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  1. WTS Unfired FN Scar 17S 13-in. Barrel Assembly $975.00 shipped.
  2. WTS, 2 unfired FN Scar 17S FDE, price $3200.00 shipped each. WTS unfired FN FS2000 BLK price $2000.00 shipped, WTS unfired SIG 551A1 price $1800.00 shipped, WTS unfired IWI Galil ACE GAR1651 7.62x51 Rifle $1500.00 shipped, WTS unfired IWI Tavor X95 XB16 5.56 Black $1300.00 Shipped, WTS unfired IWI TAVOR SAR 16 5.56 Black, $1300.00 Shipped, WTS unfired IWI TAVOR SAR 9mm conversion kit $550.00 shipped, WTS unfired B&T APC9 $1900.00 shipped, WTS unfired Springfield SOCOM 16 Black with SAGE INTERNATIONAL EBR Black stock $1700.00 shipped. FS2000 Sold. 1 SCAR 17S SOLD, 1 STILL AVAILABLE