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  1. New to board, first FA, questions on 22 units

    Mike, seriously, you need to write your memoir!
  2. Making a custom upper for a MG

    Could you please get interested in conversions for Mk. II Stens?
  3. What where you doing today in 1986?

    I was 13 years old, wishing I had been old enough to buy a machine gun. Now that I have one, I really wish I'd been old enough, so I could have more than one. Oh well, silencers and short barrels will have to do. And Mike, it could have been worse. A guy I used to shoot with made some M2 sideplates for Ohio Ordnance Works. They were approved...... May 20, 1986. He got a visit from the ATF because "he was making unapproved machine guns and selling them to civilians". They straightened out the mess, apparently OOW was the target.
  4. Welrod Clone Pistol from Innovative Arms

    Hey guys, last week The Firearm Blog featured the contact info for getting on the mailing list. Hopefully we'll get an e-mail soon!
  5. Welrod Clone Pistol from Innovative Arms

    Mongo, "Bubba" doesn't know what a Welrod is, and isn't going to buy one.
  6. Is a c&r license worth the headaches?

    Hi Thumpy, a lot of the BAFTE stories are usually missing a few details. Like, oh, uh, maybe I sold a few guns to people. Tried to buy FFL items on a C&R. Owned something without the proper paperwork. Just be careful, and you shouldn't have any problems. I'm going to go for a C&R soon myself.
  7. Inexpensive .22 cans

    Agree 100% about Huntertown. Have a Micro Guardian, it's great. Hollywood quiet on a 15/22! And the "Decibel Foam" is great stuff, you can definitely tell when the can is running dry.
  8. Inexpensive .22 cans

    Have you tried Inland? Just got one of their cans, MSRP is $189.99
  9. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    My .22 Suppressor took about 8 1/2 months.
  10. Looks kinda like Gun Week, but I'm not sure.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone! Have a happy New Year with hopefully faster transfer times! Got the stamp for my Inland can. 8 1/2 months.
  12. Not an expert. But didn't Cobray make the MAC 11/9, not any MAC-10s?
  13. Last recession

    Here's the problem, Thumpy. How much will prices go up before the next recession? Will we save any money if the price falls to what it is now for a shooter? I'd love to see $3,000 MACs and Reisings too, as well as $6,000 AR and HK sears, but that probably ain't gonna happen.

    Waffen, you're lucky. Until I started adding my SSN on 4473s, I would have a 15-30 minute delay in approval. Apparently there is a POS with my name.
  15. My Brussels Sprouts recipe: Take 1 part Brussels Sprouts, add at least one.part butter and at least one part salt. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!