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  1. WTB: Lakeside Barrels

    Still on the hunt. The few people i have spoken to dont seem to understand that a short barrel is perfectly okay cor them to make. Pointer on someone to turn and mill a barrel? If anyone has the operator manuals I am happy to pay for scanned copies. Thanks.
  2. WTB: Lakeside Barrels

    Looking for both a LM-7 and Razorback barrel. If not factory a lead on anyone that has made one or had one made would be greatly appreciated. Operators manuals for either would be great as well. Thanks Mike
  3. WTB: LM7 or Razorback.

    I found one but thank you
  4. WTB: Lakeside Razorback bolt

    Still looking.
  5. WTB: Lakeside Razorback bolt

    when it comes to odds and ends. aluminum or steel charging handles. gen 2 firing pins. anitbouce buffers. belt boxes. anything else i may be forgetting. thanks
  6. WTB: Lakeside Razorback bolt

    Curious if anyone picked up a spare razorback bolt. Interested in any other lakeside pieces/parts you might have laying around. Razorback or LM7. Thanks
  7. WTB: LM7 or Razorback.

    Was snoozing and missed out on the Razorback that sold. LM7 with a Razorback bolt would be ideal. Any configuration set up for auto will work. Thanks.
  8. Anyone have an extra rattling around. Original or reproduction. Thanks Mike