing I’d love to own a transferable bolt! But haven’t seen them. I have seen those guns your talkin about for sale but I don’t wana take the risk on a RR tec either
  9. New to forum New to MGs

    Thank you J50shootr for your input! And yes lol Ik it won’t be the only one... I haven’t even gotten my stamp yet and allready looking for my next mg lol.
  10. How do pre may dealer samples work?

    I’m sorry bron loser... in Montana but um I don’t know exactly what you mean by this?
  11. How do pre may dealer samples work?

    Thank you mike!
  12. New to forum New to MGs

    Thanks mike for the response! And yea I read that ruger isn’t servicing them any more. And parts kits seem to be selling 750-900 from what I’ve seen. But your response makes me feel a little better about my purchase was a little scared about the whole cracking the reciver thing lol. Thanks again!
  13. Hey guys I was wondering with pre may dealer mgs can you pass them down when you die like a transferable? Or no? Ik you have to have a ffl/sot to own them I don’t have either of those but I allways wanted to know if they could be passed down
  14. New to forum New to MGs

    Hey fellas I’m new to the forum and also new to mgs. Ima a kiddo compared to most of you all lol im only 22 born and raised just south of kansascity mo. I’m currently at 6 months waiting on my first tax stamp and first mg I bought a AC556k from frank at Midwest tactical out of jasper mo. Was wondering if any of you all who have had experience w the AC556 am could tell me some more about the rifle there’s not a huge amount of info out there about them. Read some stuff about recivers cracking? So when I get it will that be something I have to worried about? Should I get a recoil buffer ? Upgrade springs? Also how are the .22 conversion kits for them? I’ve read about the ciener conversions witch sound kinda hit and miss. Also when it comes to switching out the stock is it verry difficult to fit a normal mini 14 stock to the ac556 Ik it will require some dremaling to the stock but is it really hard enuff I’ll need to pay some one else to do it? Also is there any insurance company you all prefer to use to insure your mgs trew?