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  1. M134 Mini Gun Build - Lots of Photos

  2. Universal & Plainfield M2 Carbines

    So guys, if we get a metal 3D printer at my off-farm job, should I help folks keep their carbines up for "a nominal service fee"? Or would there be too much variation to do it affordably?
  3. fun to know USELESS dribble

    My cows like Sabaton
  4. AR-15 Lower not a receiver?

    Mike, you have to write a book about all the stuff you did.
  5. A couple of factors. 1. Surplus often means not produced anymore. 2. Sanctions- some stuff that is out there can't be imported. 3. Demand, if you want something, you'll pay for it. 4. BS-"They don't make'em like they used to". The proper response to that being-" Thank God."
  6. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    Mk. II Sten is another option. Generally the gums are fine, but get a bunch of mags and test them. Mags are the weak point on the Sten.
  7. With the stock market, there's enough Gen-Xers and millennials now starting to worry about retirement to keep it from going too low, especially overseas. And Thumpy, let me assure you that the country is only done when we lose our ability to screw over foreigners, because that's the last capability we will lose. As for MGs, I gotta start saving to take advantage of the downturn!
  8. LaneC, the "Expanse" line of Colt ARs were made in Texas. Edit: Also, the Colt Competition stuff was made in Texas.
  9. Scammers are Out AGAIN !!

    Something to lure in everyone!
  10. DD's in NC???

    We'll want video when you get her working!
  11. Then again, there are plenty of guys like me who own just one. At my one informal shoot I go to every year, a couple of years ago there were 2 of us owning one MG, 1 had three, and I forgot if the other guy had 3 or 4. There are a couple of other owners of transferrables we know of in my county, which has a population under 110,000.
  12. We need more cannons at our shoots.
  13. Elijah "DUM DUM" Cummings..Dead

    Will the Baltimore Rodent Community provide a pallbearer?
  14. Wow I got approved fast

    Hey, Thumpy. I like my Huntertown Micro Guardian. Unfortunately, Huntertown stopped making cans. The local shops carried them, and many guys liked them. There are some floating around, so I can recommend them, at least the rimfire ones. Probably need to clean every 300 rounds for best performance. I have an Inland I'm waiting for the stamp on. Monday I had the LGS order those Rebel Silencers I talked about. The Alliance 5.56 cans are BOGO until Beto drops out of the race. I'll give everyone a report when I get the Inland and the Rebels.
  15. Dscheid, you mean we're part of one of the smallest minority groups in America?