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  1. WTS: New in Wrap Grease Gun .45 ACP. 30 rd. mags. for $34 each + shipping. 1 sealed 15 pack is available for same price each in pic. dated 10/1962 Please email questions or requests for more pics. to FNFAL5042@gmail.com Thanks, FNFAL5042
  2. for sale: Factory Belgian FN 2007 production 5.56x45 Non-corrosive, brass cased, boxer primed with 4 SS109 62 gr. projectiles and 1 tracer on M27 SAW links in a sealed .50 cal. can of 800 rds. @ $.40 per rd. for $320 + shipping. Yugo 7.62x39 brass cased, berdan primed, mildly corrosive M67 ammo with 123 gr. lead core projectile (safe for shooting in ranges) in a 1,260 rd. sealed tin in a sealed wood box @ $.25 per rd. for $315 + shipping. New Stripper clips that work are available for $.80 ea. with quantity discounts. E-mail for more pictures or question Directly to: FNFAL5042@gmail.com Thanks, FNFAL5042
  3. Mike, This ammo works in ALL 7.92x57mm (8mm Mauser). Bolt actions, semi autos and MG42/MG34 machine guns. Please email directly to FNFAL5042@gmail.com for more questions or pics. Thanks, Larry FNFAL5042@gmail.com
  4. WTS: Romanian 8mm Mauser ammo made in 2013, Non-Corrosive, Steel case, Berdan primed, 170 gr. bullet, 720 rds. at $302 + shipping (possible delivery in WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, NV and AZ.) Email for more info. to FNFAL5042@gmail.com Thanks, FNFAL5042
  5. for sale: AK and SKS stripper clips, 10 rd., New manufacture that actually work, New in Wrap, 50 pack for $40 plus shipping ( $.80 each ) with discounts on greater quantities. LMT P/N: 12973116 or Knight's P/N: 96174 quick release front mounting bracket for M203 40 mm Grenade Launcher in New in Wrap condition with Instructions for $69 plus shipping ( 1/3 of LMT retail ). Please email directly to FNFAL5042@gmail.com or call directly 208-810-3315 Thanks, Larry
  6. WTS: Factory German HK93/33 .22 conversion kit in Excellent condition with 2 - 20 rd. mags. in original wood transit case for $1995 plus shipping and insurance. Please only email Directly to FNFAL5042@gmail.com or call 208-810-3315. Thanks, Larry
  7. for sale: Romanian 8mm Mauser ammo. 2 types available. 2013 Non-corrosive in a 720 rd. cardboard box in 20 rd. boxes at $.42 per rd. Total is $302 + shipping (possible delivery in WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, NV and AZ.) . Both types have steel casings and Berdan primers. Second type is same as above except it is on new NON-disintegrating 50 rd. MG-42/M53 8mm belts for $.42 per rd. plus $11 for each 50 rd. belt with 800 rds. per case to ship via UPS or FedEx plus shipping. (70 lb. limit per box) (possible delivery in WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, NV and AZ.) . Email directly to: FNFAL5042@gmail.com for questions or more pics. Thanks, FNFAL5042
  8. for sale: 2,160 rds. of Russian, Lot 47, 1982 production, Tula Arsenal 5.45x39 ammo in sealed crate with 2 - 1,080 rds. sealed tins and spam can opener for $454 plus shipping with free delivery possible. That's only .21/rd. with free delivery possible. Please call 208-810-3315 or email FNFAL5042@gmail.com Thanks, Larry