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  1. WTB- Knights suppressor for N-MP5 Navy 1/2 x 32".
  2. H&R M16 rifle value?

    Thank you for the clarification. Any thoughts on shooter grade value - $21K or $22K?
  3. H&R M16 rifle value?

    gftiv, Thank you for the information. I have been able to confirm, the Form 4 paperwork lists H&R as the manufacturer. I also looked at the firearm once again, I would only rate the rifle at 85% condition, so perhaps more of a shooter than a collector firearm.
  4. H&R M16 rifle value?

    These missing mags. are original Colt's Mfg. magazines. I was thinking this knocked off a couple of hundred dollars. Perhaps not such a big deal. By the Form 4 paperwork, this appears to be an original (M16A1) not a reweld.
  5. H&R M16 rifle value?

    My uncle who is in his late 70's has an H&R M16 rifle. It appears to be in 90% plus condition and untouched. Due to health issues he is thinking of selling the rifle. Unfortunately, he has misplaced the original magazines (he thinks that he had six total). Without the magazines it likely impacts the value. Can anyone give me an idea what type of fair value range I'm looking at?
  6. Can you confirm what MP5 is available?  Vollmer conversion with Flemming sear A3?  Sear registered in 9mm/223/308? Two stamp gun?  Marked MP5 or 94?  Plain barrel, Three lug barrel with threads, or just three lug?  SEF lower?

    William in Houston


  7. Is the MP5A3 still available? How is the top marked (MP5 or 94)? Can you send me some photographs?
  8. Are the M192 tripods in titanium or chrome moly tubing? M249 cradle? Condition of available? Thank you
  9. WTB - Uzi Suppressor

    WTB - Uzi Suppressor (full size UZI). AWC MK9, Gem-Tech MK9K, Gem-Tech Mossad II . . . consider others.