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  1. WTS: Transferable Machine Guns

    Sent a text a few weeks ago but haven’t heard back...
  2. Transferable M60

    June bump
  3. WTB M11/9 with Lage Uppers

    PM sent. I have five Macs available individually or as a package including OEM and custom Lage 9mm/5.56 set-ups.
  4. Transferable M60

    Starting the search for a clean one between 45-55k, depending. Have cash and or five transferables available. Please PM with details. Leads welcome, too. Thanks.
  5. WTB: Transferable PS and/or SWD MAC

    I have several available. PM sent.
  6. Looking for a clean, possibly refinished, registered receiver. Stripped would be ideal. Prefer a forged PAWS, Sendra, SGW, PAWS (serial starts with Z) but open to others with correct sear holes and pins. Please no rewelds. Form 4 okay... I don’t mind the wait for the right one. Looking to spend between $16-18.5 or more depending on condition. Would be interested in a deal for two of them, if available. Cash and high-dollar trades ready to go. Please PM. Thanks.
  7. FAL stock M11/9 adapter

    Looking for one, please email/PM. Thanks!