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  1. WTB ZB26 ZB30 post dealer sample/pre May/parts

    Still looking for that ZB 26 or ZB 30 post sample, transferable or parts kit.
  2. WTB ZB26 ZB30 post dealer sample/pre May/parts

  3. We are looking for a Czech ZB 26 or ZB 30 model machine gun, either a post dealer sample or pre May. Would also be interested in a parts kit/magazines and barrel(s). Cash and demo letter in hand. Also have G36KE, MP5A2, AK104 (7.62x39), several other sub guns and re-welds we might consider trading. If anyone knows of a source for either model, postie or pre-May; or a decent parts kit/mags, please let us know. Thanks, -- Mike Owen Meridian Ordnance LLC Phone 859-520-3436