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  1. Less than ethical seller/ member list?

    Interesting in how things play out. I had an interesting experience where i bought a machine gun from an individual who sells here and on other sites, I wont name him because i wont be mudslinging. The machine gun would only run one round and jam. Seller said it must be the ammo, Upon close examination, it was missing the extractor, It couldnt pull the rounds out!!! Seller accused me of trying to scam extra parts from him even though i bought a 7,000 post sample and now i am trying to scam him out of an extractor, He also admitted he had plenty of parts and bolts and was going to send me zippy!!!. The solution i was offered was ship the gun back and he will install and headspace a 250 dollar bolt and ship it back to me . This is after he yelled and screamed at me and called me every name in the book. I truly believe karma will get the people who do NOT treat others the way they want to be treated.
  2. Walther MPK Pre 86 Sample

    Walther MPK Sales Sample, Runs Perfectly $6,400 2 Magazines Will Transfer on Form 3
  3. Walther MPK Pre 86 Sample

    I dont know
  4. COLT M16 In 9mm Mint Condition

    All messages answered.Usually the same day
  5. COLT M16 In 9mm Mint Condition

    Very Clean Colt M16 in 9mm, 3 Magazines, Very Lightly Used. No failures of Any Kind $18,000 On Form 3 for immediate Transfer and I e file-Takes from a day to a week Barrel is 10 inches-Bolt and Hammer have light drag marks
  6. COLT M16 In 9mm Mint Condition

    as requested more pics added
  7. Zenith Z5RS Mp5 Clone NIB $1715

  8. New In Box Zenith Z5RS (MP5 Clone)with hardcase , brace, 3 mags and everything at bare bones cost $1715 shipped FFL to FFL
  9. COLT M16 In 9mm Mint Condition

    Barrel is 10 inches-Bolt and Hammer have light drag marks
  10. Bought a bunch of these new as part of a project to put them on POF MP5 clonesProject Abandoned When Supplier Raised Price 30% $150 shipped Retail is about 250
  11. BRP Stemple M1A1 1928 Setup...50 Round drum and Stick Mags, 20 rd and 30 rd Only $9,000 Rear Sight Included as well as Rail for your Optic. Perfect Working Order. This Gun was Made Using a Genuine WW2 Auto Ordnance Numbered Lower Perfect Working Order .These have a quoted retail today of $13,400 On Form 3 for immediate Transfer and I e file-Takes from a day to a week
  12. Ingram Model M6 Police Ordnance

    Police Ordnance Early M6 Has Two Original Magazines $7,500 Functions Perfectly. Very Interesting gun, A cross between a Grease Gun and A Thompson! What;'s Neat is that its Select Fire, Semi and Full. But in Full, If you Pull the Trigger Half Way,It Will Fire Semi, Pull All the Way Back and its Full. On Form 3 for immediate Transfer and I e file-Takes from a day to a week
  13. Walther MPL Pre 86 Sample

    Walther MPL with Original Type Box(Wrong Number) Two Magazines, On Form 3 Perfect Working Order $6500
  14. WTS: MP40 German WWII fully transferable

    pm sent
  15. WTS: Lage Max11 for M11-9

    I will take it- its sold pending funds
  16. Free Suppressors for Transfer

    1-AAC Evolution .45 caliber I will take that one if still available the 45 cal
  17. Colt Thompson's – Buying or Selling

    I have this book and I can say without a shadow of a doubt both the newbie and the enthusiast will glean plenty of knowledge from this work. I only wish I had it before I made purchases. It will inform you as well as save you from mistakes that can really cost you.
  18. Micro Uzi Mint in Box SMG

    On Form 3, I e file for quick transfer Micro Uzi Converted, Closed Bolt Operation, Original Box, Numbered SLeeve and Manual 6 magazines. Very Very Clean $18,000
  19. Would be appreciative if i can find a complete m3a1 Grease gun bolt and Mp 18.1 stick mags Thanks!! Of it has the markings as the picture the mag would be correct
  20. WTS MP40 Mags

    I would like the pair
  21. WTB MP 18 Stick Mags

    Want to Buy Stick Mags for a MP18/1 that was converted by he Germans to take stick mags. Thanks
  22. WTS: Lage MAX-31A mk2 Upper Receiver

    I will take it per our pm
  23. Extractor Parts needed for MPK/MPL

    Need Extractor, Pin, and Spring for a Walther MPL or MPK Bought Gun and Bolt was missing these. Need Badly. Thanks
  24. MP40 on Erb tube, one of the cleanest you’ll see

    i will take it- pm sent