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  1. F/S FS 2000 nib PS90 gen 1

    Semi auto 2k on gen 1 ps 90 and 3k on early version FS 2000.
  2. F/S FS 2000 nib PS90 gen 1

    Looking for offers on both. Have a very early version FS 2000 nib and gen 1 PS90 test fired only. All original in boxes. Been in storage and have several posties and want to sell. Very nice and hard to find. If interested email me
  3. Posties

    Was talked into my 07/02 again by local agencies. Letters no problem. Need a few posties in good shape. Not looking to play but serious. Mp5’s or entry guns of whatever type but must be able to supply large numbers of whatever I demo. Somewhere near 400 of them. Just gotta figure out what they want through demo process like it exists for. No hurry as I have a year to get this done.