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  1. Hey RL, this cartridge is way different than 6.8 SPC. Longer, and more powerful.
  2. My first eforms back in 73 days

    Hey guntrustlawyer, just picked up my 1st Silencer Shop can today. Started 4/4/21, approved 4/8/22. My first e-form was filed with ATF last Saturday, so hopefully about mid-June I'll have another can.
  3. Gun shows decline.

    One really big problem is time. The people who have money are often now working OT on weekends. So if they're not working on gun show day, they'll probably want to do something else. Like shooting, or family stuff, or just relax.
  4. Just a heads up Thumpy, in Ohio we got rid of personal/business property/inventory taxes, but got a new business receipts tax to help replace it. Definitely an improvement, but not a case of something for nothing. We probably won't get the NFA repealed. But eliminating the SBR/SBS category, reducing suppressors to a $5 tax stamp or passing HPA ,and reopening the registry might be possible.
  5. Hoping for a 336 Dark, but I might run out of patience and get a Henry X instead.
  6. suppressors

    For a .22 an Inland PM-22 is good. Dry, it's not too quiet, but use the included Decibel Foam and it's"Hollywood quiet". Also, only a little over $400 total cost.
  7. Dewat Madsen LMG caliber options

    Johnsonlmg41, I once shot a semiauto conversion in .308. Guy built a couple for himself and his buddies.
  8. HK MP5 Questions from Potential Buyer 2022

    Cast vs. Tool Steel. What steel are you casting? How much stress is the part under? What, if any, heat treatment is used? Fudd lore around manufacturing technology is probably the last idiocy that will die in gun debates. You can make castings effectively as strong as forgings; you just aren't going to be saving very much,if any,money. As for MP5 maintenance, JD Jones told a group of us at a dealer's private shoot the HK military manual recommended full maintenance including replacing the high wear parts......... every 2,000 rounds. As you may have guessed, this was ignored!
  9. What to know about Colt Thompson’s

    Hey Thumpy, semi-automatic Thompson owner here! On the stick mags, the hole is in a different place. I have a few full-auto mags that I need to get around to converting. Have fun!
  10. Oregon is coming after your guns, surrender - or else!

    Remington 7615.... So they're listing one pump action. Might get some of the fudds to oppose it.
  11. State Department bans import of Russian ammo

    The really sad part is people think some ammo is banned that isn't. And Got Uzi, Winchester makes steel cased 9mm, maybe they'll start making 7.62? Maybe True Velocity a plinking grade load instead of a premium target one?
  12. Fall Creek is on.... But it's the last show ever...

    Someone was putting on a shoot in West Virginia that was advertised in Firearms News. I think they had one, cancelled the second due to Covid. So if that happens again, it'll take the place of Knob Creek?
  13. Hi Johnson, if you bring in illegal immigrants for prostitution, that's human trafficking, and the Feds will hammer you. Otherwise, they prefer to not consider it a big deal. As for the marijuana legalization comparison, you have huge public support for legal pot. Nowhere near as much for suppressors, unfortunately.
  14. Don't you have a local dealer you can sell it to?
  15. Next Subgun

    I have a DLO Mk. II Sten and love it! You're going to love yours too!