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  1. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Since I had already engaged the person, I thought I would go along with them. I told them I wanted three of the firearms. I just received an invoice where they used this for a contact: (727) 286-2507 Alejandra tenorio 505 gerrish st McKinney texas And, they attached "their" FFL... BA Brooks Sports in Houston The FFL looks legit, but Eileen isn't Alejandra who isn't Benjamin Brooks. If anyone knows the FFL, you might want to mention them their FFL cert is being used fraudulently. Just this week, another person responded to a rifle ad I had on Armslist. They said they were in Colorado. They used a typical mail fraud scheme. They sent me a $1532 cashier's check for a $325 rifle...and you know how it goes from there. Then they ask you to wire the difference to a Walmart account which they want you to do before the check bounces. They went by the name Mike Jensen who also happened to be the person's name on the FFL cert, business name 117 Industries in Arvado. The fake check said it was from a couple in WI using Landmark Credit Union. Sent by Jimmie Montgomery from PA. Since it was mail fraud, I reported it to the Postal Inspector and since it involved a firearm and an FFL, I reported it to the ATF. I went a step further and contacted the CU. After sending them a scan of the check, she told me they already had SEVEN checks come in on the account just that day, yesterday. That means at least SEVEN people were gullible enough to cash the check which means they were swindled out of who knows how much money. No matter how often these stories are in the news, and how "fake" their offers are, and if you know what to look for, how fake the check is together with the "I am Mike in Colorado" but the check comes with someone else's name on sent by yet a third name. Although what is printed on the check somewhat looks real, the paper doesn't have a watermark. I doubt any cashier's checks come without a watermark. So, there is a two in one....would love to find these people and string them up by their gonads...
  2. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Hello...first post...I created this account specifically to alert people to yet another scammer. When searching for what they were selling, guess what, the ads were here, at least some of them.... This is the name and email they are using: Eileen Tobin <eileenvct@yahoo.com> Subj: TAGS LLC will be CLOSED for Low sales (list of items available) Even if a business is going out of business, the prices were a fraction of cost...no one would sell what was in their ad for the prices they listed. Here is a sample from the many items in the ad: M1 Garand Match in 7.62 built by Vince Jiga - $1000 Vince Jiga built this rifle for me several years ago as I wanted a 7.62 M1 that could compete. Vince went through a great deal of his parts (he built over 250 correct M1s for his OWN collection) to select the best parts to build this rifle. All of these parts are specifically selected & the receiver is bedded in. Vince used to run Camp Perry & built the original Crane order of SPR uppers when we first sent SpecOps into Afghanistan. Cancer killed Vince, my close friend, & I then had several heart & kidney operations including cracking my chest. When I finally decided I could do the rifle justice I took it to the range. I could see light through the small rear aperture but not even the front sight. My eyes can now only see through a scope. !! DAMN !! This rifle deserves better than me. It needs a home with a skilled Shooter. I doubt if a master shooter can find a more competitive M1. ******************** I have used Yahoo's security system to report the email address...not that closing that email account slows down a person like this.