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  1. You're "Peter" who emailed me that you would take this right? I sent you a reply accepting your purchase! I need you to email me your particulars so I can calculate the shipping. Thanks, you'll love it, it's Super Minty man!
  2. Complete ZB26 parts kit for sale, Mint Condition - $2500.00 Includes 8mm barrel as well as all other parts.
  3. Email = c_monster001@yahoo.com or call: 5089-566-4757 Thanks! Jeff
  4. All that I've listed below for the ZB26 as a package deal for $7000.00 plus shipping! That's about $1000.00 in savings! Give me a shout if you have any questions! Email: c_monster@yahoo.com
  5. For Sale: ZB26 Magazine Carrying Chest hold 12 or 13 ZB26 mags - no mags included, just the Mag Carrying Chest! $250.00 plus shipping.
  6. For Sale: 4 ZB26 Bolts Mint Condition $500 + Shipping. And Barrel Latch included!
  7. For Sale: ZB26 .308 caliber barrel - it is sleeved in .308 from a chinese 7.62x39 barrel. Needs a carry handle. $1000.00 + Shipping. Includes ZB Barrel Carrying Bag too.
  8. ZB26 - 12 magazines (twenty rounders 8mm) in the magazine carrying box (metal) $1500.00 + shipping.
  9. 8mm 1919A4 Barrel, Brand New, in the "White." $300.00 shipped. 8mm 1919A4 Barrel made by Ohio Ordnance, a converted MG34 barrel - Good Condition $250 Shipped.
  10. Vickers .30 caliber Barrel, stamped MGM, Nice Condition. $500.00 Shipped. Thanks, Jeff
  11. Have a 1919A4 Excellent Condition Mint Bore, 7.65 Argentinian Caliber Barrel. Numbered 1 of 150. $250.00 Shipped. Thanks, Jeff
  12. Vickers 303 Pricing advice..

    Sorry thought it was a full auto gun...my mistake!
  13. Vickers 303 Pricing advice..

    Market on it now in my opinion is $15,000.00 to $18,000.00, might have to wait a month or two to market it and sell it, but if the condition is as good as you say it is, photos should reflect that and hence the price spread. Good Luck and I hope your wife gets better soon!
  14. People Are Not Buying Guns

    Give it to this fall, it will pick up with all that is in the news and "red flag" Legislation coming, etc. Same with ammo sales too.
  15. Don Bell has passed away.

    Met Don Bell at the SAR show last December, What a great guy and what a loss for the machinegun community!
  16. 1919A 8mm conversion kit?

    Anyone know where I can get an 8mm conversion kit for a browining 1919A4? Thanks, Jeff
  17. Valmet 78 (AK47) 7.62x39mm Excellent

    Is this Item Transferable? If so, who was the "manufacturer" who did the conversion to full auto?
  18. Yes, Excellent Service! Smooth transaction, Very Honest and easy to deal with A+++++++
  19. Valmet 78 (AK47) 7.62x39mm Excellent

    Who did the conversion on the Valmet 78?
  20. Fixed stock for Sterling pistol

    PS ARMS used to sell them. http://www.geocities.ws/psarms/ Good Luck man! Jeff
  21. Diemaco/Canada Colt LSW -Light Support Weapon Upper for M16 Lowers. $3400.00 plus $20.00 shipping. My Email: c_monster001@yahoo.com Thanks, Jeff P.S. - It does not come with the heavy buffer nor green spring, it uses the same heavy buffer and green spring as on the colt lmg. A few of them can be found on gunbroker and utilized to slow down the rate of fire to 600-800 rpm. I advise getting both the buffer and the spring! This is an very controllable upper in full auto and a tack driver too! Very Accurate even with the just the open sights! Put an Elcan on the flattop and it is extremely accurate! More INFO follows: Very Heavy Barreled upper, A2 sights, Detachable Carry Handle/Flattop upper receiver, Bipod, A2 Flashider, For Full Auto Fires from the Closed Bolt as with the Danish and Dutch Contract C7A2's/3's. aka LSW's. Meant for sustained fire and select fire lowers as it fires from the Closed Bolt. This is a different upper from the Colt LMG, but a follow on model, designed to use an Elcan scope on the Flattop. Article in Small Arms Review here: http://www.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=466 Note: SAR article discusses the LSW in the second to last paragraph. This is not an open bolt MG Upper! It is a closed bolt upper for select fire on M16 Lowers. From Wikipedia here: Diemaco LSW See also: Colt Automatic Rifle Danish LSW M/04 with optical sight Colt and Diemaco also paired up to develop a squad automatic weapon variant of the series. The Diemaco Light Support Weapon (LSW) features a heavy barrel suitable for sustained fire. The LSW can only fire automatically. The LSW has a boxy square handguard with a carrying handle and a vertical foregrip that can be used as a monopod. The LSW was made with no bayonet lug until recently[when?] because of the original bipod. A new bipod attaches to the same barrel yoke as the carrying handle and front grip, so current LSWs are made with a bayonet lug. Unlike many M16 variants, it fires from an open bolt, allowing the removal of the forward assist. The LSW is used by the Royal Danish Army and the Netherlands Marine Corps (LOAW / LOAWNLD) fires from a closed bolt and also has a semi-automatic firing mode. The Diemaco LSW was originally a license produced variant of the Colt 750, but both Colt and Diemaco have upgraded their respective weapons to include features like a detachable carry handle and other features separately. Keep Scrolling more info below: More info from Diemaco/Canada Colt: It looks just like upper above with the bipod mounted near the end of the barrel. Comes with detachable handle as in top pic. Link from Canada Colt Here: https://www.coltcanada.com/light-support-weapon.html Live shooting Video Danish Military Quals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zohdnTZ9ytw