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  1. KIWI's got hit BAD !

    Mike, my understanding though, is the Kiwis couldn't actually SHOOT their NFA type stuff. If you can't shoot it, might as well just buy airsoft or BB guns.
  2. MG's as an investment

    Yeah, a 3 year wait would be worth it. Had our annual shoot day among friends last month. The smiles people had after firing the NFA stuff are hard to not enjoy!
  3. Next mg

    After the Reising, I'd say Sten or Thompson.
  4. MG's as an investment

    I bought my Sten in '94 for $700 and taxes. It's worth more than that now. Really wish I'd eaten less pizza before turning 21, I would have some sears. Going through the wait for a .22 can now.
  5. Grease Gun & M2 Parts

    Call Sarco and ask them how much they'd pay for one. That might give you a rough idea, check a few other places would be my advice.
  6. Scam calls

    I figure if I get one of those calls, I'll say I work for that agency!
  7. $3,000 for a transferable Colt? That screams scam.
  8. Don't count your Supreme Court justices until they are confirmed, and don't go "progressive" on you.
  9. Hey, shortbarrelpete, the reason why SNAP funding is in the farm bill is because the program used to be food stamps. Originally, the stamp would specify what food you could buy with it. $5 worth of dairy, $1 worth of bread, etc. The program was biased towards commodities that were most in surplus.
  10. Beretta AR70

    Numrich had some a couple of years ago. There was a guy near me making semi-auto receivers for them, too. But after a couple of months, stopped seeing both in Shotgun News.
  11. Value of Furr Arms Gatling Gun

    But we get to play with them before they do!:)
  12. Nfa form 4 changes

    Someone else who is scared of going to a federal penitentiary? If so do not experiment on the cheap. 20 years ago or so, a guy here in Ohio wanted to add suppressors to the items he made. He made some prototypes, without registering them with ATF. There was an inspection, and then a trial. Several dealers had to go TESTIFY about him for the trial. I think he lost his licenses, not sure if he went to prison, or was just fined heavily.
  13. First Machine Gun advice, opinions please.

    I bought a Sten. Cheap and reliable with GOOD mags. Some truly suck, so buy several. Both gun and mags are cheaper than the German stuff. But it's your money, and man, these things are fun!