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  1. Don't forget, knob creek pickup for $2500 for all 3500 rounds. 71cpr!
  2. Knob creek special. Pick up at knob creek or on the way in-between knoxville, tn and west point ky. 14 cans left, 3500 rnds, for $2500
  3. Top. Slight price drop. Quantities will be updated as they are sold. So quantity listed above is Whats left.
  4. For sale is an early browning m2 rear sight with scope dovetail. This is war time era and has a gorgeous plum hue finish. No screws but in overall good condition for the age. Does still have some cosmoline in the crooks and crevices. This is for the browning m2hb also called the m2 or the MA Deuce. Should work on an m3 as well. Looking for $400 shipped on this item. Payment can be sent via zelle, discreet PayPal plus any fees associated, or can take card plus 5%.
  5. Have a list of 6+ people at this point for the adapter. If I don't get a buyer for the tripod, it will not be split up
  6. Plenty left. Can bring to knob creek if interested.
  7. Complete demilled WW2 german mg42 receiver. maker is bpr factory code. Easy reweld with intact front barrel bushing. Included is matching 8mm top cover and 7.62 modified feed tray that works with the cover. The included trunnion is also WW2 with a mauser factory code. I believe the Austrian army did this post war. also includes what might be a yugo 8mm booster Please see all pictures, please ask for any more you may need. Payemtn to be sent via paypal or usps money orders.. Please note that using PayPal may add a fee to overall cost. Buyer to pay exact shipping and insurance costs. $2200 Located in cookeville tn. Please email Tnsf94NOSPAM@gmail.com Remove the nospam from email.
  8. I'm in sweetwater. I am in Knoxville every day tho.
  9. Sold all my 1919 stuff and this is the last thing I've got. This is in overall good good condition for its age and everything works as it should. The tripod appears to be dated 1946 and the t&e is 1943. Tripod is serialized. I'm unsure of the manufacturer of the 1919 adapter but it seems to be high quality as well. It has the ability to attach a 30 cal ammo can to the side to allow ammo to feed. It also comes with some type of trigger crank, but im not sure how it attaches or works. I tried to search around to see what these tripods are going for and was met with little to no results. I did see just a tripod alone go for 2000 on gunbroker not long ago Price is $1500 and split shipping. This is a heavy and bulky item. I am located in East Tennessee, just south of knoxville. Will meet within reason. If it's still available by then, I can also deliver to knob creek. I will also split the tripod and adapter separately if there is a buyer for both. $1150 on the tripod and $350 on the adapter. More pictures upon request. Payment can be sent via zelle, discreet PayPal plus any fees, credit card plus 5% or usps money orders for this item. If you have any questions, please contact me. Additional photos can be viewed here: http://imgur.com/a/oTkdfQA
  10. 1000 rounds Portuguese 7.62x51

    Up for grabs is 1000 rounds of Portuguese 7.62 nato ammo. This stuff is sealed in 200 round battle packs. Non corrosive berdan primed brass case stuff. Great shooting ammo. Shot a case of the same lot through my 1919 shortly before selling it. Ammo is available for pick-up FTF around knoxville, tn. Price per battle pack is $160 or will take $750 for the lot of 5. Due to shipping costs, the crate is not included unless all 5 packs are picked up local. Buyer to pay exact shipping and insurance costs on this item. Payment to be sent via zelle, discreet PayPal, or card plus 5% or cold hard cash ftf. These are Cross Posted so first ill take it gets it. (The loose ammo was from the other crate of the same lot and is not included)