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  1. So you need additional devices. Unfortunately I do not have. I have tripods for Kulspruta m/42 and M/1914 or M/1936. Also AA sight for Kulspruta m/36
  2. I'm sure I have magazines, stocks and hanguard. A lot of small parts. Tomorrow I'll take pictures
  3. What exactly do you need? I have some parts for this model
  4. WTB Boys anti tank rifle accessories

    I have several magazines my e-mail adress. kontakt@stg44.eu
  5. WTB Gas plug for MP44

    I have several for sale. It costs $100
  6. WTB Finnish VKT / Valmet L35 pistol

    I have several original holsters for Finnish L-35 Lahti VKT
  7. WTB: Original German WWII MP40 Magazines

    How many magazines do you need exactly? Are you interested in any particular year or manufacturer?
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