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  1. At this time, prices are as low as I'm willing to go.
  2. First I'll take it gets it. Items are cross posted. Payment to be made via Zelle, cashapp or venmo or credit card plus 3.5% fees via invoice. Absolutely no PayPal or trades. More pictures upon request. Prices are somewhat firm but I'm willing to work with ya. First up is a colt style lmg heavy barrel ar upper receiver. Flat top receiver with t Mark's. No makers mark anywhere so it's one of the clones. So no need to pay $3k for a legit one. It currently has an unmarked semiauto bolt carrier. Overall it's in good shape. Used but not abusted. Bipod isnt the most sturdy thing in the world but it'll do just fine. So nows your chance to get one for a fraction of the cost of a colt lmg upper. Asking $800 plus shipping/insurance. I can also deliver to knob creek if youd like to save on shipping. Next up is an excellent condition stoeger coach gun barrel assembly and a lower wood handguard and its mounting steel. I'd wager it being unfired. Bought it to cut down instead of my factory barrel but I decided to just cut my factory one down. Asking $150 shipped and insured in the lower 48.
  3. 25 round case of 40mm M781 chalk rounds

    Bump. I'll split shipping/insurance costs 50/50 with buyer
  4. The ATF recently reclassified the complete/loaded/live M781 orange chalk practice rounds as low explosives, and subject to all licensing and storage requirements. Broken down into these two separate components, explosive storage requirements do not apply, and are not required. The blanks are included, just not installed. When the M781 round is assembled at the factory, the loaded .38cal blank is machine-pressed into the M212 cartridge case. To avoid the user from having to do this in the field, the cartridge case primer/blank pocket has been machined a few thousandths of an inch larger to allow for hand insertion of the .38cal blank into the cartridge case. To remove the blank, simply turn the round upside-down and shake it, and it will slide back out. One opened case of 25 40mm chalk rounds and 25 blanks. Local pickup near Knoxville, tn or can ship on buyers dime. $300 for the case.
  5. First I'll take it gets it. Items are x posted. Located in Knoxville tn if want to pick up locally. Got 5 Israeli made galil 50 round mags up for grabs. 3 are paint over park. The right two are parkerized and are in mint condition. The painted mags have some storage wear and the far right mag has some dents on the left side that do not affect function. Followers move up and down freely on all mags. Followers and locking lugs have no wear so I'm 99% sure these are all unissued. The white residue on the second mag was from a sticker and wiped right off after I took the pics. Price is $140 each plus shipping. Or take the remaining 4 for $515 shipped. (SOLD)$115 plus shipping for the far left one with the left one with the cosmetic dents. (SOLD) Payment to be made by zelle, cashapp or venmo. Absolutely no paypal.
  6. B-West Imported Russian Tiger to SVD conversion

    Price drop to 6k plus shipping
  7. This has sold. Up for grabs is an unfired properly converted tiger/svd/dragunov. This rifle is in great condition considering its age. Outside of factory firing, this rifle is unfired as the bolt face shows. It also has the correct patter Russian svd bipod. The proper military flashhider fsb, proper adjustable gas system(the original serialized non adjustable part is included), the correct 1200 meter rear sight leaf as well as a correct svd stock set were installed to give It the correct svd look. It also comes with a 10 round mag as well as a 5 round mag. And i threw on a Russian mustard sling. Rifle is matching numbers including the scope. Price wise I'm looking for $6000 plus shipping and insurance. I'm open to multi firearm trades as well. Things I'm looking for, but not limited to: PS90 Zenith MP5k/z5p Original barrel ak parts kits 1919a4 parts kit Pre86 dealer sample machine guns Transferable machine guns Preban HK guns Sear Ready HK Builds(g3,hk33,etc) Now, this list is just an idea of what I'm looking for. I'm open to all offers. However my price is firm at this time. More pictures upon request but here are a few.
  8. H&K Burst Trigger Pack Compression Rods

    I'm not looking for the tool, I'm looking for the compression rod that is pictured in the main ad.
  9. Looking for 2-3 burst trigger pack compression rods with or without springs. They're out of stock everywhere, so leads are also appreciated!!