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  1. WTS : Machine gun armory MK 46 $5000 This is a closed bolt gun runs off an HK trigger pack. Here is a link to the MGA websight with more info MGA MK 46 This is an very early model (single digit SN) So it is missing some of the modernization of the current model. This is currently a non NFA semi auto gun. We got it about the same time we found a deal on an actual SAW so this one has been unfired in the back of the safe. But the barrel has about 1K rounds on another gun. It has some safe rash from being moved around $5000 Shipped CONUS money order or wire transfer NO TRADES Email for quickest reply First I will take it gets it.. I have it posted in 2 forums will go buy time stamp on post
  2. LWRC 10.5 5.56 Factory SBR on form 3 $900

    PSD upper sold Bump for SBR rifle
  3. WTS : HK SL8 $1600 (price drop)

    Factory 10 round mag found and included Price Drop to $1600
  4. WTS : HK SL8 I forgot it was in the back of the safe years ago.. It appears to be unfired (don't quote me on it) from the looks of the bolt and muzzle as seen in pics. Has some rust on the charging handle and some handling marks. But seems to be in great shape will let the pics do the talking.. factory 10 round and 20Rd Pro mag. $2250 $2000 $1900 $1600 shipped & insured CONUS PP F&F or you cover fees. USPS money order or Cert check No Trades unless you got a MAWL PM for quickest reply
  5. LWRC 10.5 5.56 Factory SBR on form 3 $900

    BTT with price drop on SBR
  6. WTS : HK91 IB Date code $2200

    bump for price drop
  7. LWRC 10.5 5.56 Factory SBR on form 3 $900

    Btt price drop on 6.8 upper
  8. WTS : HK91 IB Date code $2200

    BTT price drop
  9. WTS : HK91 IB Date code $2200

    Price Drop $2400 + $50 shipping Or best offer
  10. WTS: HK Parts kit UMP40 $1000

    UMP 40 Kit $1000 + $25 shipping and insurance
  11. LWRC 10.5 5.56 Factory SBR on form 3 $900

    Price Drop on both
  12. HK 416 uppers 10.4 AH date code $3,500

    1 week price drop to $3000
  13. WTS : HK91 IB Date code HK 91 with IB date code.. Has some blemishes and scratches on the receiver as seen in the pics. I have 5 20 round HK mags and 1 crappy 25rd mag that will come with the rifle. As well as a MFI 14 inch scope mount Price is $2500 $2400 $2300 $2200+$50 shipping and insurance to your FFL PP F&F or you cover fees, USPS money order or Certified Check Email for quickest reply No Trades
  14. WTS: HK Parts kit UMP40 $1000

    Price Drop UMP .40 kit $1100 + $25 shipping and insurance