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  1. Very Nice PAWS Sterling in 45acp and Integrally Suppressed. Functions Flawlessly. This is Number 16 out of 20 or 25 builds . It is on a Form 3 for Speedy Transfer. Fully Transferable I am a 07 with SOT. We do E file for Speedy Transfer. 1/2 to start the transfer, 1/2 when approved.
  2. Advice Needed Re Timing On Giving Up SOT

    Yes , I am a 07 MFR and have post samples
  3. Auto Ordnance 1921 Thompson SMG SOLD!!

    PM sent
  4. Hello All: I plan on Not Renewing my SOT. Since All of them Renew on July1, Many Dealers Give them Up and Sell in the last 3 months of the year ending June 30th I am a 07 MFR and Have a Number of Post 86 Machineguns My thinking is why sell during that three months when the most post samples are being sold and having stiffer competition?? I am thinking of renewing, then going out of business October 15th and sell off during the 90 days from July 15th to October 15th Spend another $500 and I bet i would get enough dollars to cover one more $500 SOT expense Any thoughts??? Thanks for looking
  5. WTB: Sig Sauer MPX K SBR

    pm sent
  6. WTB Pre Sample Reising 50 or 55

    Hello All: Title says it all Let me know what you have. I only will buy from a current SOT Thanks
  7. WTB z-70 Magazines

    Hello All: I am on the hunt for z-70 9mm Magaszines, Need one 20 rounder, three 30 rounders and one 40 rounder Let me know what you have Thanks
  8. You Need to Check E Form Inventory

    It took 10 days on the first item and then it was resolved. The second item since i knew what to say and attach the form 3 with the e mail took only 48 hours.
  9. A suggestion to those who use E Forms. Since the recent renovation, I noticed one NFA item was not in my inventory. I then checked all open items not transferred and found that two were not in my inventory.After submitting a e mail to Nfafax@atf,gov along with the copies of incoming form 3s, a specialist made whatever correction to get them in my inventory. On the phone they confirmed that it was registered to me but if it doesnt show in E forms, you can not click on it to transfer it I suggest you print out the list of what E forms shows and check each line item to your log book
  10. WTS Colt SP1 (1973) $2100

  11. WTS: No Law Letter Post Sample M2 Carbine Kit

    Why is there no price? even if sold you are supposed to leave the price up
  12. Century Arms Chinese JW-2000 SxS Short barreled shotgun

    i will take it send me your contact info I am a class 3 dealer
  13. These are Fantastic Guns for the money I have had 3 of them-sold 2 and kept one Its a keeper-its a smith 76 on steroids! Seller is Good to Go
  14. WTS – MAC 10-45 with Lage & Suppressor

    please post pics of lage upper
  15. WTS Colt SP1 (1973) $2100

    Early 1973 Pre Ban Colt Sporter one, Comes with 2 Colt 20s and on Colt 30 Round. Am the Original Owner, Has that Retro Viet Nam Era Look. $2100 Shipped FFL to FFL