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  1. WTS: SKS Para

  2. WTS: SKS Para

    bump for new purchase option
  3. WTS: M60 Links - reduced price

  4. WTS: SKS Para

    Norinco SKS Paratrooper carbine built at Chinese Arsenal 26. Has a 16” screwed barrel w/spike bayonet, milled trigger housing, 10 round fixed magazine, all matching S/N 11XXXXXX. It is the last of several that I bought new in the summer of ‘94 just prior to the Clintonista “assault rifle” ban. It is Import marked and in very good condition. Rifle includes: Murray’s Gunsmithing spring return firing pin w/ (2) spare springs Sight adjustment tool, original firing pin and buttstock kit 11 strippers and a Yugo ammo pouch which holds 8 loaded strippers. $450 FTF cash deal in NE Ohio For non-local deal rifle will ship to your FFL. Buyer pays actual shipping. Also available and will sell separately: Unused RCBS die set w/ shell holder and both .308 and .311 neck expanders $40 Pictures on request. I’m really looking for cash but I'd consider a trade for a Marlin 1894 in .44 mag Mike two-3-4-five-4-2-7-7-7-four
  5. WTB: M60 stripped bolt - BOUGHT

    Sorry I need to de-activate this ad. I just bought a couple from Desert Ord
  6. WTS: M60 Links - reduced price

  7. WTB: M60 bipod

    Used, original version. If the legs are trashed that's OK as long as everything else is there. I have a pair of legs so what I really need are the pivot yoke and all the small parts in the pivot/detent system for the legs
  8. WTB: M60 stripped bolt - BOUGHT

    Looking for an M60 stripped bolt, either NOS or very lightly used. Don't need one with a chipped left lug, I've already got one of those.
  9. WTS: M60 Links - reduced price

    M60 links, used, condition varies accordingly, mil range pickups. Selling by weight. $35 per 10# (approx. 1025 links, I'm not going to count them ) plus actual shipping $75 for 25# (approx 2560 links) plus actual shipping
  10. Reising stuff

    12-round magazine, H&R marked, parkerized. $80 MAG SOLD Magazine guide well ass'y for 12 round mags, complete, unmarked, parkerized, $50/offer SOLD Both for $125 Plus $7.20 USPS flat rate PM me your e-mail for pictures
  11. WTS: Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout

    pix sent
  12. WTS: Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout

    Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout 20 ga. original factory-built 13.5” pistol-grip shorty. On Form 4 in Ohio as an AOW ($5 transfer.) This is an early one built in 1982 and it has seen very little use since 1989 when I acquired it. The police mostly bought 12 ga. versions so 20 ga. guns are considerably rarer. They are also much less abusive to shoot. Also Included: · Spare forend modified from a current production piece to save wear and tear on the original wood and safety strap. · Galco "Miami Vice" shoulder rig (no longer catalogued) which holds the gun and 8 rounds of 20 ga. ammo. PM me your email for pictures $800/offers will do 50/50