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  1. Any sets of PsyOps speakers so a guy can play Wagner properly?;)
  2. KEL TEC CP33 - Full Auto

    "Obviously 07/02" Or a "personal sample". Not that I'm modifying mine, sticking a can on it will be as far as I go.
  3. I've been doing a LOT more air gun shooting lately. Going to have to order a another full-auto from Pyramyd Air!
  4. CZ Group and "The acquisition of Colt" 2nd Qtr 2021 Link

    This is a good thing. Hopefully we'll get an increase in AR production with new ownership.
  5. Jap 99 advice needed

    All the wait times and paperwork are worth it to watch someone else experience the fun of NFA items for the first time.
  6. Ammo for Sten MKII

    Could be a mag issue, too. I have only 1 mag that likes Blazer aluminum 115-grain; the rest will get at least one, and often multiple jams per mag. I've had good luck with steel case ammo and most brass case ammo. At least you have an ammo your gun likes, so guys had to rebuild guns to get them to work I'm told.
  7. Left Wing Gun Owners - Friends or Foes?

    I knew a SOT back in the 90s who considered himself a Communist. He and his wife were some of the nicest pro-2A people you'd ever meet!
  8. My Vickers in 45-70

    There might be some Gatling owners with progressive loaders in .45-70. With US Armament Corp making Gatlings, Nordenfelts, and hopefully Gardeners again, there's a lot of demand for .45 Government!
  9. Biden’s “ assault rifle ..... solution “

    1 thing, Dscheid. What's been stretching out F4 times is silencers.
  10. Getting fingerprinted in the pandemic

    One LGS does their own fingerprinting. $50, but a lot of their prices are less than MSRP.
  11. The Ma Deuce .......

    Sssssshhhh! We don't want them to know!
  12. Are SBR's Still worth it

    If it's a .22, just a brace. Centerfire, probably worth it to get a stamp and a real stock.
  13. ATF harassment

    I bought my Sten in 1994. Got my first can in 2013. The only time I have ever seen an ATF agent was when one was checking paperwork at a LGS, probably 20 years ago. And that was for regular guns, not C3.
  14. Mp44 bring back. Dismal info on legalizing it.

    My understanding was a lot of guys brought back MGs because of ignorance. "It doesn't have a magazine with it, therefore it's OK. The firing pin was removed, it can't be shot, so it's good." Not right, but that's what people believed.
  15. Where can i buy good used optics

    Natchez Shooting Supplies usually has a bunch of refurbished and demo scopes