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  1. WTK: Ammo for C&R Sten MKII

    Get a magazine gauge and adjust your mags as required: It's easier with a mandrel than without one but it can still be done if you work carefully
  2. WTB a transferable sten, hard budget 8,200

    snooze = lose
  3. How long a form 4 e forms taking?

    Just had a paper F4 to dealer approved; took about 2 months.
  4. How long a form 4 e forms taking?

    ATF is "allocating resources" to meet increased demand. Does that mean that paper F4s are going to take a hit? Probably, but no one knows for sure, at least not yet. FWIW I recently had a paper F4 approved in 51 weeks to the day. Obviously YMMV
  5. Thompson manufacturer question

    He cut the rib off the back of a stick mag, welded it onto the back of the drum and added a feed lip to the top. No changes to the gun required.
  6. Thompson manufacturer question

    I had Dan Block modify a Taiwanese L drum to work in my M1. Best of both worlds
  7. Thompson manufacturer question

    FWIW Personally I prefer the M1 (not M1A1) TSMGs to the '28s and they tend to be a bit less expensive although still more than a WH '28. Worth considering.
  8. WTB a transferable sten, hard budget 8,200

    Not necessarily good advice. ATF tends to take a dim view of anyone who acquires an SOT for the sole purpose of adding pre-samples to his private collection. Their expectation is that you are licensed as a business and that you are going to do business. That does not necessarily mean strictly Class 3 business; you can deal in Totle 1 arms, ammo, accessories, militaria etc, with Class 3 stuff as a part of that business.
  9. WTB a transferable sten, hard budget 8,200

    If you can stretch your budget a little you can get a Burgess SW76 for $8900 It uses inexpensive, reliable and readily available 36 round Suomi/Swedish K mags
  10. Find a dealer where you are moving to and see if he will hold it for you till you have a legal address in Indiana
  11. How long a form 4 e forms taking?

    EForm 4 submitted 21 Feb Fingerprints received by ATF 24 Feb 106 days and still pending
  12. I have translated the manual for a Yugoslavian M49/57 SMG. I am not a professional translator or even a gifted amateur and admittedly I have no knowledge of Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian. However I went through the manual paragraph by paragraph with robo-translators for all three languages and I’m confident of the translation. It is not a word for word translation; these languages all use sentence structures and verb forms that are very different from those used in English. I have added clarifications where I thought they were required and revised the syntax. Google’s lack of a firearms-related vocabulary caused me to make some assumptions but I was always able to derive meaning from context. I have taken advantage of the 8.5” x 11” format size to move some split paragraphs onto the same page and repaginated accordingly. The end result has 29 pages of content plus covers, the JNA authorization letter etc. bound in a clear plastic report cover I am offering copies of the manual for $20 each delivered, mostly to cover the cost of paper, toner and bindings as well as Flat Rate postage. I can also deliver them by hand for $10 each at the TCA Show and Shoot and at the Ohio State Subgun Match Table of contents and 2 sample pages are shown below PM me if you have questions or want a copy
  13. Approved e-form 4 in 77 days

    I sent in a paper F4 in May 21 and an E4 in Feb 22. I'm betting that I see the E form approval first.
  14. ATF emails FFLs about FRTs being machine guns.

    So the unfinished, unserialized AR lowers I see at gun shows, the ones that only need a couple of holes drilled and just happen to be available with a drill jig, don't really exist? I must have been hallucinating FWIW the sellers invariably call them "80% receivers"
  15. ATF emails FFLs about FRTs being machine guns.

    I didn't bring up bump stocks, you did. I merely pointed out that ATF originally ruled that they did not functionally transform a rifle into a machine gun and were therefore legal. The ruling that at least temporarily outlawed them came from Trump. That ill-advised act on his part set a dangerous precedent for the Executive overruling Congress in many areas, not just gun control. The President is not supposed to make law by executive fiat, he is supposed to implement the will of Congress not overrule it. I do not like the bump-stock ban any more than you do even though I have less than zero use for them. As for 80% receivers, I have no problem with them as long as whoever completes them engraves them with his manufacturer’s information and serializes them. Lacking that they are simply high-end zip guns and they have been shown to figure disproportionately in criminal activity. Let me turn the question around, if you are making a firearm solely for your use and have no intention whatsoever of selling it why do you have a problem with engraving your information on it? No one else is ever likely to notice it or much care if they do. On the other hand if you are manufacturing it with the intent of selling it, can you not see that there is a compelling public interest in identifying the manufacturer so that its history can be traced if lost, stolen or used in a crime? It does not in any way infringe on your rights to own or even to manufacture a gun, it simply requires that you identify yourself as the manufacturer.