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  1. Beto is at it again

    Yeah, but I'll probably get a few stripped lowers before the election, just in case.
  2. Rodney, what kind of luck have you had with bushings? I have a Blue Label Colt HBAR I would like to get a different upper for, but have heard different things about their effectiveness, usually negative. Thanks in advance!
  3. PSA: POS Cuomo

    But, HE'S SMART!, gonzo25mm!
  4. Machine tools are our friends.
  5. If this does hit the floor of the Senate, call your senators and ask them to compromise. Say I would support the "Red Flag" law if it included the HPA; removed SBRs from the NFA, treating them as regular handgun; and reopen the Machine Gun registry.
  6. Advice for first time Buyer please!

    I got a Mk.ll Sten when I was 21. Great starter full-auto.
  7. GEMTEC, need to know

    Mike, Walther is now owned by Umarex, an airsoft/airgun company. That said, they're having some pretty cool full-auto BB guns made.
  8. KIWI's got hit BAD !

    Mike, my understanding though, is the Kiwis couldn't actually SHOOT their NFA type stuff. If you can't shoot it, might as well just buy airsoft or BB guns.
  9. MG's as an investment

    Yeah, a 3 year wait would be worth it. Had our annual shoot day among friends last month. The smiles people had after firing the NFA stuff are hard to not enjoy!
  10. Next mg

    After the Reising, I'd say Sten or Thompson.
  11. MG's as an investment

    I bought my Sten in '94 for $700 and taxes. It's worth more than that now. Really wish I'd eaten less pizza before turning 21, I would have some sears. Going through the wait for a .22 can now.
  12. Grease Gun & M2 Parts

    Call Sarco and ask them how much they'd pay for one. That might give you a rough idea, check a few other places would be my advice.
  13. Scam calls

    I figure if I get one of those calls, I'll say I work for that agency!
  14. $3,000 for a transferable Colt? That screams scam.
  15. Don't count your Supreme Court justices until they are confirmed, and don't go "progressive" on you.