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  1. HK SP5K Pair NIB Reduced

    Just to clarify, are these factory PDW guns or have they been swapped with B&T barrels and are they Euro imports with no warranty?
  2. WTB: Colt SP1

    I've got a good friend who is looking to pick up a clean Colt SP1 in good shape. If you have one you're considering parting with please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  3. WTB: HK MR762/417 Magazines

    I actually already purchased some. Granted I paid substantially more, LoL. Thanks for the reply.
  4. If you get another please contact me.
  5. Is the B&T stock the telescopic model or the folder?
  6. I can't find one of these anywhere and when I called Knights they said they were so far back on rifle production I couldn't even order one. Does anyone have one laying around? Would also consider 99048 and just buy an aimpoint optic to run. Thanks!
  7. SOLD: M249 Pintle New Old Stock

    Were you interested?
  8. SOLD: M249 Pintle New Old Stock

    To the best of my knowledge the pintle is can be used with either the m249 or the m240
  9. I sold my SAW and discovered this in the basement. It's a little dusty but never used and will clean up to perfect condition with WD40 and a rag, LoL . $125 shipped
  10. I'm looking for a choke for my Salvo to mount on my Benelli M4. They seem to be out of stock everywhere. Does anyone have one they would be willing to part with? Would also be interested in ASR Flash hiders in varying thread patterns. Thanks!
  11. WTB: HK MR762/417 Magazines

    I can't find these in stock anywhere and would like to pick up a few. If anyone has some please PM me with what you have and how much you're asking. Thanks!
  12. WTS: HK 94 A3 - SOLD PF

  13. Can an admin give me a username change?

    Thanks for the help David!