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  1. WTS Ruger AC556-F

    Hello, I am local to louisville and would like to buy your Ruger, My name is Alex and my cell is 502-216-6093. Thanks! i have cash in hand though it sounds weird given the ATF wait.
  2. WTS: Group Industries HR4332 Uzi SOLD

    Hi, if you still have this uzi for sale i would be interested in buying it for a first time MG. My cell is 502-216-6093 if oyu would like to call or text me, thanks!
  3. I have recently decided to take the plunge and buy my 1st MG. I have decided on something historical such as an STG-44, Thompson, or maybe a Maxim/Vickers. I am only 22 so I have practically zero experience in this field. is all of the paperwork something to be scared of or is it just a little more red tape? Which of those guns listed would be best to last or if there are some that aren't listed what are some other good choices? and how could i best go about finding one for sale for a good price? and is the process of buying one from out of state harder than ins state or just different? thanks in advance!
  4. I have recently decided to acquire my first full auto and am completely new to the Class 3 "Process". I have decided I want something German, and was thinking about an MP-40 or an STG-44 or maybe an MG-42 if I could find one, but no one I have talked to has seen an MG-42 for sale since the 90s. My question is, are these weapons, being as old as they are and will only get older, will they hold up to time and are they worth the hassle of tracking down parts and ammo if I get an STG-44? I know that I will turn every head at the range regardless of if I get a WW2 weapon or a more modern HK fleming conversion. Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!