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  1. Several 'No Law Letter' post sample AKs

    Full size AK74 is SPF.
  2. Red Jacket AK Suppressor

  3. Red Jacket AK Suppressor

    Up for grabs is a Red Jacket (yes, that red jacket) AK .30 cal suppressor. Has 24mm threads fro use on various aks with 24mm threads. Has been predominantly used on a 5.45 krink. Item is on a form 3 ready for immediate transfer. Price is $425 plus shipping. Price is firm. Please pm if interested.
  4. Up for grabs are a couple 'No demo letter' posties. All are professionally built on quality receivers with proper selector notches and markings using quality tooling and rivets. No junk here! More pictures or videos of the guns being fired upon request. Prices do not include shipping. First up is an original barrel, all matching numbers Bulgarian aks74u in 5.45x39 on a recreator blanks receiver. These krink kits are quite scarce and can fetch upwards of this price themselves. Has gorgeous blonde wood and is overall very good condition. Price is $2700. One Bulgarian military mag is included at asking price. More mags available for purchase. Next up is a Romanian MD90 in 7.62x39. This is a 1992 dated, original barrel, and 100% matching numbers. Built on a childers receiver. Has a bfpu finish but very good condition bore. One combloc steel mag is included at asking price. Price on this is $1700. (SPF)Next up is a full size Bulgarian AK74 built on a recreator blanks receiver. Rifle has the original barrel with 100% matching numbers. Has russian made plum polymer furniture installed. These kits are in high demand right now. Everything is in very good condition. Price on this is $1750. One military Bulgarian mag is included at asking price. More mags available for purchase.(SPF) Last up is an original barrel Hungarian AMD-65 in 7.62x39 built on a completed 80% childers receiver. Rifle has 100% matching numbers and has a slight bfpu finish. Bore and internals are in very good condition. One combloc steel mag is included is at asking price. Price on this is $1500 (Pictures will be available soon)
  5. Dead Air Wolfman Package

    Take the whole package for $650 plus shipping.
  6. First I'll take it gets it. Items x posted. Payment to be sent via zelle, cashapp or card plus 4%. Prices are firm at this time. Please only post an I'll take it in this thread. Keep all questions to pm. No need to comment pm sent. First up for grabs is a new m+m virgin pm90 short rifle parts kit. Its complete down to the rivets. So all youd really need is a receiver. Cleaning rod didnt make it into the pics but it is included. I started to rob the piston from the bolt carrier so the rivet is drilled out, but decided to not use this kit for now. Included is an ak builder piston rivet. Just peen it over and grind flush and youd never know the difference. Barrel pins and what not are in the baggie. Price on the kit is $400 plus shipping/insurance. Should fit in a medium flat rate box.
  7. Dead Air Wolfman Package

    To the top!
  8. Dead Air Wolfman Package

    Great can at a great price!
  9. Dead Air Wolfman Package

  10. Dead Air Wolfman Package

    Free shipping for the weekend
  11. Dead Air Wolfman Package

    First I'll take it gets it. Price is firm. Payment to be made by Zelle(preferred), cashapp, venmo, or credit card plus 4%. Item is on form 3 and is ready to ship to your dealer. Price is $650 plus shipping for whole package or $575 for just the can and 1/2x28 adapter. Just the two extra adapters are over $200 msrp by themselves. Up for grabs is a demo/used dead air wolfman. Has had about 400 rounds of various 9mm and about 200 round 9x39. It includes the factory fixed 1/2x28 thread adapter, a 5/8x24 fixed thread adapter and one of the older 3 lug adapters. Includes the factory supplied wipe. Overall good condition. No real damage and the lifetime warranty will still apply to the new owner. However there is a blemish in the cerakote by the logo.