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  1. for sale: Factory Belgian FN 2007 production 5.56x45 Non-corrosive, brass cased, boxer primed with 4 SS109 62 gr. projectiles and 1 tracer on M27 SAW links in a sealed .50 cal. can of 800 rds. @ $.40 per rd. for $320 + shipping. Yugo 7.62x39 brass cased, berdan primed, mildly corrosive M67 ammo with 123 gr. lead core projectile (safe for shooting in ranges) in a 1,260 rd. sealed tin in a sealed wood box @ $.25 per rd. for $315 + shipping. New Stripper clips that work are available for $.80 ea. with quantity discounts. E-mail for more pictures or question Directly to: FNFAL5042@gmail.com Thanks, FNFAL5042
  2. for sale: Romanian 8mm Mauser ammo. 2 types available. First is 1971-1975 vintage 760 rds. in 2 - 380 rd. tins in a sealed wood crate with opener, Mildly corrosive at $.42 per rd. Total is $319 + shipping. Second is 2013 Non-corrosive in a 720 rd. cardboard box in 20 rd. boxes also at $.42 per rd. Total is $302 + shipping (possible delivery in WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, NV and AZ.) . Both types have steel casings and Berdan primers. Email directly to: FNFAL5042@gmail.com for questions or more pics. Thanks, FNFAL5042
  3. WTS: New in Wrap Grease Gun .45 ACP. 30 rd. mags. for $34 each or $33 each out of wrap in new condition + shipping. Please email questions or requests for more pics. to FNFAL5042@gmail.com Thanks, FNFAL5042
  4. WTS: Romanian 8mm Mauser ammo made in 2013, Non-Corrosive, Steel case, Berdan primed, 170 gr. bullet, 720 rds. at $302 + shipping (possible delivery in WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, NV and AZ.) Email for more info. to FNFAL5042@gmail.com Thanks, FNFAL5042
  5. for sale: AK and SKS stripper clips, 10 rd., New manufacture that actually work, New in Wrap, 50 pack for $40 plus shipping ( $.80 each ) with discounts on greater quantities. LMT P/N: 12973116 or Knight's P/N: 96174 quick release front mounting bracket for M203 40 mm Grenade Launcher in New in Wrap condition with Instructions for $69 plus shipping ( 1/3 of LMT retail ). Please email directly to FNFAL5042@gmail.com or call directly 208-810-3315 Thanks, Larry
  6. for sale: 2,160 rds. of Russian, Lot 47, 1982 production, Tula Arsenal 5.45x39 ammo in sealed crate with 2 - 1,080 rds. sealed tins and spam can opener for $454 plus shipping with free delivery possible. That's only .21/rd. with free delivery possible. Please call 208-810-3315 or email FNFAL5042@gmail.com Thanks, Larry