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  1. Cz factory threaded barrels

    I’m glad it got there
  2. (4) CZ 75, (3) CZ compact 75, (1) CZ sp-01 all 9mm 1/2x28. Plastic packages are a little rough due to traveling to and from gun shows in totes, but all brand new in package just older stock. 100$ shipped/each
  3. New in box can cannons, ordered a bunch and need to move them. 100/piece shipped if you buy a few.
  4. New in box transferables

  5. Hk 33

  6. Hk 33

    Hk 33 double push pin registered receiver. All original wood, very good condition. 25k or best offer. I can email/text pictures. Form 4 unfortunately.
  7. New in box transferables

    I have a few NIB unfired safe queens on form 4’s. Mac 11, Mac 10’s and a Consecutive set of mini uzi’s. 1. 2 mini uzi’s sold as a set 36k 2. Texas 9mm Mac 7000$ 3. Georgia Mac 11 9mm 8000$ 4. Georgia Mac 10 9mm 8000$ 5. Georgia Mac 10 45 acp 8000$ 6. (2) Texas Mac 9mm 7000$ (Not consecutive sold individually) All in original boxes unfired. They’ve been sitting in a safe for decades. Let me know if you have any questions, reasonable offers or would like to see pics. Thanks
  8. One flare kit 600$ new in box with brochure and I’ll throw in a mag full of flares as well. This is for hk efl new in box, and 5 flares (I believe they’re red). Book is dated 1979 and in very very good condition
  9. I found a few stainless looking factory .380 Mac 11 mags. They look factory but I can’t find any info any where. We’re these available at one time?
  10. NEW hk mp5 .40/10mm mags dated 1994!! Shows “restricted” on mags for mag ban. 75$/piece
  11. Side folder stock for mp5k hk brand not aftermarket. 200$
  12. 2 claw mounts for hk’s and one with rings. 150$/piece for mounts (no rails) and 200$ for the 30mm ring mount. All German
  13. All brand new, 20$ for those who run betamags. Let’s you see round count.
  14. Hk MR5.56 poly mags

    Shoot me an email I’ll send some pics over. Sturm won’t let me. They’re 30 round MR556 mags. 10 would work for me