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  1. WTB: New Colt AR Barrels & BCG's

    I am looking to add a few barreled uppers and need a few New un-fired Colt Barrels with barrel nut & FSB preferably in the blue bag with barrel wick. Not interested in used barrels. Also a few NEW M-16 bolt carrier groups, 89' - 90's older production preferred and or the newer Colt Defense production BCG's. I know a few members here like to collect or stock pile certain items and I just have a need for a few extra. Let me know what you have. DM here or send me an e-mail. Thank you for your consideration. 11.5" FBI HRT 14.5 SOCOM 16" Heavy, not interested in 6920 Govt. Contour 20" H Bar & Govt. Contour
  2. WTB Drop in Auto Sear

    Nick Tilotta @ Western Firearms in Grapevine,Texas is probably the only source
  3. Looking to purchase one in the near future and seeing who all has them for sale
  4. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    You might be able to find a Essential Arms, SGW, registered receiver and build it up but I think those are all spoken for now. Another option might be a registered drop in auto sear. I had one and ran the piss out of it and it never gave me any problems and the trips are repair parts, seen them advertised here somewhere recently. Keep looking and do your research on Google. I noticed there were a few advertised on Gunbroker too. Another way to convince your wife is let's say my Colt A2 is worth $25K. The difference from what I paid for it 22 years ago is $ 19,200.00 That's a better return than investing your $ in a CD at the bank. My father kept telling me to put the money in a CD at the bank and watch it grow. I kept thinking about the measly $ 325.00 a year return and said naw...He passed in 2004. I wish he lived to see the net worth of my machine gun investment.
  5. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    I bought my 1st. Class III firearm/investment from Dennis A Todd in 1998, a new in the box Colt M16 A2 burst rifle for the mear sum of $ 5800.00 transferred to my C III dealer. My 2nd Class III firearm/investment was a mint condition FN FNC Paratrooper with folding stock from Basil St. Clair, C-III dealer & legal editor for Machinegun News aka Small Arms review. The FNC was a major score for me @ $2400.00 as Mr. St, Clair was going thru some difficult times himself & needed $$ so he chose to move some equipment. What has been said about parts for the FNC are scarce is sadly very true but there are a few new or like new guns out there. Prices today on Pre-1986 transferable machine guns has sky rocketed simply because supply & demand has got a lot stronger in recent years. Some recent price sightings for the FNC; $14,000.00 I sent you a message to your DM box for you to read.
  6. I've managed to accumulate 2 new M4HB 14.5" Colt barrels in the last 45 +/- days. The older 06/10 barrel came with a threaded A2 flash hider intact, The cage code barrel was virgin, just threaded. Anybody know where a fella could pick one or two of these up ? or suggestion on a different type ?

  8. Colt m4 carbine 1000 shipped

    After a closer look there's no trap door cover, the forward assist is different & there's no cage code or forge markings on the upper. No speculation here but this could be one of those Colt Expanse Carbines
  9. WTB: Colt Soft Case & Accessories

    the one pictured above are not that common in the market place the one in the link below are the etched variation and fairly common, of course I am guilty of asking too much on certain items too, Colt Bayonet
  10. How does a person go about finding the current owner of a C-III firearm that they previously owned ? I bought 1 of 5 full auto prototypes identical to the one pictured above in 99' from a gentleman from Tomball, Texas who was attending the biggest Gun Show in Texas, Astrohall. In 1999 I paid $ 4000.00 for this beast and less than 30 days later I received the NFA tax stamp paperwork for a Corporation transfer. Contrary to the current information available online about the AWC G2FA, the rifle was developed in the mid to late 80's by Lynn McWilliams and Gale McMillain and designed specifically for the Secret Service after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan that partially paralyzed Jim Brady for life. (5) prototypes were built and a slew of stocks & parts, and shortly thereafter the entire project was abandoned. This full auto Springfield M14 Bullpup remained in my 28 piece collection until Dec. 2002 when I liquidated the whole kit & kabootle to another Texas Corporation. Now I would just like to know where it is at.. By now it's got to be worth 5 or 6 times what I paid for it LOL. Machinegun Shoot in Texas
  11. Colt m4 carbine 1000 shipped

    Buy it while you can, it's worth that in parts alone
  12. WTB: Colt Soft Case & Accessories

    Colt Soft Case believed to be from the 1970's or early 80's. Looking for a few other parts Sporter Cheek piece Colt leather sling Colt LE6940P upper receiver (Piston operated) This is one of my Colt collectibles of 40 years, Never out of box. I'd like to find another one. I know they are difficult to find like this, Someone has one! Last is a Colt Eickhorn 62316 M7 Made in W. Germany. This variation is Stamped not the newer etched version. Contact: hensley.t.d(AT) Remove the (AT)