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  1. Can an admin give me a username change?

    Thanks for the help David!
  2. I started this account when I was in the process of tracking down a seller who I'd paid $3500 for an HKMR762 that hadn't been shipped within 28 days because I saw it listed here by the same person. I made a different name in an attempt to elicit a response to find out if he was attempting to rip me off or if something else had happened. I've cleared that up so in the interest of consistency across platforms I'd really like to change my name to my normal handle, "andrew1182". Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance, Andrew
  3. Vouch for a solid seller. (I'm andrew1182 on HKpro and every other forum)
  4. WTB: Colt XM177 Stock

    I recently acquired a very nice carbine but for some reason they had replaced the stock with one that had "more adjustability" as they put it. Probably threw the correct one in a dumpster given their appreciation for history. Does anyone have one that won't absolutely kill me for a keeper?
  5. WTB: Colt Factory 4 Position FCG

    I've got a transferable Factory Built Colt M16A2 that I would like to find a 4 position FCG for. If you have a complete kit that you're willing to part with please reach out. Thanks!
  6. WTB: HK MP5 A3 Stock (NO F-MODEL)

    Good luck brother. Those things are unobtanium.The metal back plates and throw levers are even harder to find.
  7. It's not. Same ad on HK pro and clearly states $500 each.
  8. WTB: HK 94/MP5 or HK93/53/33 retractable stock

    Hey Phil! I actually bought a Benelli Super 90 Montefeltro from you off of HK pro a few months ago. I sent you an email about that stock. My phone number is in the email. Would you mind to text or email me a few pictures and then I'll send over payment. Thanks again!
  9. Can't seem to find either anywhere. The 93's have always been scarce, but the MP5/94's used to be abundant. I blame the SP5 crowd, LoL. If anyone has one laying around somewhere they would consider parting with please let me know.
  10. WTB: HK 94/MP5 or HK93/53/33 retractable stock

    Absolutely. Sending you a pm
  11. MP5A3 Stock German

    PM sent
  12. WTB: HK 94/MP5 or HK93/53/33 retractable stock

    Hello, Hello, Hello, Is there anybody in there?
  13. WTB: HK 94/MP5 or HK93/53/33 retractable stock

    Still looking. If anyone has one please shoot me a pm
  14. WTB: HK 94/MP5 or HK93/53/33 retractable stock

    Found one. Looking for two more if anyone else has one. My local gunshop got me yesterday with a pair of SP5's with consecutive serial numbers.
  15. WTB: HK 94/MP5 or HK93/53/33 retractable stock

    Haven't found one yet if anyone has one.
  16. WTB: HK 94/MP5 or HK93/53/33 retractable stock

    I'd really appreciate it. I'll PM you my contact info.
  17. WTB: B&T APC9 Telescopic stock

    I'm in the market for an APC9 Telescopic stock new or used. Please reach out if you have one you would part with.Thanks!
  18. WTS: 3 Lug Flash Hiders for HK MP5 / MP5-K

    Well shit. I'll take one if ig720 is feeling generous....
  19. H&K MP5/40 MP5/10 A3 stock

    I'll take the second.