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  1. New SB Tactical Brace for MP5 Clones-$150 shipped
  2. Transferable UZI Bolt, IMI Host,Suppressor,Extras-$11,995

    pm answered-still available
  3. HK USC SBR For Sale- $2050

  4. HK USC SBR For Sale- $2050

    new pics of internals- the conversion was done by Omega/Top Notch and the stock,housing, and barrel are all marked with TN
  5. Colt Thompson Price help

    Apples to Oranges,Kirk....No disrespect intended But there were only 15,000 colts made from 1921-1922 and way less in the NFA registry than the wartime ones which were made by Auto Ord and Savage, not by Colt Your friend had a 28a1 and there were approx 500,000 of them roughly and the wartime guns go from 18,000-25000 generally.
  6. Colt Thompson Price help

    my amateur opinion of your 1921AC would be a low of 30k to a high of 40k- and on auction maybe more I think we could narrow down this range to if you had nicer pics , and closeups. I like the honesty and expertiise of Morphys Auction. They have a class 3 specialist named John Keene I suggest you call him at 877 968 8880 ext729 you will thank me for that regards Haris
  7. WTS Beretta 38a SMG

    pm SENT

    Reduced to $16,995
  9. Reising M50, Have 7 Factory Magazines, (1)12 rounder (6) 20 rounders GI Mag Pouch- 5 cell On Form3 For Quick Transfer. I E File $6995
  10. Transferale/PRE 86 New prices and some new guns

    email sent on ac556 and 76/45
  11. Walther MPK and MPL Presample

  12. Walther MPK and MPL Presample

    Bump, Still for sale..
  13. HK USC SBR For Sale- $2050

    Price lowered to $2695