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  1. Thanks for the interest Vito I emailed you my PP info pls let me know if you didn't receive it thanks Fred in Prescott Arizona PS I had to remove one "s" from your email and now it sent
  2. New Sealed Factory Original Copy of the Gray Room 2nd (and final) Edition acquired directly from the original Author and Publisher Husband and Wife team I have several new sealed copies available and can offer a multi book discount if you need two or more just let me know and I'll get you my best quote $169 Total Price in the USA All 50 States - FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping - I prefer Priority Mail on these even though they qualify for media mail I find Priority is less brutal, much faster and they never open the packing to verify it's actually a book ! PP discreet, Venmo, cash or Postal MO via snail mail In person pick up in Prescott AZ also possible if we can meet schedules Pics are of my personal copy you will receive a factory sealed new untouched book
  3. Thanks for the interest 3616will I sent you my paypal email info by direct email thanks PS I still have more new sealed copies available if anybody else would like one
  4. Thanks ig720 a copy is reserved for you ! I forgot to mention in my original post but I do have additional new copies available so if there is any more interest please contact me and I'll reserve a copy or copies for you
  5. WTS: HK21

    dang thats sweet !!!
  6. WTB M2HB

    eventually I will buy several 50 cal from M2HB to Barrett feel free to run pricing on the M2 I would prefer to buy new Barrett's people are always too proud on used pricing and I'd rather pay the new price to make sure no hot reloads have been fired thanks PS asking prices and some sale prices are up due to the covid scare so I'm happy to wait for the coming deflationary cycle where everything will be much cheaper than in past history
  7. WTB M2HB

    I'm in the market for a semi auto M2HB or M3HB and possible accessories like tripod, soft mount, barrels etc I'm based in AZ so face to face cash would be great
  8. I still need 2 trigger groups I have the spade handles but I would still buy a whole setup
  9. Wanted M240 Spade Grip and Trigger group for M240-SLR I actually have a pair of New condition M240-SLR's and would like to find a nice possibly even NOS Spade Grip and Trigger pack(s) but I will also buy just the trigger group by itself and could swap my standard trigger group if you are pulling the Spade from an M240 that you need to keep complete
  10. Aimpoint H-2 Micro LRP 39mm Mount New, Never Used I purchased for a project that I ended up parting out so it has never been used Includes see through flip up dust covers $649 FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping all 50 states PP discreet, Venmo, cash or Postal MO
  11. Still looking for M240 Spade Trigger Groups and Spade Grips
  12. WTS: Mk93 Soft Mount - $1,200

    PM sent
  13. WTB - Wanted MK93 Soft Mount for M240 / M249(s) Also seeking M192 / M205 tripod
  14. Wanted to Buy M240 Spade Grip and trigger lower assembly I will buy all or parts and I'd prefer NOS (new old stock) for use on new OOW M240-SLR cash on the ready also have several M240B barrels NOS and used long / short barrels etc for part trade
  15. Magnificent piece of history wishing I was on Santa's Nice list so he'd bring me this lol
  16. Thanks Mike do these have steel legs ? their website is not very clear and descriptive so I really don't know what to order yet
  17. I'm looking for the manufacturer of this bipod for my APC308 my B&T dealer has never seen this style before so any info would be appreciated !
  18. Thanks you Sir you are a Scholar and a Gentlemen hardly any Baboon at all ! Now I'll go to their website and see if they are $600 lol !!!
  19. Wow very cool to see these are finally on the market has anybody fired one of these yet ? I love the Tavor 5.56's I probably gotta have a few of these as well ! Not to act greedy but is OD or FDE in the pipeline by chance ?
  20. PM sent - more awesome belt gun stuff as always Aaron !!!
  21. These are incredible guns I own half a dozen and Remington really did these correctly thanks to Eric Rohrbaugh's design they even have a nice smooth DA trigger which is better than some of my Sig Elites
  22. PM sent re Sig Sauer MPX Pistol w/ Brace 9mm thanks
  23. M134 Minigun TM technical manual Dillon

    PM sent for (2)
  24. I'm in need of a front sight assembly for an M240 barrel I received and the front sight had vibrated loose during shipping and all the parts fell out of the box except the outer sight blade which I found loose in the mailing box. I can source the two allen head screws locally but I need the sight blade and the clip assembly that holds it in place. If I can get the whole assembly that would also be fantastic. The picture shows the barrel missing the sight on top and on the bottom is an NOS short barrel showing the parts I need. I hate to tear my new NOS shorty barrel apart to complete my long barrel, thanks for reading this !
  25. Looking for FN M249s prefer NIB Para will consider standard in FDE cash on hand anywhere Arizona I will travel and I'm based in Payson. Also have FN FS2000 OD NIB, Five-seveN OD NIB and many P7K3 all types most NIB part trade / trade or all cash for M249s