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  1. WTB Pre 86 dealer sample MP5

    Still looking
  2. WTS/WTT Pre-86 Dealer Sample IMI UZI "Keeper"

    The rug barrel is threaded 1/2x28 with integral 3 lug. As pictured here: https://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/UZI-N-SMG-9-375-quot-3-LUG-BARREL-THREADED-1-2x28-NITRIDE-FINISH-p6809.htm As for a video, yes we did have one but seems to be corrupt. It'll be a few days before this stay at home order is let up and then we can re shoot it. However it does run great in both full and semi auto.
  3. WTS/WTT Pre-86 Dealer Sample IMI UZI "Keeper"

    To the top. Open to other pre may samples as well.
  4. WTS/WTT Pre-86 Dealer Sample IMI UZI "Keeper"

    Price drops. Still looking to trade towards a pre may mp5
  5. WTS/WTT Pre-86 Dealer Sample IMI UZI "Keeper"

    And if you don't want any of the extras, I'd take $6000 plus shipping for the uzi in 'stock' form.
  6. Up for grabs is a very good condition Factory Machine gun IMI IZI smg imported by Interarms. This package is on a form 3 ready for immediate transfer. This is a pre 86 dealer sample, also referred to as a "keeper" as you can keep this if you decide to drop your ffl. This will require a valid FFL/SOT and does not require a law letter to be purchased. This will come as pictured with one 25 round magazine. It currently has a K grip handguard, Hebrew marked grip frame, and a rare imi made type 7 polymer qd stock. Also has a replacement rear sight that had the 200m portion modified to be a larger peep sight at the same height of the 100m peep hole. The original ARS grip frame, handguns, folding stock and bolt, and rear sight are included. Overall it is in very good to excellent condition. I personally have only fired a handful of magazines thru it. Bore is excellent and has lots of life left in it. Now, I would much rather trade this towards a good condition pre may sample hk mp5 with cash on my end. However, I would also sell it out right for $6500 plus shipping. If you want any more pictures, or videos of it running, don't hesitate to ask. Also have a new smg uzi-n threaded/three lug barrel from rtg that can go with either configuration for an additional $125
  7. WTB Pre 86 dealer sample MP5

  8. WTB Pre 86 dealer sample MP5

    Still looking. Have a pre sample sten mk2 and VG condition pre sample uzi setup that would consider trading towards one. Both on form 3
  9. On my hunt for a type 7 stock, I ended up with an additional two. Now, it seems these are quite rare and sought after. Now, price for these seem to be all over the place. Several people offered me some at $750+ and my other one sold for $475 Price on this stock is $425 shipped and insured. Price is firm. It seems to be missing the spring button thing and both has some minor surface rust and what not. Screws are a little bugged. It still fit and locked on my Factory machine gun with no issues. The only trades I would be interested in would be VG condition 25 and 32 round uzi mags OR a BWE Firearms made three lug uzi smg spec barrel. I am not interested in other trades. Payment: I prefer zelle but am open to other online payments, ie cashapp, venmo, Google pay, etc. My PayPal is limited so I try to not use it. I know my account is fairly new here, but I have a very solid amount of feedback on akfiles under the same username and on gunbroker as TNGunGuy15. If you have any questions or anything, just shoot me a pm. Thanks
  10. Several 'No Law Letter' post sample AKs

    Amd65 sold. $1400 plus shipping on the Romanian
  11. Several 'No Law Letter' post sample AKs

    Amd65 and the md90 still available. Ready for immediate transfer on a form 3 no letter. Let's make a deat!
  12. Up for grabs is a very good condition Pre 86 sample HK53 in .223/5.56 cleaningout some of our spares. We have only put a few hundred rounds thru this since we've owned it. Over all is in very good condition with no major imperfections. However the bottom of the stock is scratched up. Rifle will come as pictured with one 30 round german mag as well as a 40 round contract mag. It will come with a correct length BPP tropical wide handguard. The mp5 length hg is only there for pictures. The extended cocking handle is rubber over molded and is marked usa. Bolt gas is approximately .0135 thou as a .013 fits on the tighter side and a .014 will not fit. Price is $8500 delivered for a quicker sale. We would prefer to trade this towards a Pre 86 dealer sample Keeper HK MP5 or possible even other dealer sample keepers. Item is on a form 3 and is ready for immediate transfer and we efile. These do not require a law letter and can be kept if you drop your ffl/sot. More pictures upon request. Must possess a valid ffl and sot to purchase. This is a factory imported machine gun.
  13. Several 'No Law Letter' post sample AKs

    Couple price drops.
  14. WTB Pre 86 dealer sample MP5

    Still looking for one in original condition.
  15. Several 'No Law Letter' post sample AKs

    Updated to include the $5000 delivered price on all three.