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  1. WTS: M60 Links - reduced price

  2. WTS: Burgess SW76 (S&W clone)

  3. I’m selling an AR that I built in 2016 but almost never shoot: YHM (Yankee Hill Machine) receiver and parts kit YHM forend with full length rail on top and short rails at 3,6 and 9 o’clock, additional rail segments available from YHM YHM rifle length buffer and tube IMI SRS1 “Survival” fixed buttstock which holds a backup 10 round mag DEZ 16” 1:9 pencil 5.56 barrel w/ YHM breacher/flash hider Low profile .625” gas block Ambi safety VTAC low profile front QD mount Folding backup sights: YHM front, ARMS rear BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 grip Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6X scope in Vortex cantilever mount $1400/offer Will sell without scope and mount for $1150 FTF cash deal in NE Ohio CCW required Otherwise buyer pays shipping to his FFL
  4. WTS: Burgess SW76 (S&W clone)

  5. WTS: M60 Links - reduced price

    Bump 13+lbs (1300+ pcs.) in a flat rate box $55 shipped anywhere legal in CONUS
  6. WTS: Burgess SW76 (S&W clone)

    WTS: Burgess SW76 SMG Improved S&W76 clone built on a Stemple tube (see pages 210-214 of Frank Iannamico’s S&W Model 76 SMG book) · Takes unmodified Suomi M31 mags, no trimming required · Reduces extractor wear and improves reliability by re-locating extractor to 2 o’clock · Buffer added to recoil spring guide reduces impact on rear of receiver, eliminates damage to spring and guide · Includes both “light” and “heavy” recoil springs to accommodate different ammo power levels Comes with (16) Suomi mags “SA” marked, (1) spare trigger and trigger bar with welded, hardened tip, CD with instructions etc. More pictures on request PM me your email address On Form 4 in Ohio, all NFA rules apply $8800/offers
  7. WTS: SKS Para

  8. WTS: SKS Para

    bump for new purchase option
  9. WTS: M60 Links - reduced price

  10. WTS: SKS Para

    Norinco SKS Paratrooper carbine built at Chinese Arsenal 26. Has a 16” screwed barrel w/spike bayonet, milled trigger housing, 10 round fixed magazine, all matching S/N 11XXXXXX. It is the last of several that I bought new in the summer of ‘94 just prior to the Clintonista “assault rifle” ban. It is Import marked and in very good condition. Rifle includes: Murray’s Gunsmithing spring return firing pin w/ (2) spare springs Sight adjustment tool, original firing pin and buttstock kit 11 strippers and a Yugo ammo pouch which holds 8 loaded strippers. $450 FTF cash deal in NE Ohio For non-local deal rifle will ship to your FFL. Buyer pays actual shipping. Also available and will sell separately: Unused RCBS die set w/ shell holder and both .308 and .311 neck expanders $40 Pictures on request. I’m really looking for cash but I'd consider a trade for a Marlin 1894 in .44 mag Mike two-3-4-five-4-2-7-7-7-four
  11. WTB: M60 stripped bolt - BOUGHT

    Sorry I need to de-activate this ad. I just bought a couple from Desert Ord
  12. WTS: M60 Links - reduced price

  13. WTB: M60 bipod

    Used, original version. If the legs are trashed that's OK as long as everything else is there. I have a pair of legs so what I really need are the pivot yoke and all the small parts in the pivot/detent system for the legs
  14. WTB: M60 stripped bolt - BOUGHT

    Looking for an M60 stripped bolt, either NOS or very lightly used. Don't need one with a chipped left lug, I've already got one of those.