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  1. I'm looking for the manufacturer of this bipod for my APC308 my B&T dealer has never seen this style before so any info would be appreciated !
  2. Wow very cool to see these are finally on the market has anybody fired one of these yet ? I love the Tavor 5.56's I probably gotta have a few of these as well ! Not to act greedy but is OD or FDE in the pipeline by chance ?
  3. PM sent - more awesome belt gun stuff as always Aaron !!!
  4. These are incredible guns I own half a dozen and Remington really did these correctly thanks to Eric Rohrbaugh's design they even have a nice smooth DA trigger which is better than some of my Sig Elites
  5. PM sent re Sig Sauer MPX Pistol w/ Brace 9mm thanks
  6. M134 Minigun TM technical manual Dillon

    PM sent for (2)
  7. I'm in need of a front sight assembly for an M240 barrel I received and the front sight had vibrated loose during shipping and all the parts fell out of the box except the outer sight blade which I found loose in the mailing box. I can source the two allen head screws locally but I need the sight blade and the clip assembly that holds it in place. If I can get the whole assembly that would also be fantastic. The picture shows the barrel missing the sight on top and on the bottom is an NOS short barrel showing the parts I need. I hate to tear my new NOS shorty barrel apart to complete my long barrel, thanks for reading this !
  8. WTB - Wanted MK93 Soft Mount for M240 / M249(s) Also seeking M192 / M205 tripod
  9. Looking for FN M249s prefer NIB Para will consider standard in FDE cash on hand anywhere Arizona I will travel and I'm based in Payson. Also have FN FS2000 OD NIB, Five-seveN OD NIB and many P7K3 all types most NIB part trade / trade or all cash for M249s