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  1. WTB reising parts kit

    Let me know what ya have fellas
  2. Wtb reising drum

    Lmk what you have? Seen some really old posts about them if any of you have one to let go let me know
  3. Wtb ac556 parts kit

    let me know what you have fellas
  4. Hey fellas I’ve been looking in to getting my c&r license so I can travel with the c&r mgs I own with out writing/waiting for the crown to say it’s okay...but stumbled upon a ton of stories of people getting harassed by them for having a c&r few story’s where people where forced into allowing them in to there homes to do an inspection? Idk figured I’d ask y’all if it’s worth the extra bs or not because honestly from the sounds of it if I’m going to go threw with all that I might as well just go get a manufacturers license and start building and buying guns to sell on the side if they are going to harass me and want to search my house I might as well try making little money at it for the headaches you know? so any advice, guidance, opinions, story’s etc would be of great help thank you all in advance
  5. MG Blowout Sale $5000 and Up

    Dm sent
  6. WARNING!!!

    Would you like there personal addresses? I had a friend publish those yesterday lol
  7. M2 carbine 30rd. Magazine

    No problem... also I think I have the addresses for where it may of been manufactured new britian ct 200 Ellis St or Berlin ct 245 New Park Drive again no idea if that is right... not an expert... but from what I’ve seen those are the only 2 addresses that business ever had... think the Berlin one was storage place ? Idk but lol could be way off.
  8. Im in Missouri do you have his address?Also any theft over 500 bucks is a felony here... and since you normally charge 600 for it... that could be a felony...
  9. M2 carbine 30rd. Magazine

    I believe they where made by Jahn Manufacturing in 1966 to about 1967 then he was bought out by okay magazines... I may be wrong but I looked in to buying a m2 and read a ton about them not an expert could be completely wrong but I think these mags where contracted by the dod and meant to go to country’s the us gave m1 and m2 carbines to?
  10. M10 semi auto part hitting receiver?

    It didn’t post pics ?
  11. M10 semi auto part hitting receiver?

    Are those marks on the recover normal for m10s?
  12. Giving a mg to a sot for repair

    thank you fellas for the info I figured he was right but idk I just didn’t want to send it and then say some one came looking for it and the best I could say is well it’s not home right now lol... so just type up a permission letter copy form 4 and it’s good to go. Who’s the most friendly to mgs when it comes to shipping?
  13. Hey fellas I was wondering if this requires paper work? The gunsmith was under the impression it’s not needed... he is also in a neighboring state... for me to give him a gun to repair I need to file a form correct or no? Most things I can fix my self the reising detent that holds the plug is for some reason is making me uncomfortable and figured I’d let some one who is better with tools then I am have a go at it. Also I’d prefer to have it worked on in my state if possible is there any one here in Missouri you all could recommend to me?
  14. KG-9 is it legal

    It’s legal they come up here and there from time to time they are indeed pretty rare I believe there was less then 2,500 of them made in 1981- 1982 from what I’ve always been told don’t know how true that number is. Think about how few are still around out since most these ended up in police evidence rooms it seems like lol I’ve seen them go for around $2-3k over the last 3-4 years gunbroker, midwestguntrader, gunshows when they have everything in good condition. when they don’t have the “assault grip” and case seems more of a $2,000 dollar gun or less. I passed on one 2 years ago wish I wouldn’t of. With the price of tec 9s now adays pushin 650-900 you may be able to get 3k for it maybe a little more to the right guy in the right condition with the right extras. few days ago I saw some one put a kg9 prototype up on gun broker for $4500 I don’t know if it’s still on there or not it is a very low 2 digit number witch is super cool But other then that I haven’t seen one up for sale in about 8months to a year. Before you buy Make sure the receiver isn’t cracked and make sure it hasn’t been glued or melted back together across the seems I’ve seen this done on more then one gun so please don’t fall victim to that because they do not hold up at all once that happens
  15. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    I agree with that completely Kristopher honestly I don’t understand why it takes more then a few weeks for us to get approvals... I mean if the IRS can figure out if they owe me money or if I owe them money in a few weeks why can’t the atf just stamp approved on a pice of paper after running a back ground check..